We're working on an evolved News Feed Eradicator

Hi Indie Hackers,

Throughout the summer, @paul_designs, @avi_dave, and I were creating Grey Software's first public product: Focused Browsing. We would love for you to try it out!


Like 200,000 other people, we used News Feed Eradicator (NFE) to control the detrimental effects of consuming feeds.

We loved the extension, but we had a few problems with it.

  • It was tedious to toggle between focused and unfocused modes. You had to open the extension's settings page, and click on the website that you want to enable/disable.
  • The codebase had gained bloat and complexity over the years. Things like using 2 Redux stores made it difficult to reason about the program flow and we knew that adding new functionality like keyboard shortcuts and blocking promoted posts would be tricky.

Our extension recently went into Beta and we're eager to hear everyone's feedback and find any edge cases we haven't covered. Thank You!

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