What analytics do you use?

I'm about moving on from Google analytics and looking for some event based Analytics
Which do you use?

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    Hey @Moyo I recently published a blog post about privacy-friendly and more ethical Google Analytics alternatives. You can find the blog post here: A list of privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternatives - maybe you find what you are looking for.

    The blog post also includes an Airtable database where I listed all the analytic services featured in the blog post so you can browse them conveniently.

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      Thanks will take a look

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    I’m in the processes of trying out a few at the moment. Hard a rough time with GA - not my thing!

    At the moment I’m using:

    Panelbear - Great free tier + easy to view dashboard

    Jitt - More data capture (e.g heat maps, screen recordings). I really like the screen recordings as it’s great to see how people navigate my site. It’s a bit overkill ATM but still very insightful. I’m not 100% convinced - I have some issues with it. Plus their docs aren’t very helpful.

    I‘be got a list of analytics tools I’m checking out. Feel free to see - https://www.stackii.dev/categories/analytics

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      I'm curious, why isn't GA your thing?

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        I’d say it’s too clunky for my liking. But to be honest I haven’t really spent too much time on it. Also, it’s such a great area with so many tools, I’d rather test other options as opposed to the default one

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    I'm working on an open-source, privacy-friendly alternative to Mixpanel/PostHog. The idea is to focus on a smaller set of features, and therefore make it very affordable and simple. I'm launching the alpha version next week, so if you're interested to test it out and give me feedback, send me an email at [email protected].

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    Cheaper than amplitude and does session recording

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    A friend recommended matomo , haven't had the chance to dig deep into it yet

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      Thanks how event based is it?

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    Use multiple actually:

    • plausible.io for getting information about all traffic data in a really simple way
    • amplitude.com to do API based event tracking (for some of the interactions in-app)
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      How good is plausible in terms of telling me what users are doing

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        If you mean in-page event tracking, you can't really do anything there far as I know, and you'll usually have to resort to some API-based event tracking. The demo on their site should give a good idea of what would be recorded.

        If you're looking for analytics + heatmaps/session replays darwin.so is a pretty solid choice (it can get expensive past the free tier though!)

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          Just installed it thats not really what i'm looking for but will for sure check out darwin

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      Thanks amplitude was a bit too complicated for me couldn't get it to start fetching data

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      Who knows might follow in your footsteps :) )

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    Been a happy user of Clicky.com for over 10 years..

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      I actually wanted to sign up for clicky yesterday but the landing page wasn't impressive
      Will try them out based on your referral :)

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        an essay I wrote a few years back hit the HN homepage, and I shared the live feature on Clicky here, if you're curious:

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          Installed it but it doesn't show any data

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