What are first projects to start with

hi I am jayendra,I am currently doing comp. engineering,my skills are writing,coding(basics), I can make little softwares,I am also zen practitioner(pretty sure I can sell my teachings),my issue is I dont know from which projects I should choose to work on, there are thosands of products I can see here,I am really confused!

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    Hello @csjay08

    Are you looking for a project to practice your skills or a project to build a product?

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      @artur124 thanks for your resposnse

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      Maybe both! I want to do something that I can do on my own

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        I want to do something that I can do on my own

        That's a good reason to start. Since you can make small software I suggest you take a look into browser extensions and try and sell them.

        You're into Zen so maybe try making an extension that eliminates distractions

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          @faraaz thank you very much for your response I will do what you said to me

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