What are some of the best examples of a great landing page?

I am writing an article and I am wanting to include a couple of great landing pages to include as examples (ideally by an indie hacker).

Preferrable if you don't suggest your own, but instead recommend one of your favorites by someone else!

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    I'm no expert on this matter, but cyberleads.co checks all the boxes in my view.

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    I don't have any of my own but I can make your life easier by telling you to only create one landing page, and use Twik to inject different content and create many versions of your site.

    It's very easy to configure, doesn't required code knowledge, allows you change any element on the page and basically take the same page and create many to many versions of it.

    Can save you quite some time. :)

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    One of my personal favorites is Mailbrew's: https://mailbrew.com/

    • One of the best interactive demos to show the product in action
    • It's super simple (no fluff), just like their product aims to be
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