What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Hello, fellow Indie Hackers! 👋🏻

It is time to set a goal. What are you going to build this week? Drum it up aloud and share your project with everyone in the comments below!

I noticed on another thread that some of you feel like taking a break. That's great! Go ahead and take that break! Rejuvenate and come back next week to build in the open. ❤️

I'll be formatting and publishing a few famous books on Bubblin Superbooks this week. 🚀

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    I'm going to work on new brand identity tools for logology.co 👩‍🎨 I'm excited to be able to offer new possibilities to our customers soon, but there is a lot to design like patterns, layout and colors! I'm not sure it will be done at the end of the week…😄

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    I startet this week with my launch of tinyads.io.
    An ad network for side projects. Right now there are 30 ads listed and we have delivered over 10000 impressions. (you have to disable the ad blocker to see the ad)
    Next steps are to work a bit on stability and give the users the option to change the ad placement on a running ad.
    Hopefully I will automate the script checking function (internal background task) this week.

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    I'm creating a search engine for online makers (makers-db.com). I launched it a couple weeks ago but this week I'll switch into freemium (I'll publish for free information about 1000 makers out of the total 5000+ I have on the database).

    You can filter those makers by topics they talk about on twitter (coding, ai/ml, crypto, buildinpublic...), get their online projects, search fastest growing accounts...

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      I like this.

      Call it a 'premium list' of makers and shakers on the Internet and then price it. You'll find customers who are willing to pay for a list like that. Show a few samples from the list but do not go defensive about pricing the MVP, cue…

      …and I want to test if there's people willing to pay for them. I have more product ideas to add right now…

      All the best with your weekly goal!

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        Hi Marvin, thanks for your feedback! I'm having issues finding my first clients. I tried Twitter ads targeting people following Indie Hackers / Product Hunt but I didn't have a single sale (I spent over 50 euros only, I'll write a post about it).

        That's why I was planning to release 1000 makers for free - that way potential customers could ideally see value and convert.

        It's my first product and I'm a bit afraid of not knowing how to price it. I'll try to focus marketing differently.

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          I suggest focusing on copywriting, marketing, and positioning to be able to monetize Makers DB. Giving away a list of 1,000 names from a list of 5,000 is probably not the (surest) right way.

          You might want to follow @harrydry on Indiehackers. 🤙🏻

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    This week is quite a rush:

    ⚡Build the MVP of my furniture marketplace in Shopify or by code.(which one do you suggest?)

    🚧Taking a new project inspired by this article .

    ✍️Write the weekly newsletter of curiousfounders.com and daily social media posts.

    📝Finish the contract I got from Upwork.

    Other than entreprenuership,
    🖥️I just got my new PC, I have to arrange the desk setup and all.

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      Very cool. All the best with your goals, Tom! ❤️

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    I need to finish up building out my MVP. I just need to finish a little more functionality stuff before slapping in a design. I'm hoping to release it this Friday, but you know how scope creep can be.

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      Just keep at it and you’ll get there. All the best!

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    Going to be working on SEO for my website, ask for feedback on layout and design, and work on a few marketing materials.

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      Sounds like a solid plan. I'd optimize on layout, design, and pitch before jumping into SEO though, but you know that already! 🙂

      Sidenote: I noticed that you're an iOS developer. I'd need five minutes of your time to discuss a project with you if you're available sometime next week?

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        Feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter! I'll be happy to chat there.

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    I am working on progressing through some of my content calendars between [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/chadmueller) threads, build in public blog and adding a few Best Web Digests!

    I've joined the Gumroad 14DayProductChallenge and working on a simple subscription manager template for managing all the subscriptions that I have.

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      Launching 19 projects. hm. All the best!

      Dang! I missed Gumroad 14-day challenge completely. Is it working for you/worth it?

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        Yeah, it's going okay, I don't feel like the community aspect of it is that strong though. They are using Circle but I don't see a lot of posts. I have some good resources for a 14-day plan but the community aspect is lacking surprisingly.

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