We're looking for forum moderators for IH. Tell us if you're interested!

Edit 7/2: We've chosen three volunteers!

Like any popular online forum, Indie Hackers gets a lot of spam. Everyone can already report spammy posts, but we're looking for official mods from the community that we can equip with more powerful tools.


Volunteer by leaving a comment (or shooting me an email)!

  1. 9

    you guys seem to do a great job already. this is one of the least spammy "forums" i know of. tiring much? no wonder you're looking for extra help. :D

    i have the experience, but how much time would you expect from me?

  2. 7

    I'm on early in the morning UK time and there is a ton of spam.

    I have reported a lot of it.

    I would love to remove them instantly ;)

    1. 3

      Volkan is the person you need for this job!

  3. 5

    @channingallen and everyone else here.

    See how many people are here that want to help out? Now that’s what I call a true community.

  4. 3

    Hey Channing, I have been a huge fan of the forum since I discovered it. It has taught me a lot and honestly, I have been wanting to be part of it ever since and when I saw this opportunity I thought this is my chance. Let me know where I can apply or the requirements needed.

  5. 2

    Just dropping in to say I'm very impressed with the level of quality in the posts I browse through!

  6. 2

    Can't commit to anything in terms of fixed hours but I'm on the site every day multiple times throughout the day. Would be happy to obliterate any spam that I come across in my travels.

  7. 2

    Speaking of which, is there a way to report users? e.g. https://www.indiehackers.com/CREDITREPAIR/history

    1. 1

      When you’re logged in, there’s a small exclamation mark next to the user name on their profile page. That’s the report button.

      Reported that dude for you. :)

  8. 2

    I would put under spam not only obvious spam, offers, selling etc, but also article/tweet links posted without any explanation or at least short intro what is the article/thread about. Site is becoming a link farm and nobody is acting on it.

  9. 2

    Great initiative - glad to know IH cares about this :)

  10. 2

    Hey Channing

    I would love to do it🙌

  11. 2

    hey channing, I can help! sent you an email as well.

  12. 2

    Sent an email! 👍🏼

  13. 1

    I would love to be involved. I've been moderating communities since the old days of IRC and have moderated everything from forums and chatrooms to subreddits (I was a moderator for /r/Android back when it had about half a million subscribers).

  14. 1

    Hey @channingallen, Very interested. Please let me know if I can be of help 🙂

  15. 1

    I would love love love to help out.

    I'm based in the UK but happy to pick up any hours to keep an eye out 😃

  16. 1

    Where to sign up? I want to volunteer.

  17. 1

    Yes I am in. I would love to do it

  18. 1

    I would be interested, on the east coast USA, freelancing so I can hop in and fix things at any time.

  19. 1

    Hello. I'm interested in becoming a moderator. I'm in Taiwan so I can cover that time slot.

  20. 1

    I’m willing to help.

  21. 1

    Yes, this sounds great :) I would love to do it.

  22. 1

    Absolutely would love to.
    I've learned a lot on this platform, and I'd love to contribute in every manner.
    Also, get an opportunity to understand how successful communities work.
    I am in Germany (CEST) time zone, if that helps.

  23. 1

    You can add me. I am not a regular visitor, but I hate SPAM, and ability to insta-remove it would be great ;)

  24. 1

    I have reported some of the spam here.

    I would love to keep keeping here clean as a moderator

  25. 1

    @channingallen Love IH!

    I have learned so much from being a part of this community. I used to be active here, but not recently. I have noticed an increase in spam.

    Would love to help and understand the expectation! I'm interested in a few channels, let's discuss.

  26. 1

    Nice initiative. Some great volunteers already, would have happily thrown my name in the ring but it seems we are well covered.

    All the best with IH

  27. 1

    Yep, also happy to help, let us know how...

  28. 1

    Not sure how much time I could dedicate to this, but I've been reporting a lot of spam. I'd like to join, although with no promise that I can dedicate a fixed amount of time to this.

  29. 1

    We're interested! Happy to contribute and give back

  30. 1

    Oh cool! Yes, happy to contribute to the community!

  31. 1

    Would love to help the community! M 23/y old from Holland, can spend around an hour a day helping out. Let me know!

  32. 1

    would love to help

  33. 1

    I am interested! I usually am on the forum a lot, so if while I am online I also can prevent spam from happening that would be a win win!

  34. 1

    This job fits perfectly for me 😸

  35. 1

    I want to particpate!

  36. 1

    Hey Channing - throwing my hat in the ring!

  37. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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