Book Club October 25, 2020

What are the timeless resources on entrepreneurship that you've used over the years? Books, podcast episodes, youtube video, blog posts etc.

Abhishek Kumar @Ak797041
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    I'll have to say in terms of books Crossing the chasm , the lean startup and YC videos combined with startup school for the videos and possibility to interact with other founders.

    Honorable mention to Blitzscaling (Book < Podcast imo) and Ben Franklin biography by Walter Isaacson is my go to if i ever need some motivation

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    Crossing the Chasm
    How to Win Friends and Influence People

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    Let me add two that were really mind opening for me:

    • Jason Cohen's blog and all of his Youtube videos (eg. this one)
    • Seth Godin's blog and all his other resources. If you like podcasts this one is short and to the point.
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      Wow, Jason's blog looks super interesting. I'll spend some time on it. I've been reading Seth's blog over the years, he's certainly one of the smartest minds of our time :)

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    I find that the Startup School curriculum has a lot of invaluable content from all the partners at Y Combinator. Definitely applicable for indie hackers and not just to VC funded companies.

    Best of all, it’s free and right there waiting for you.

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      Thank you. I'll go through them and link them in the thread over time :)

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    I used a lot of resources but they usually are not timeless because there are a lot of them, so everytime I'm developing more and more. Also I had a few good mentors that taught me a lot of interesting things. The best one in my opinion was the marketing director of, he always knew how to do business and how to make everybody listen to him. When he became the marketing manager of the company he increased the traffic on the website twice in 2 months. That was one of the most successful results I have ever seen.

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    Y combinator has great practical information and videos.

    Dan Pena is good when not in the mood and being a girly wuss and I need my ass kicked.

    Grant Cardone's given me the single best piece of advice, the biggest enemy to you getting what you want is procrastination (DISTRACTIONS!).

    Aristotle - you are what you repeatedly do, excellence is therefore a habit.

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    Anything you want by Derek Sivers

    “ But notice that most businesses are trying to be everything to everybody. And they wonder why they can’t get people’s attention!

    You need to confidently exclude people, and proudly say what you’re not. By doing so, you will win the hearts of the people you want.

    Hotel Café, a folk- and rock-music venue in Los Angeles, is a no-talking club. Big signs say, “No talking during performances!” Performers are encouraged to stop the show if someone is talking, and let the person know that he can go to any other club in town to talk over the music. This is the one place in LA where you can sit and really listen to the music. This, of course, makes it the most popular music venue in town. ”

    This is a short read and free to read online.

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    Hope I can get some feedback on my curated database of growth strategies used by different businesses.

    Please check out Growthunt and let me know how I can improve it!

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      The case studies are good and I was surprised you've added the recent ones as well :) the only thing is the text on top of images looked misplaced. So maybe you could improve that :)

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        Thanks for the kind feedback! Gonna work on it!

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    Mosh hamedani courses, great teacher

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    Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.
    Mixergy podcast.

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    I find Masters of Scale's podcast highly valuable.

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    Zero to One by Thiel. Hooked by Nir Eyal for habit forming products.

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    I cannot recommend highly enough. I get 10 pieces of incredibly valuable feedback about my startup every week, based on my progress update. I've gotten customer phone calls, asked questions about my messaging, and fixed bugs due to this feedback. I'm not even that interested in the accelerator part of it — it's just amazing to get the feedback and motivation!

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    This is a list of some of my all time favourite podcast episodes, not all are on business but almost all have some life lessons in there.

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      Thank you for the comprehensive list. :)

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    I find How to Start a Startup podcast very useful.

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      What's your favourite episode and why? :)

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