What a creator really needs?

Hi guys

I made a linktree alternative because I had enough of the boring single-liner horizontal link in linktree that you can't even customize other than changing the colors unless you are premium user. For those who use linktree or anything related, what do you guys think of a feature that will help your growth? Would it be a Giveaway feature? Collaborations tool feature? I would love to hear opinions and ideas from this group.

Here is the link:

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    Things that truly help with growth are distribution platforms that cut down the time required to post their content on the different channels possible.

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    is there a link?

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      I updated with the link above. Thanks

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    Hey! There are already plenty of solutions in the "Link in Bio" space, and you should find some ideas for future features on this list!

    👉 Link in Bio Tools

    I also suggest you read this article and this article, both super insightful.

    I hope it helps you! 🔥

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      hello friend, I really appreciate this is a good share!

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