Remote Workers July 27, 2020

WFH and cooking, what do you eat everyday?

Alper Kemal Koc 🏝️🕹️ @unremute

Hi everyone,

For a while, I've been working from home. And one of the things I miss about the office is the lunches. Not because they were great, but I did not have to think about it :)

Does anybody also suffer from this, deciding what to eat everyday? Trying to make a decision considering health, shopping and cooking time?

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    I like making lentils and rice in my rice cooker because it's easy and they taste great if I throw in some coconut milk and curry paste, plus some frozen vegetables. Also found some "healthier" cup of noodles called Mr. Lees that are good. I try to make sure to have one "fancy" lunch (usually delivery or pickup from a local restaurant) once a week.