What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Well, it's Monday on the Japanese/Australian coast! ☀️

Share your weekly goal here in the comments below and then try to complete it by Friday! We are in this together! ❤️

My goal for the week: In continuation of my last week's work, I’ll experiment on pricing the Red Goose correctly.

Keep truckin’ it folks! Talk to your users! 🤟🏻

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    I will add a knowledge base to trainersjoy.com this week.

  2. 2

    ✅ URL search
    ✅ Update 7 day free trial to 14 day free trial

    ⏺ Land new customers
    ⏺ Weekly survey summary email


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    Hey fellow indie hackers,

    I'll work on submitting one of my iOS games to a publisher, so they can test the numbers (downloads, retention rate etc.): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/draw-it-fill-in-the-shapes/id1508860259

    Also, I'll work work on the marketing materials for my new online game: https://hideandseek.world/

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    Hey IndieHackers!

    I finished building my Telegram Bot Quote Bot yesterday and published my post on IndieHackers.

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    Happy Monday!

    I launched the first issue of my newsletter last week, so I'm going to keep the momentum rolling. Issue 2 will come out on Thursday, with a look at the potential for no-code tools in medium and large enterprise organizations.

    Also working on a landing page for my side project. I'm looking forward to going into a long US holiday weekend after publishing the first version.

    1. 1

      ✅Shipped the latest issue: https://nocodemethod.substack.com/p/no-code-crashes-into-the-enterprise
      🚧Landing page is under construction. Pardon our dust.

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    Greetings IndieHackers!

    I won't have much time devoted to https://midnight.pub this week, but I'm planning to refactor some parts of the editor. I'll simplify the scope/reach of publishing an entry to make it clearer.

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