What are y'all doing for bookkeeping?

My company is new and has no revenue, so it's mainly expenses being tracked in a google sheet with receipts being stored in google drive. But honestly, even this minimal usage is a bit annoying.

I've tried looking at various other solutions but they're all so comprehensive with tons of features. I don't need any of that, at least not yet. I only need a simple way to dump my receipts and see an income/expense graph somewhere. Does something like this exist? Because if not I'm going to build it.

How do you folks deal with bookkeeping?

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    If you don't need to attach receipt files, my finance app Savings 3 is great for keeping track of small business finances.

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      That looks cool, good job!

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    Currently, I'm tracking everything in Google sheets as well.

    I also have a separate email address I use for receipts. Every time I receive an invoice, I'll just forward it to that address so it's all in one place come tax time.

    Going with this for now until I outgrow this solution, but it's working fine with me so far.

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      This is similar to what I'm doing. It works but feels clunky, and I keep postponing scanning physical receipts, which is just asking for trouble in the long run.

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    I used to use Quickbooks Self-employed.
    Later switched to Quickbooks Online.

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      How do you like it? Quickbooks is one of the big ones for sure.

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        It's good enough for us. Be able to sync transactions from multiple sources. external accountants can be added to the same account. Nothing to complain for the past 4 years or so.

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