What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Good Monday morning fellow hackers! ☀️

It's that time of the year. When the real entrepreneurs tie their shoelaces on and set themselves up to achieve a new goal each week until the new year's eve.

I'm super excited about working through the whole month of December with you guys. What are you going to build by the coming weekend?

Share it aloud in the comments below and set yourselves a goal. ❤️

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    Getting started building the backend for my spam text message blocking app Dont Text. I'm using Cloudflare workers for the first time to build the paid version of my app. Never used this platform before, any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm going to start posting the checkinonme landing page and get feedback to see if it makes sense to people.

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    I’m working on building and deploying my blog.

    Baby step on my indie hacker journey, but I have a few of posts in rough draft, a decent list of ideas in my backlog and I’m ready to get the tech stood up.

    I’m good on the tech stack for the blog itself (Next.js, MDX) but not sure what to do about email subscriber sign ups. It seems like ConvertKit is the way to go?

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      Are you going to be writing your own blog application using Next.js/MDX? Or gonna use something out of the box?

      ConvertKit is great!

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        So I wrote my own app this week, but after doing some research through the process, and understanding MDX better, I think the best way to go is Notion Next blog (https://github.com/ijjk/notion-blog) and then do customization on top of that as the base template.

        You get all the deployment benefits of Next with the edit experience of Notion.

        The Formik docs actually use that pattern (https://github.com/formium/formik/tree/master/docs)

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          notion-blog looks interesting. Thanks for sharing your findings!

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    Going to brainstorm marketing ideas for my newsletter:

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    I plan to test the final Kubernetes deployments through CI/CD for Nana https://saasstarterkit.app/ 💪

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    I am working on a UI component library for Vue.js. I hope everything is going well for you.

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      Love Vue.js... all the best with your weekly goal! I’m doing good. Thanks for asking! 🤗

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    I think I realized that I am way overcomplicating pricing on speckled. This week I'm going to change it to let users sign up without a cc, access basic RICE prioritization for free, and put all the other features on one single plan (it's on 3 now).

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      Hey, I like your product and I have a sugestion for your landing. Your header is kinda confusing on mobile, maybe make it responsive leave the cta button and add a burger menu. That is just my opinion. Wish you the best!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the suggestion. Added it to the to-do list!

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      Interesting product. Freemium would definitely drive some initial users. All the best with your weekly goal! 💪🏻

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      I just listened to your MicroConf talk about launching speckled! It was really helpful! The “write a press release” resonated idea definitely resonated.

      I’ll keep an eye on the pricing page =D

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    I'm going to publish the first issue of my newsletter It's Not Magic and then write the second issue about why the math shows that you should launch your MVP ASAP

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    I am going to add transactional emails to @translatestack. Whats on your radar?

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      What service do you plan to use, Sendgrid? I’ll be working on content pages of Red Goose this week and a few deliveries.

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        Yah, going with sendgrid! Playing around with the automation

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    I want to make a few more info products and put it on Gumroad.
    (My first info product was a fun experience, that is why I want to experiment more; if you're interested, this was my first and I want to make something similar: https://gumroad.com/l/validatedideas)

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    Building first product of my product studio
    Every product journey start with an domain their for I'm started a available domain with an idea newsletter you can subscribe it on Domainose.com
    And you get your issues from this Monday.
    I added two premium domains for this week it is available for below marketplace price

    1. IndieAcquire.com - Where you can start a startup, side project and domain aquire marketplace
    2. FounderArmy.com - Where you can start a founder community.
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