What are some good ways to start out building in public?

Hey Guys!

Both my co-founders & I are in the process of creating a thinktank. Our aim is to try and launch a product every month(MVP).

We really want to try and build all our products in Public. Would appreciate any tips on what's the best way to set a good foundation while building in public.


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    Twitter is always a great place to start.

    You could start by sharing a weekly or monthly update about the progress of your products.

    It's always a great way to build and audience along the way and keep yourself accountable.

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      I dont understand how twitter can be great if you dont already have some followers? I'm also building something but just tweeting about it to a handful of people that never interact with me on twitter seems pointless?

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        Upvoting as I have the same question. In my https://twitter.com/emotf
        I have followers but not many in the BIP (mostly startup and investor circles). Does anyone here have experience pivoting their twitter ac to #buildinpublic?

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      Also make sure if you tweet something to use the hashtag #makersneakpeek as I have a bot setup that auto retweets them every 15 minutes.

      Also be great to follow the account (I follow back everyone who follows it): https://twitter.com/makersneakpeek

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      Twitter gets my vote too. And be sure to put a link to your project in your Twitter bio.

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      Thank you for the feedback! Twitter does seem like a great place to start.

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    I use YouTube personally. I find social media to be very moment-based tools with less "evergreen" focus. This means unless you're posting all the time, visibility will be tough (assuming your subscriber base is small). In terms of accountability you can't go wrong with those tools though.

    Ultimately, any route of building in public takes a while to catch on so enjoy the journey most of all.

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      Oh this is really interesting ...
      Would you do a monthly or weekly check-in?

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      Interesting take, youtube could be great for us actually! Will check out your youtube channel soon:)

      Good luck!

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    It was my first time building in public the entire September. It was really fun and I'm glad I made the decision. @8am

    I basically leverage Twitter and other community to showcase all my crappy screenshots, tools I used and try to get as much feedback as possible before I launch the product.

    Some example: https://twitter.com/felix12777/status/1307691440391114752

    And the product is now live: https://ventureslist.com/

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      Thanks for the example and good luck with your product!

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        This is great @felix12777 What are some hashtags you have used when building in public. I need to start and I don't know if I can start just by tweeting without having a following. Hence wondering about hashtags that I can use.

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    The best way to start (if you haven't already) is to talk to your friends about it. Especially people who show interest in it. Notice what interests them and what questions they ask you.

    Then start sharing the interesting content online via Twitter or short blog posts. Do the same thing, look for what content people find interesting and also which groups/communities find your content more interesting.

    Maybe too unspecific, but that's how I have wrapped my head around it!

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      Thanks, will take a look into it!

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    Inspired by @justalever 's answer, which I relate to as well - just stated today:


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    I'd stream on Twitch every day

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        Did you do it? I would be very interested to know how it went.

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          Hey @cococlouteau,

          My team and I actually did start building out in public. Our first public "building" was actually right here on IH: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/were-3-makers-building-micro-startups-what-should-we-name-ourselves-as-a-collective-c3049e4136 | It wen't pretty well. We got a bunch of traction. We're soon going to start building in public on twitter and we'll be updating our followers daily. However, we won't be using twitch for now. We're sticking to a newsletter, twitter, and a podcast.

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    Hi, I would like to know how is your thinktank going?

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    I share some of the same fears, but honestly I think you've done about 90% of the hard work by getting started. I think of the unsung benefits of building in public is that you actually have to think about what you are doing and write it down. It's a good point of reflection.

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    Check Make.rs https://make.rs . It's a place where makers show the world what they've done to document their journey. (disclaimer: I built it)

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    I'm gearing up to start building an agency in public and will be using Clubhouse for a weekly standup. It may just be me at first, but I'll also be recording this content to publish to additional social platforms.

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    https://Micro.blog/w4rner has a decent community, but also ability to syndicate out to Twitter if you later chose.

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