No-Code September 23, 2020

What are you building?

Lacey Kesler @laceykesler

I want to hear what everyone is working on ... share as much detail as you'd like.

I'm working on some stuff around no-code education (will share more another time).

If you're stuck somewhere or need help, reach out!

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    I'm working on a no-code editor for VR applications:

    We believe the future of VR is on the web. Our editor works in a webpage but your app can be deployed to all major headsets and devices (including right in the browser)

    We have been heads down developing and are just starting to reach out to potential clients for case studies.

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      Stop ittt!!! That is so awesome!

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      This is a fascinating idea. I'd not considered nocode for VR!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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        Hey @XRhacker223, wow that's awesome! Yeah let's chat sometime, mind picking a time here?

        Yeah we have explored this area, specifically we thought Chemistry/Biology would be great candidates for a VR application.

        Looking forward to meet you.

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    Hey Lacey 🙂
    I'm working on Zero to Marketing.
    Every Monday I pick a new online business and write a 5-minute read case study with actionable tips on how I'd grow it.

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      Nice man. I feel like every 'zero to' domain has been taken by a member here on IndieHackers :)))

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      That's super interesting actually! I love reading marketing material like that because the practicality of it helps so much. (I'm not a marketer but as someone to makes their own products, I have do some of it)

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        @andreboso is the man. He helped out a few times with some marketing ideas for my project and I always appreciate other hustlers who lend a hand.

        Zero to Marketing is a great project. Highly recommend everyone check it out and tune into the case studies on Twitter.

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          Thank you Michael for your kind words!

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      Dude, this is a rad idea! I've just subscribed.

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      Hey Andre! Love the concept of your newsletter, just subscribed to it.

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        Thank you and welcome!

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    I'm finishing a mini-book for . Basically, I've analyzed over 480 founder interviews, trying to identify a) The acquisition channels that consistently worked for them b) Useful quotes/tips from the founders themselves on what/how they approached getting users from that channel.

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      This seems cool. Always like to find patterns. Taking a look at the site now.

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      Ohh very cool! Nice work! Definitely keep us updated on the progress.

      Also, 480 is a lot of interviews 🤯

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    Working on NoCode Portal - launched on PH last week (top product of the day).

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      Right on! That's awesome! Congratulations on the PH launch!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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        @XRhacker223, thank you! I started sometime back and am in the exploration stage. The power that these tools give to a person not inclined to code is indeed amazing! If you just want to start exploring then Adalo, Glide, Dorik , Webflow, AppGyver are some of the good options to start with.

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    Wow this thread got long. My post probably will be buried but I will share anyways.

    I am working on making video editing easier and faster. The tool is called (Story Creator)[].

    My most recent project is a free online video trimmer

    If you get to this, take a look, and let me know what you think.

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      That's so cool! Video editing needs to be simplified for sure. Using Adobe products for simple editing ... makes me hate editing.

      I really like what I saw on the website!

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        Awesome. You're going to like this free tool then it's a simple trimmer.

        • Just paste a YouTube URL and trim to your liking
        • Make memes or quick social content from longer-form video

        If you do use it. I would love some feedback :)

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    Hey Lacey, great idea!

    I'm working on the new signup flow for Basically our intro branding questionnaire is still a bit steep for a lot of people, and most of them don't have the courage to complete it. Problem is our "wow" moment comes right after that, when people finally see their logos :)

    So I'm pretty eager to fix that, hopefully to unlock 2-3x more usage as a result.

    Feedback is welcome :)

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      wow, really loved the results of the questionnaire... probably going to buy one of them soon to use with a project I have sitting in the cabinet for a while.


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        Awesome, thanks for the feedback! What’s the project about?

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      Hey, I went through it and it was kinda long, BUT I thought it was great! I don't have any feedback because I thought you asked questions in a concise way; however, I'd love to see what fixes you implement!

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        Oh awesome, I'm glad you liked it! Will publish a milestone with the fixes :)

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    Hi @laceykesler I just built a drawing feedback application using bubble. Drawing especially when learning to draw is hard. I found often I would post my drawings with the intention of getting some valuable feedback. Often that wasn't the case though. So selfishly I wanted to scratch my own itch with the intention of getting users to help critique and offer feedback, while also posting beautiful works of art.

    Its an MVP but you can visit it here Drawing Feedback

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    Hey Lacey, follow a lot your work, specially WINC. Welcome to IH!

    I have been working on a curated list of apps businesses built using no-code or low-code tools.

    We have some really good repositories on different tools to use but with this list the objective is to help organizations understand exactly how versatile low-/no-code tech is for not just one use case but a lot that their business can benefit from.

    It will be available in a web/mobile app form, people can browse through apps built with no-code filter by category [sales, hr, marketing, admin] or by other tools these apps can integrate with and so on and it will be open for other makers to share their insights and no-code app ideas.

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    I'm working on No Code Learn (

    It's a platform where you can search and find no code tutorials. Ex. find tutorials that teach you how to build a Airbnb clone.

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    Working on Podcave. It’s the full time gig now. Just re-launched on Product Hunt. It’s been an eye opening experience after 20 years in the radio industry.

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    Working on Pazly ( ) in my weekends. Having fun with the aim of helping lot of freelancers around the world build fast and good looking websites for small businesses.

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    I'm building a property/real estate listing integration for Webflow 🏡
    It's a frontend IDX and will allow no-coders to plug into their property API of choice and rapidly build sites similar to Zillow, with all the wondrous design control offered by Webflow 😀

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      That's sweet! And you can't go wrong with Webflow!

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    Building a super simple lightning fast one page notes app

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    Hi Lacey 🤗
    I launched a couple weeks ago and yesterday got my first paying customer. In short, it’s an automated system that applies to online jobs for you on job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

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    Since the start of lock down I've become pretty obsessed with developing a positive workplace culture in remote teams. As a consequence of that I built Chinwag which is a virtual watercooler for remote teams.

    I wrote a bit about how Chinwag was started in a blog post. The crux of it was that I wanted to replicate a watercooler conversation virtually. It's hard to do though because there are a few key elements to a watercooler conversation:

    • spontaneous
    • usually fun
    • usually happen when someone is taking a break from work
    • face to face

    Truth be told, as a side project it got a bit out of hand. It started out as a "passive" video-calling platform, but ended up becoming a browser plugin. The browser plugin helps you connect with team members for a watercooler chat.

    Right now I'm testing to see if it's as useful for other teams (late stage validation...) as it has been for mine. Time (and effort) will tell :)

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      I love that idea. Watercooler chats are definitely something I miss now that I'm working solo and remote. I look forward to seeing it be a success!

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        Thanks Lacey! If there are any people you tend to hang out with IRL you can invite them to join you in a Chinwag group too. Ping me and I'll bump it to premium so you can give it a good test drive :)

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    I'm building, a newsletter of stories and use-cases of indie hackers automating tedious business processes, so they can focus on higher level challenges of their business.

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    I'm working making the news more fun

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      Literally, everyone needs that product

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    Coding the NoCode engine for Google sheets. - The fastest way to build websites from Google sheets

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    Hi Lacey,

    I am working on a simple tool to collect feedback on your website. It is free to get started :)

    Let me know what you think about it.

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    Nice to see you on Indie hackers! Valuable insights for everyone here! :)

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    Hello Lacey, thanks for starting this thread.

    Some of the founders here have probably seen me sharing my product more these days. I want to share it here in this thread.

    My product is dwata - A Software to query, understand and manage Business data without SQL. It is meant for Sales/Product/Marketing people without any engineering help. The product is commercial open source and is completely on-premise for complete data privacy. I am aiming for high adoption with startups and SMBs with the community edition and then have revenue through the business/enterprise editions.

    With regards to no-code - dwata does not even show any hint of SQL on the interface. I am really making sure that the product experience is as easy as using Excel/Spreadsheets/Airtable. But dwata handles complex multi-table relations, filtering and ordering. Soon there is going to be support for grouping and aggregates. All the SQL is generated for the user.


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      That is so cool! I love that you're making your tool accessible to those who don't know how to code!

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    I’m re-learning to code and working on something rather boring and ambitious for me: SaaS boilerplate! Anytime I have an idea, I can put a hack together but nothing I can launch. So, I am creating a python/bootstrap saas template with a decent enough UI so for my pipeline of side projects I can focus on business problem rather than spending time on the must haves (logon, email notifications, profile pages, pricing etc)

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    I'm working in a mvp for an idea that I had in mind! It's about a platform for students like me to get their stuff organized :)

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      Very cool, Seth! I love seeing more education coming into the no-code space! I'm working on a couple of education pieces as well!

      Congratulations on your milestone and I hope it continues to be a success! :)

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        Thanks Lacey! I'm excited to see what you're working on too!

        1. 1

          Hopefully announcing within a couple of weeks. I'm wrapping up the new Women in No-Code website/community changes right now. :)

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            Awesome! Sounds great

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    Hey Lacey! I'm building, a service to deliver your newsletter to any platform your readers prefer (Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, Slack, etc). I realized I had the email cluttered and was missing important newsletters. I thought it would be great that creators offered their readers where they wanted to receive their newsletters.
    What do you think? Are you one of the kool kids who have a newsletter and want to give it a try?!

    1. 1

      That's super cool! Hah, I'm not that much of a kool kid. :) I've got a newsletter for Women in No-Code right now, but still tweaking the content/consistency.

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    I'm working on 🦙

    We want to fix the increasing issue of the time wasted in useless meetings, we have many ideas ranging from collecting feedback, analyzing data, smart management of meetings and automations.

    We are working on a MVP to be launched soon and looking forward to getting your opinions to improve our product.

    1. 1

      Wohoo same pinch with haha!

      The space is getting hot!

      All the best mate :)

      1. 1

        Thanks! When we started building MeetLama literally few weeks ago we just focused on recent trends and needs... it did not take long before we realized that there are quite a lot of players in the space! I guess that if the pain is big, many solutions are welcome!

        My current main product ( is a Social Media Management and Analytics platform... and yeah... there might be at least 200+ similar tools in the market, still it's a well consolidated industry that offers good opportunities for many of us.

        Let's hope the same applies to the Meetings and #RemoteWork ecosystem !

        1. 1

          Oh crowded markets are good markets, its a timely product as everyone is trying to tackle remote work!

          We started about 6-7 weeks ago as well at this point

          Very early days but its a big need and there's 2-3 main players at this point

          1. 1

            Which are the 2-3 more promising tools in the industry (apart your tool of course!) in your opinion?
            We don’t want to be just copy cats we want to find our path and our target , provide some original solution to this common issue.

            1. 2

              Fellow and Hugo (recently learnt of them) are the ones I know of in meeting space, and ofcourse the big one being lattice

              I think they're all handling "meetings" in different ways, we're trying to fix that but mainly also fix how teams work remotely

              All the best mate!

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    Hi Lacey!

    I've been developing an app called Keys ( which is the first dating app companion keyboard. Keys comes loaded with tons of opening lines and other phrases curated for our users. Our vision with Keys is to enable all of our users to communicate well however they choose and grow. In today's world communicating effectively over text is crucial and it is fact that not everyone is an expert.

    Any feedback would be awesome!

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    Hey Lacey!

    Does is count writing an e-book about stop being a consumer and start being a producer on Twitter?

    That is what I'm building right now and I've already some pre-orders, I'm very excited!

    If you are curious you can check 3 Techniques to Rocket Launch your Twitter Account here

    Also I'm sharing my journey on this Twitter thread

    1. 2

      Of course it counts! Info products are the best!

      Twitter is literally the best platform. I can't believe the connections, jobs,
      and the opportunities I've gotten because of it.

      I hope it's a great launch!

      1. 1

        Thank you for your kind words! :)

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    Hello Lacey,
    thanks for asking!😄

    As the League of Legends' World Championship will begin on Friday, I am building the MVP of a calendar menubar desktop applications (mac/windows/linux). It will help get matches of the day and result for fans who want to watch the championship (I am one of them :) )

    I will launch soon, I dont have any link to provide for now as the website is not ready yet, you can follow the journey on my twitter

    1. 2

      As someone who regularly plays LoL, I'm excited to see this up and running!

      1. 1

        You made my day :) First random people validating my product idea is always a good feeling!

        Do not hesitate to follow me on Twitter or DM your email I will gladly keep you posted! Would love a very first beta tester as well :D

    2. 2

      I just looked up League of Legends' World Championship - that looks awesome!

      I hope it goes well! It's fun to build something that you're also interested in!

      1. 1

        Yeah it keeps me motivated :D

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    Taskade ( and we just released a big update today!

    Taskade is the all-in-one collaboration platform for remote teams. Unleash your team productivity with task lists, mindmaps, and video chat.

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    I'm working on figuring out what to work on. No seriously.

    Want to build stuff I want to build, which is pretty niche to say the least. Mostly considering a site where I explain some of the really esoteric stuff I manage to cobble together development wise. It's Not Much of a Side-Hustle (tm) though.

    Took a look at NoCode tools recently, not sure if it's for me, but open to it. It's kinda like a meta-cms, but lacks the low level controls I'm used to as Dev. However, probably the right tool for what I was thinking above, which is mostly a blog like site. From which I could add DB based content and features with some ease.

    1. 1

      Would you want to wrap your creations in a nocode/low-code interface and make it available to more people? Like how modding works for games? So to be able to focus on details?

      1. 1

        Maybe. I've thought about making my stuff compatible to low/no code things based using plugins and APIs I write. Also, I haven't dug deep enough to know if maybe I can plugin an off-the-shelf CSS framework, or React or something like that. One thing holding me back is that a number of references out there are for non-devs and take a while to get ramped up. I'd like to see NoCode for Devs effort, but then again I'm not the target audience.

        1. 1

          Interesting, I agree a lot of the references for no-code are trying to attract people who don't want to code, some of it sounds like there's a strong divide between code and no-code. I'd like to see a smoother transition possible between devs and no-devs in my work. What about you - do you mainly want to share creations to no-coders or use existing plugins with more ease?

    2. 1

      Yeah, gotcha. That makes sense.

      I think no-code tools are evolving and there are some that are more low-code focused, which do allow for more control.

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    Working in a customer conversion product for restaurants. And today has been really productive!

    1. 1

      High five for productivity! That's awesome!

  32. 1

    👋 Hey Lacey, it just came out from the oven ! check it out

  33. 1

    Hey Lacey,

    I am working on the desktop version of my app using Electron.
    Trying to horizontally expand the app's availability on multiple platforms.


    1. 2

      Right on, that's awesome! I checked it out - it looks really cool and like something I may need in my life.

      1. 1

        You are welcome to try it out and give me feedback based on your needs :)
        I am also planning to release Dev API for this so that people can integrate the reminders/tasks in their business flow

  34. 1

    building smaller things for me now at

    1. 2

      Nice! I really love the design of it!

  35. 1

    👋 Hi Lacey, I’m working on Product Names where I tweet out available names for product inspiration or new projects!

    1. 2

      Super cool! I just gave it a follow! 👍🏻

  36. 1

    I'm building versin 2.0 of Making it a better product for no-coders.

    1. 1

      I love how conversational it is!

      Building forms is one of my least favorite things to do, so I'm definitely keeping tabs on this! :)

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    I just started working on this new idea 🙌🏻

    Check out Gigle. (Tagline: "the Google" for gig jobs.)

    The idea is to help freelancers find their next gig by compiling search results from all the top freelance job sites, e.g. Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, TaskRabbit, Toptal, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and more. Search once and be done ✅

    I was amazed this doesn't exist yet, and that freelancers currently have to search across multiple sites and apps individually to find their next gig. This will hopefully make people's gig lives a lot easier.

    1. 1

      That would be super useful! I was surprised nothing like that existed before either. You'll definitely have to keep us updated on how it goes!

      Also, I love the name.

      1. 1

        Thank you, and will do!! And yeah, the name made me giggle (lol), so I had to use it :)

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    I want to write books since I'm 10ish, so... I write a book! It's aimed for developers to learn more about Linux and want to build their own mouseless development environment. No clue if somebody will buy it, but I have a lot of fun writing it.

    I know, it's a bad strategy, but my goal is not really to sell. It's just to write books and try to help. Would be nice to get some money out of it, to allow me to write more.

    1. 1

      Myself, and like 3 other people, would probably buy that. I'm guessing people really into something like i3, tmux, or whatnot would also, which is to say greater than 3 people. If you can find a way to offer the book to those people seems like it could work out.

      1. 1

        I'm not sure people already using these tools could be interested, since they probably know what I'm saying in the book, but I like the idea to give it to them. I'll think about it; thanks for that, and thanks for your interest!

        1. 1

          Yeah the crowd that's already into these tools has invested time learning them which puts them in a camp where they likely don't think they need a book like this. For them it's about things they might have missed, I'm guessing. People just getting started, or curious about, using these tools would likely get the most from such a book.

          1. 1

            Yes. Exactly that. There are still many people writing to me who already use these tools and misunderstand the intent of the book, but I think everything will be clearer when I'll release the first sample.

    2. 1

      Hey, that's great! It's great to create products for pure enjoyment!

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    I'm continuing to build SplitWit A/B Testing. What makes it stand out is the "suggest an experiment" feature that's built into the visual editor.

    It definitely falls into the "no-code" arena, as it lets non-programmers make experimental front-end changes that can be quickly deployed as A/B tests.

    At the moment, I'm working on enhancing the registration flow and follow up emails to keep new users engaged

    1. 2

      ahh! I love it! I just played with it using a website I own - super cool! Let me know when you're closer to launch and I'd be happy to be a test user!

      1. 1

        Thanks! We've already launched, so feel free to sign up:

        We are fairly new, so I would love test user feedback. If you let me know what email address you use to sign-up, I'll extend the 1 week trial to a few months so that you can really give it a spin.

        You'll need to drop a code snippet on your site for things to work - alternatively you can use the Shopify app or Wordpress plugin to take care of that step.

  40. 1

    Hi Lacey, I'm working on adding a drop-in widget to my Instagram feeds API. My beta version is very dev focused, but it's time to give some love to the no-code folks!

    1. 2

      Yes, no-code folks love love, too! That's really cool and your website is gorgeous.

      1. 1

        Appreciate the kind words!

  41. 1

    Hey Lacey, I'm currently working on Crash Catch ( Its focussed toward solo/startup/small to medium business who develop mobile apps, software, web sites and/or APIs to receive crash and error reports. The focus is on simplicity and affordable without tonnes of bloat data and tonnes of integrations that may not be used/required.

    Currently getting it in a position where I can put a demo video together showing how it works on the landing site.

    Good luck on your project 😃

    1. 2

      That's awesome! I know so many devs would appreciate a service like this. I have a consulting client and their product is a SaaS app which serves hundreds of thousands of users and they heavily rely on customer's telling them something is broken, which isn't good.
      Keep us updated with how it goes!

      1. 1

        Glad you like the idea. There's a waiting list you can join on the landing page if you want to get notified when its available, but I'll keep a note of your username so I can let you know as well if you want.

  42. 1

    Hi Lacey,

    Much needed -- a refresh on education!

    I'm working on launching our pivoted feature by Oct 6th as a new beta. We're a privacy minded platform for friends & family to find and share solid recommendations of places and products (coming in Oct). To save time, money, resources and hassle (returning items).

    1. 1

      Ohh, super cool! Oct 6th is coming up quick!

      1. 1

        I'll reply here with a reminder--when the "product" is live! Thank you for creating opportunities to connect!

  43. 1

    I am working on a micro-SAAS to automate monetising your website traffic and converting your website visitors to customers.

    I just released the landing page here: and working towards a soft alpha launch.

    I wrote the backstory here:

    1. 1

      That's sweet! Definitely keep us updated on how it goes! I love that it seems so simple to install!

  44. 1

    I'm building a mobile (iOS) app which will allow people to create gatherings (or "experiences") in their local area and get people together. Don't have my pitch down yet :)

    Imagine Meetup with more transient groups, some social credit built-in, and a fun approach on the group creation and organization aspect. Of course, covid-19 but my timelines for completion anticipate this being done some time next year .. so maybe it'll be safe then? ;P

    I always wanted to dabble in iOS development and this has been a fun way to do it. After a month of working at night, I am finally getting somewhere with architecting and glueing my app together -- worst case, I leave this project a new iOS developer!

    1. 1

      This sound like an interesting idea, not been to any indiehacker style meet ups yet, but hopefully once we're able to again hoping I'll be able to give it a try :)

    2. 1

      That actually sounds really cool! I'm excited to get back to meetups!

      Funny, I think a lot of people I know got into development because they were building a project and just loved it so much. Either way seems like you've got a good path ahead of you. :)

  45. 1

    I'm working on my (paid) newsletter. It's a bit tough going to fit it in amongst everything else.

    I just published a free article today:

    1. 1

      I love your newsletter, Rosie! I'm really encouraged by your effort and consistency in your writings. It gives me hope as a working mom and homeschooler. :)

  46. 1

    Hi Lacey,
    I'm working on upgrades UX/UI for Misakey(still in beta).
    It's a web application to send encrypted documents and messages.
    We noticed than many people use their email to send confidential stuffs to their clients. So we decided to change that.
    We just launched on Product Hunt today!

    1. 1

      Oh, wow! Congratulations on the PH launch!

      I was actually just talking with a client about how to not send sensitive data through their email, so I'll definitely give this a look! :)

      1. 1

        Thanks! :) I'm glad to read this!

  47. 1

    This sounds interesting! Curious as to your ideas on this!

    I’m building a tool to help developers present Github issues to management. I haven’t updated our product page on IH yet, but will do so tomorrow!

    1. 2

      that sounds very mysterious and interesting. Does it make issues look "sexier" or something?

    2. 1

      I'm interested to hear about this, too. Let us know when it's updated - I'd love to see it!

  48. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

    1. 2

      That's really cool!

      As far as saturation, the market is still pretty undiscovered, imo. I think we're in infancy with no-code. I think there's a lot of testing happening right now on which platforms will last.

  49. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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