What are the fuel materials that motivate you to build projects?

Based on the blog post, what's your #1 motivation as an indie hacker?
  1. 🏆 Status
  2. 💵 Financial Freedom
  3. 🎨 Craftsmanship
  4. 💪 Power
  5. 🏔 Adventure
  1. 14

    It used to be financial freedom for me: making money to convert it into time. Status also played a role: wanting to be seen as a "success."

    The good thing about both of those boxes is that they can be checked. It's tempting to continue chasing more and more money and status forever and ever, but I think it's more interesting to set a target, hit it, and then move on to other things.

    Now my #1 is probably craftsmanship? Adventure is a close second, though. I naturally care more about craftsmanship, but it's a bit anti-social to sit at your desk honing something for hours on end. I think I'll probably live a happier and more interesting life as an adventurer, so I'm trying to move in that direction.

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      For what it's worth, I think you are killing it in terms of craftsmanship - IH webapp and IH podcast are both inspirations to me in terms of quality to strive for in my own pursuits.

      1. 1

        Thanks, I appreciate it!

  2. 4

    While everyone is focused on the poll , can we take a moment to appreciate the blog post?

    Pearls of wisdom wrapped in simple writing style..
    No fancy images .. no fancy css... no fancy fonts..
    Brilliantly written blog post standing its own ground.

  3. 3

    I appreciate how this post says an IndieHacker's motivations are, to some degree, mysterious even to themselves.

    This is the takeaway from researchers like Dan Wegner (UMich), Thalia Wheatley (Dartmouth) and Tim Wilson (UVa). The conscious mind doesn't have access to the motivating and decision-making criteria. Wilson's book, "Strangers to Ourselves" is the top reseach-based read on this.

    My take: https://jessehercules.medium.com/there-are-no-conscious-decisions-793e418f5f86

  4. 2

    The satisfaction of helping people. Never gets old.

  5. 2

    Always a good exercise to think about what your core motivation is.

    I voted for "Adventure" but I think my true answer is really a combination of Financial Freedom, Craftsmanship, and Adventure.

    I just want to build something that I can be truly proud of. But not just the end product, the whole journey and lifestyle that comes along with it. It's a balance of financial success, awesome relationships, and personal health - while constantly using my creativity and problem solving the whole way.

  6. 1

    I'm surprised that Craftsmanship is so low. What does this say about the projects people are building?

  7. 1

    Please one more Fulfilment to the list

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    When I was 7 years old I used to go to my dad and say "Let's build something!". I didn't do it for money and not really even because I wanted to spend time with my dad. I did it for the sheer joy of creating. In some ways I am still that 7 year-old kid.

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    Financial freedom and status are both money-related and positively correlated with money.

    The truth is that in the real world, the more money you appear to have, the higher your status. I say "appear" because having money and status can be faked. The Youtube scammers trying to scam people that need the most financial help [1] with through fake social status and rented Lamborghini is a good example.

    It's horrible, but it is what it is. I'd want to help solving this someday [2].

    Status is not entirely bad as it help you get things done easier. It can be achieved as a side-effect (ex. built a successful startup).


    The freedom to do whatever you find intellectually curious in and at any time and location is the biggest motivator for me. And being able to grow beyond just being a cog in the machine can't be beat.

    Financial freedom (haven't achieved) gives you that, so I voted for it.

    [1] Can be caused by a lack of financial education and many other reasons. It's a complicated issue for another day.

    [2] have to be more financially stable before then, but interested to talk if anyone is also interested in this.

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    I used to think about financial freedom but its a kinda myth, even if you achieve the financial freedom you cant stop working. Because we are all addicted to the process more than money. We love seeing the analytics, data, growth graph, ranking, checking competitors, etc. But financial freedom is one of the motivating factors for some who is just starting out!

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    For me financial freedom and status.

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    I don't want my income to be time bound. If I work for a company that sells digital goods, I spend 8 hours on X, company gets paid Y$ everytime somone uses it, yet I get paid Y$ only once.

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    I come to this site and read your failures and think "I can do better." or I read your successes and think "I should be doing that well." So basically all of you motivate me - thanks guys!

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    Allen, I feel happy while doing something on my own but eventually, I wish to get financial freedom. - Venkat

  15. 1

    Voted for Financial Freedom, but would likely be Curiousity.

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