What are you building?

Hey hello! 👋
Please to meet you lah!

Are you writing a newsletter?
Are you making a productized services?
Are you building SaaS software as a service?

I'm Fajar Siddiq from Singapore, i just open this group to share some relevant discussions. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner/founder, developers, designers, content creators, photographers, videographers, writers do share what you're building, making, selling, monetizing and etc!

The reason i set this up is to connect with other fellow Singaporeans or people who are living in SG. You can connect with my on twitter @fajarsiddiqfs and i'm setting this up for discussions on IH and building lioncitymakers.com and do join the community on telegram at https://t.me/lioncitymakers

🇸🇬 Singapore is the business hub in Asia and building a Smart Nation.

Looking for people to connect!

  • building side projects
  • product designing
  • feedback & reviews
  • virtual meetups, events, video-confernece
  • remote recruiters
  • content creating
  • useful resources
  • delicious food (lol, sorry i love food k!)
  1. 4

    Hey, nice to know more side-hustling makers in SG!

    Im Hafidz. Currently working on https://websheets.co.

    Been trying to complete the essential for a soft launch... But been busy with other commitments. About 5% more so hoping to finally wrap up v1.0 this weekends!

    1. 1

      Welcome on board, This is amazing Hafidz!
      ME TOO COMMITMENTS haha, but i think we just keep making progress.

      I just check out the site, This product is so great, you build v1.0 for free.
      Awesome work on Websheets as your first Saas!

      I love the:

      • websheets generator
      • websheets docs (easy to follow)

      PS: will u make a video tutorial too on how to do it/or how it works?

      Any future plans to make it premium version?

      1. 1

        Yeaa hoping to do a bunch of written tutorials, and maybe a couple of walkthrough videos~

        As for the premium version, I've been thinking about it a lot, but a little worried that I might not be able to provide as much support if it really rolled off as a paid saas. Really need guidance here.. So holding that off for now...

        1. 3

          That would be nice to have articles across dev.to and also walkthrough demo tutorial. Just 3 articles per month and 3 videos i think is good and we can share around.

          As for the premium, don't worry. You can just let people DM you on twitter/telegram for support on how-to and on tutorials.

          The rest is you can launch it as you doing for FREE.
          As you move along perhaps you can sell licenses on gumroad so people use the license for pro account as gumroad is good marketplace to do sales. Yes the fees may cost alot but overall is good place to sell a paid SaaS in general for digital product.

          Other than that, people can participate a collaboration hackathon online event or a cause what people build with websheets example "websheets hackathon" I have a few communities and to get people to support. I can be the advocate person to connect others for that and we can get brands to sponsor too for exposures as well contributing in the SaaS/Indiemaking Community.

          Definitely need to find time for this. I'm here not to guide but i'm here to make this product of yours become more visible to others as well in the community. You made this free so people could benefit and yes potential customers can understand if you made a premium version they will get customer support 24/7, more websheets they need example: "create more then 10 sheets is premium" you can sell more or offer lifetime deals of beautiful templates where customers can just click it in 3 simple steps and site is up and connect with custom domain. So more sales you make you can now increase more cost of the sales too because higher sales = more users = more data is needed for your end, so i can understand. For monthly recurring you can probably start later on after 6 months as you already have a base of customer, you can offer to people monthly subscription with more beautiful templates as the mvp grows.

          Yes free to use some basic templates you can offer for all the users, maybe like 7 beautiful templates. Example:

          1. e-commerce solutions + connect with stripe/gumroad
          2. listing site for collection of useful sites
          3. profile site for community
          4. recruiters/job boards
          5. courses online to connect with youtube
          6. events like virtual meetups for speakers or hackathons
          7. voting platform where people post their products

          I hope this helps!

          1. 1

            Wow, thank you! This is insightful.. I have thought of some of what you shared, so it's great that you validate my thoughts.

            You're right. Will work on the tutorials soon, and soft launch it! thank you~

            1. 1

              you're most welcome Hafidz!
              Yes hope you can execute it smoothly.

              Yes let's do this! catch up with you on telegram

  2. 3

    Great that there's now a community for makers in Singapore, looking forward to lioncitymakers.com. I'm from Singapore but living in Sydney, I miss the food so much.

    I'm sometimes working on ModernDev.Tech. I wrote what was originally a pay-as-you-like book. People started paying for it so I started charging, but I need to do a lot more marketing.

    1. 1

      I love the idea of Modern Dev Tech! This will be useful for tutorials and more understanding of modern tech stacks and how-to's as well.

      This will be great for newsletters, e-books and also you can cross promoting the articles on dev.to blog, noonies.tech blog and indiehackers as well! this will benefit more people.

      Let me know if you need leverage on marketing

  3. 3

    Hey hello! Good to know you mention virtual meetup and events! @fajarsiddiq

    I'm currently growing Virtual Mojito - find new tools, resources and latest trends about virtual events. Would love to start a conversation via Twiiter :) My link in profile!

    1. 1

      Thanks for dropping by Felix Wong! Hello from Singapore
      Awesome work with Virtual Mojito! - A curated directory of tools for virtual events.

      1. 1

        You're welcome @fajarsiddiq - make sure we connect and extend the conversation!

  4. 2

    Hey! I'm Kelly, recently built https://talkingpapers.herokuapp.com/.

    It's a platform for people who read academic papers to keep their notes organised and start discussions on papers with other researchers/practitioners.

    1. 1

      Hey Kelly! nice to meet you! - just saw Talking Papers!
      I love the reading together idea withother researchers and practitioners , basically you don't have to be alone anymore!This is great for social platform, can't wait to see the progress of the web app. 💯

      Hey come join us on Lioncity Makers Telegram https://t.me/lioncitymakers

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    WOw didn't know there's so many SGreans on IH. So cool to have our own little corner of the internet here.

    Thanks for creating this group Fajar.

    Just launched Grant Hunt - a chatbot built using Chatfuel to help SG charities find more money during this covid-induced fund-raising drought.

    Am also learning Vue and Nuxt now!

    1. 2

      AWESOME! happy to see more SG indiehackers joining in 💯
      Will curate as much as i can for the community.

      You're most welcome!

      Grant Hunt is really awesome, i did check it out. Useful Chat bot!
      Vue and Nuxt is great stack 💜

  6. 2

    Hey Fajar, found the link through the group.

    I'm currently working on https://www.clinicnearme.sg. Nothing to see yet, still trying to finish up the MVP bits.

    Hopefully, I could get that done soon haha 😁

    1. 2

      Hey Yuyu!
      Awesome you found it, do share with other fellow Singaporeans as well who wants to be part of indiemaking or building side projects.

      I just saw your landing page for your upcoming mvp awesome!
      Let's catch up on telegram

      1. 1

        Thanks, Fajar. Yea will spread the word around. Let's do that.

      1. 1

        Woah wait the link is not working what is it?

          1. 2

            Never see this before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 2

    Hey Fajar, Im part of your telegram group.

    We are building XgeneCloud - instant serverless API generator on any SQL database. XgeneCloud supports generating REST/GraphQL on most SQL databases.

    We did our first public release a month ago and trying to do improvements (read as trying to avoid breaking changes :)

    1. 2

      Sweet! That is awesome on any sql database ✨🥳 how was the public release so far?

  8. 2

    hey there! Welcome to IH. :)
    I'm building a little virtual pub as a sideproject, it's on https://midnight.pub

    1. 1

      writing platform / newsletter, thanks for sharing! ;) Where are you from?

  9. 2

    I would just join for the delicious food....sad I am located in Finland..

    Good Luck Fajar.
    May the force be with you.

    1. 1

      Ahaa! FOOD yes you can join! FOOD unites everyone from all around the world! ;)
      Not to be worry or feel sad. I made this small community for Singaporeans or living in Singapore is to connect with them.

      Thanks Michael!
      May the food be always on the table <3

  10. 2

    Hello Fajar :)

    I am working on data science project :)

    1. 2

      Hello Abdullah!
      This is amazing, i hope you become a successful data scientist!
      What struggles do you often came across?

      1. 1

        Thank you so much Fajar :) But My aim is not to about be data scientist, this title is good but MicroStartuper is better than this, because you can change people life with your product's :)

        I faced a lot of struggles but you know if we work hard and work with focus, we can do almost anything :)

  11. 2

    Practice makes a man perfect.

    Likewise if you want to be good at something keep doing it. Stick the habit for long enough you eventually will good that particular topic.

    Now I'm in the process of brainstorming lots of ideas to practice my mind thinking abilities.


    Do follow me! Will post minimum 10 ideas daily for you to get inspiration from it.

    1. 1

      Awesome work dude! 💯
      how can you monetize those each post of the tweets?
      will that be possible?

      1. 1

        I've not thought about the monetisation yet. But here is the detail about how I will do it if this works.

        I saw some of the profile with smilier categories gain around 55K followers. ( I don't know how but I will figure it out ). And they are selling e-book for generating ideas and consultation for existing product around like where to improve the production and so on.

        Imaging if I've the 20K followers and If 10 people bought around 10$ e-book per day that leads to more than 2000$ per month. But that's just the guess.

        Another way to monetise is to create the page where I write details spec of the product idea that related to the tweet. Like some research around existing product in that similar categories and basically the details about how I see the final vision of the idea and what moment that triggers that idea. And I can use Google ADSENSE to monetise.

        Hey let me know your thoughts too :)

        1. 1

          Got it, you want to sell e-book.

          My suggestion is if you want to work on the book just focus on the book first and write your journey why you want to make the book on a blog too or share some tweets about it.


          • your blog with ads (b2b companies)
          • tweets is to build fans of followers of your work
          • e-books is your product to sell
          1. 2

            Thanks for the feedback. You're right. I should focus on the e-book first and increase my follower is the second.

            My tweets are the results of my generation technique. May be I will write more on that technique in my e-book. If anyone asks me what will I get from my e-book then I can point them to my tweets.

            It's so much clarity when we put something in the writing form. Glad that we talking this way. Keep in touch.

  12. 2

    Hey nice to meet you, currently working on upstamps.com

    1. 2

      Nice to meet you too Vacom! Beautiful site design work with upstamps.com
      I love the colours! Hello from Singapore 👋

      1. 1

        Thank you Fajar, Cheers from Portugal

        1. 1

          you're most welcome, cheers

  13. 2

    Hey Fajar!

    Nice to meet you!

    I'm building WordPress plugins for memberships and newsletters.

    Cool to see a fellow Singaporean! What have you been building?

    If there are 3 more people, we could do a meetup! Legal summore!

    1. 2

      Hey Leslie! ;)

      Woah awesome wordpress plugins! I'm currently on a side-projects mission https://fajarsiddiq.com/projects (Purpose is to learn/earn on the side) and other than that just managing and revamping 3 of my company sites i own. Loads of work for me! Due to covid19 loads of things going on.

      Yes i'm a fellow Singaporean here! Also doing feedback/reviews/communities you can see more here in the description https://fajarsiddiq.com/buymeacoffee i just reach 100 supporters milestones.

      YES 3 more people will be great for meetup! I just bought a domain last night just to grow this discussion for the community of makers/hackers - lioncitymakers.com (more details soon, i will update here and also on my twitter)
      KEEP IN TOUCH, i will DM you soon. You are 2nd member of this discussion I'm so glad, thanks for joining and the heads-up.

      Newsletter is awesome!!!!

      1. 2

        There's something wonderful about your project excel sheet. You are a real Indie Hacker :)

        1. 1

          I hope i could do it! ✌️✨ thank you Christopher

  14. 1

    Wow! nice to see some SG indiehacker!

    I'm Alan and am current working on www.basicbrix.com

    We are a cloud computing infrastructure based in Singapore. Currently in the beta phrase and looking for developers to test our severs and give feedback. Hit me up if you are interested!

  15. 1

    Hi @fajarsiddiq! I’m currently working on https://getwishlist.io, which allows you to collect and organize valuable feedback from your users. It’s in open beta right now. Getting ready for an official launch soon!

    1. 1

      Awesome work!!! Andrew 💯 Hello from Singapore

  16. 2

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

    1. 2

      This is super awesome, is it for educators and students will be the perfect tool.
      Awesome work! impressive

      1. 2

        This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

        1. 2

          I saw this the other day for books - https://makerreads.com/
          Also, I'm reading Zero To Sold by @arvidkahl https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/ is so good he shares his journey too

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