What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Good Monday morning folks! ☀️

Well, last week has been pretty exciting. America has a new president-elect, yay! 🎉 But also it was very distracting at work.

So… it is time to bring the focus back on work and set a goal for this week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Share your goal(s) for the whole week in the comments below and try to complete it by Friday.

Goals for me: Write a better copy and clean-up homepage of Red Goose. 🤙🏻

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    Building the biggest(?) list of Open Startups with revenue, launch date & social media data at https://openstartups.listt.xyz This is built on nocode tool Siteoly

    Planning for a PH launch this week.

    1. 2

      great resource of the companies that have made $!

      good luck with the PH launch!

      1. 1

        Thankyou so much.

    2. 2

      Great design and OMG, it's a no code website! So cool.

      1. 2

        Thankyou. Yes, I just connected the data, selected designs from dropdown and the website is ready immediately as I don't have to code. That's the beauty of nocode. 👍

    3. 2

      Great... Love the illustration and the list looks great...
      All the best for PH launch 👍🚀

      1. 1

        Thankyou. I am still thinking if its PH launch ready yet.

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    I add a couple more integrations to Formito.com plus adding a new page for creating a Formito from templates or converting a table to chatbot.

  3. 3

    I'm going to implement performance monitoring for Pingr.

    Actually, Google Lighthouse stats, tracked hourly. In case it dropped below some number, send notification.

    Also write some articles / tweets.

    So many plans, as usual...

  4. 2

    A daily planner -- sounds boring, but I haven't found one that works for me.


    1. Learn enough HTML/CSS to build an attractive minimalist UI (clean lines, b/w)
    2. UX needs to be extremely simple - think when2meet
    3. 0 cost latent infra (thinking DynamoDB/Lambda)

    Trying to avoid using React for now, although I'm open to it. The UI needs to support drag and drop, which I think I can do with the native HTML API.

    I'm a backend dev during the day, so the frontend component is where I'm learning the most.

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    • Publish a newsletter on lifestyle design @ https://thestartup.substack.com
    • Finish budgeting and financial projections spreadsheet product to sell on Gumroad.
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    I am planning to add two widgets to my iOS app Countdown over the course of the next two weeks.

    So this week's goals is to get the widgets functioning.

    1. 2

      Neat. iOS widgets are hot these days!

      All the best with your weekly goal!

      1. 1

        Yeah, I know. But I feel like I am already very late to the party!☹️

        But I've decided now is better than never.

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    @marvindanig The logo of Red Goose is so adorable 💖
    Btw, i'm willing to provide some feedback on the design of your website. You can just dm me at Twitter

    As for my goals:

    1. Fix few bugs for Natasha, our AI Social Media Manager.
    2. Do some internal tests
    1. 2

      Thank you for the kind words on the logo. ♥️ Please do share your feedback with me on [email protected] 🙌🏻

      Natasha looks super interesting. I’m on your waitlist btw!

      1. 1

        Thanks for joining our waitlist! Btw, I sent my feedback regarding your website to your email. :)

        1. 1

          Hey Liv! wanted to DM you on twitter but I think you have not enabled it on your profile

          1. 1

            @HelloDaniel Oops! I thought it was enabled by default. I enabled it now 🙊

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    Yes - super distracted last week. So glad what happened!
    I'm writing my eBook for first-time founders (https://www.thefirsttimefounder.com/), and this week going to release 2 more chapters + figure out gumroad!

    1. 2

      @jessicaleo would love to read it and also share feedback. Any way to email you or reach out to you? :)

      1. 1

        Hey Daniel - that'd be awesome. Yes you can reach me at [email protected] :) Chat soon!

    2. 2

      Very cool. All the best with your new chapters! 🤙

  9. 2

    Do some feedback Changes on GumHunt.com and Adding more sponsors to sponsor list for my new project LetterSponsor.com which help newsletters to get sponsorship I'm giving 3 Months free on my semiannual plan and 1 month free on monthly listing so you can grab this I'm increasing it in 10 Day's

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    I am currently working on a web application and I will complete it by the end of this week. So, I probably be deploying my website by this Friday globally.

    Thanks @marvindanig for reminding me my goal, God bless you.

    1. 1

      All the best! And God bless you too!

  11. 1

    Have the remote jobs pulled to my site updated live instead of every 15 minutes.

  12. 1

    I’ll continue on my project mysideproject.rocks 🙂
    HN brought me a lot of visitors, projects and feedback since yesterday, but this was the easy part. Now I need to make visitors come back, and make new visitors come 😅

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    Keep growing VenturesList, passed it's 1.5 months. Now thinking the next feature I should implement :)

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    I want my PS5, so building a PS5 console tracker (and using Product Hunt Ship): https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/ps5-tracker

  15. 1

    Goals for Pigeon Post: Finish writing our docs at https://docs.pigeonpost.io, Finish creating templates for https://dashboard.pigeonpost.io

    Goals for Lynk: Finish rewriting our client and server code, Finish creating our new landing page website and dashboard at https://lynk.sh

    Hoping to launch on PH this week for Pigeon Post!

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    Hi, I'm finishing up an app that shows Facebook ads from the top Shopify companies all in one place. https://shopifyads.co. If you are running a Facebook campaign during the holidays, checkout this site to get inspired.

    1. 1

      there is the exact same tool call https://www.unicornads.com/ I don't know if you copy or its coincidence

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    I’m continuing to explore some bits around an MVC framework in TypeScript; I wrote about it here: https://spencerjones.blog/web-framework/

    Gonna get a landing page setup for that, an email list on EmailOctopus, and hopefully write another blog post or 3 this week (I’m off work for the week... so hopefully enough time 🤞)

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    I have outlines to two blogs I've been really meaning to write. My goal is to write one blog as well as launch one little side project just to get myself back into the groove of making. 💪

  19. 1

    Finishing off the final bits of i❤🇹🇭.ws

    • FAQ Section
    • Explainer video
    • Highlighted Ads & Jobs
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    @marvindanig I like your copy! I wrote my first newsletter on the weekend and would be keen to get your feedback https://bit.ly/2Imq7AX what are the current copy challenges you face yourself?

    1. 1

      Well, I mostly feel that I'm all over the place with my current copy. It kinda starts all right but soon descends into chaos and too much information by the time you're into FAQs and Features pages.

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    I'll be working on the MVP for Gabzzle and deploying new pricing changes and updates for TaskBite 🤞

  22. 1

    The dashboard for https://early.so. Very important step!

  23. 1

    just baking some templates and going to deploy the static site by the end of the week with at least the landing page.

  24. 1

    Hey! Will be expanding the audience for https://twitter.com/foliyojobs, curated remote design jobs list. Will try to double.

    1. 1

      @tomkoom might be of interest to add the substack to the list https://viralwegrow.com/newsletterlist :)

      1. 2

        thanks Daniel, will add!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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