What are the key features of the OpenCart Marketplace Integrators by Knowband?

Features of a module are what define the modules. In fact, now you know why we will be throwing light on the OpenCart marketplace integrators. These OpenCart marketplace integrators by Knowband are really beneficial for the eCommerce business. In fact, the features of the OpenCart marketplace integrators are proof that they are worthy of your time.

In this blog, we will talk about the key highlights of the OpenCart marketplace integrators by Knowband.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension

Retail establishments can earn Google Sponsored advertising with the Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart. Furthermore, enable real-time synchronization with Google Merchant Center. The OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer provides extensive functionality. Additionally, customers will be able to browse your products in Google's sponsored ad section. Because of the store's tight link to Google Merchant Center, real-time syncing of product listing and stock administering are possible. Furthermore, the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module simplifies the process of product synchronization and category mapping.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

The eBay OpenCart Integration is the second choice on the list of OpenCart marketplace integrators. The shop administrator can easily list products from their store on eBay Marketplace. In reality, with the eBay OpenCart Connector, this is accomplished in a matter of seconds. You can upload products in bulk using the eBay OpenCart Integrator. Additionally, company owners can list and modify stock. For example, the title, product images, and information from the admin section of the store. Store owners can start controlling their orders via the admin interface. The OpenCart to eBay Synchronization both saves and works for the administrator. Furthermore, when it concerns dealing with eBay products and orders.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

The Etsy OpenCart Connector syncs products, classifications, and orders across the two platforms. Furthermore, your Etsy store will be linked to your OpenCart store immediately. You can manage both using the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module. Furthermore, you can access both your Etsy shop and your OpenCart store through a single interface. Knowband's first setup is simple. Before linking Etsy and shops, the store administrator must first register an app on Etsy. In reality, in order to connect the OpenCart site to the Etsy store, the store administrator needs to give the Etsy API Key. Furthermore, Etsy API shared a secret key and Etsy API host in the module's required field.

In the End

With these OpenCart marketplace integrators by Knowband, the least you can do is connect your store with the marketplace. In fact, there's a lot more that than you can do with it. For instance, product listing, order tracking, syncing the products, and more. Thus, they are perfect when you think of investing in them.

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