What are the best platforms & tools for getting real user feedback & opinions?

Hi there,

I'm currently looking for a platform/solution to get real user feedback on startup ideas / PMF stage. I know forums exist as well as website feedback tools (e.g. such as Bugherd, Hotjar, Qualaroo, etc) exist which are amazing. :)

I'm ideally looking for a customer / market research platform to get feedback on solutions for problems or doing surveys to the desired target market (excl. Google Surveys). Either mix of video interview calls, surveys, in-person, etc.

Are there any cost-effective solutions for this?

Any suggestions would be amazing :)


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    Hi Dan,

    Isn't what you're looking for is trying to see if the product fits the market? or PMF? The problem with looking for groups which I'd recommend is the lack of "skin in the game" from the participants. They're getting paid to do it, and eventually, it sums down to getting paid to give opinions without feelings of the actual utility of the product.

    My advice would be to launch and find a few customers, going with this quote, the ultimate test for any battle plan is being a battle, and has been translated over the years to no product/service survives the first contact with the customer.

    Hope I've helped.

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      Very good points @MarkFischeer. :) - I agree with you. I will share your note with the guys I'm working with which solidifies what I mentioned to them already (pretty much the same as your answer) haha.

      I was more curious though about whether or not outside of forums like IH, paid ads, etc that if there is a platform like a marketplace that connects founders/entrepreneurs with beta users (but users are highly-vetted into their segments) which is cost-effective to get real business/idea use case feedback. Having said that though and what I thought about earlier, similar to you with "skin in the game", it's probably not the best route for these guys I'm helping anyway.

      Got plenty of other early state strategies which we will be testing regardless. :)

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    What if the best platforms and tools for getting real user feedback and opinions are comments under posts like these and email?

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      Yes of course - looking for other potential solutions outside of what you've mentioned. :)

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    Hey Dan, not sure if exactly what you need but I run a Facebook group with 4.8K+ people in it.

    The main demographic is small business owners, agency owners (web design, marketing, etc) and freelancers interested in SaaS lifetime deals.

    We run our own lifetime deals from time to time (very picky) and there are multiple discussions happening around other SaaS deals around the web.

    Not sure if that would be helpful?

    If it is, let me know and I can link the group.


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      Thanks Greg :) - Not for this specific startup I am helping but could be useful for other startups I help. Share the link :)

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        No worries. All the best with everything!

        Here you go:

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      Thanks @rickyio - Upvoty and Canny are great but not the solutions I'm looking for. More related to customer research.

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    What about https://hotjar.com. Is that more what your looking for?

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