What are the main lifetime deal (LTD) and launch platforms?

Do people have names of other lifetime deal (LTD) and launch platforms so we can build a definitive list of them? 5-word opinions on how good each one is also welcome.

So far I have these below. Some of these perhaps aren't necessarily for offering LTD's (like Producthunt?), but my opinion is a launch on them tied with an LTD offer is a good idea - I welcome opinions on this...


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    The ones you have mentioned are more than enough. In most cases, even on them, there are companies that only sell LTD's until are bankrupted.

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    There's also a big Facebook group, but it's more an aggregator to the other platforms

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      cool. what's the group?

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    Grabltd, ltdhunt, lifetimo, dealmango are a few aggregators, maybe they aggregate others. Have a look.

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