What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Good Monday morning fellow indies on the far coast Japan and Australia! ☀️

It is time to set a goal for this week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your dream projects below.

Anyone who does spend time writing code or designing their new product through this week between Christmas and New Year's eve will win the 'Massively Available Doer' or in short the 'MAD' award! 🥳 🏆

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    Hey Marvin,

    I am going to give free access to leads for about 100 different companies that received the PPP loan recently. I am hoping that companies looking for B2B sales leads would find this useful and test interest in my product https://lionleads.app

    Happy hacking!

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      This is a very good idea and helpful towards economic recovery, too!

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    Ahoy 👋

    I'm doing research into the managed GraphQL service space. I'm not going to bother trying to have customer conversations this week, so I'm just getting my ducks in a row - understanding the existing services (Hasura, Apollo, AppSync) and looking for an opportunity to make a specific experience easier. I'm wondering if there's room for something like a GraphQL frontend with managed PostgreSQL on the backend.

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    Count me in for the landing page redesign. reabra.com.br

    It was the first thing a built 3 years ago and it needs a new coat of paint. Acceptance criteria:
    A potential client can:

    • [ ] understand that we are a wholesaler
    • [ ] search for his address
    • [ ] see how far the “Kickstarter campaign” is
    • [ ] browse through the different providers and their offers
    • [ ] page is responsive
    • [ ] I’ll use Tailwind CSS / Refactoring UI guides and colors
    • [ ] I’ve recorded something about the experience/learnings to share here and on YouTube.
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      So, I spent a whole lot more time than I envisioned - I got really caught up fiddling with the look of it. Not yet finished, but I'll continue pursuing this.

      Here's a quick before and after: https://www.loom.com/share/88a8ea864a9b4446b7fefd98ca148854

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    I'm working on a new landing weather app with React/Node.js, very interesting.

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    I will spend some time working on the new product landing page. Fixing the mobile version and some minor things.

    Other than that, I will set final goals for 2021 year.

    If I will have some free time I will do some minor improvements in my other product

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    Will spend most of the time review my performance in 2020 so far.

    Other than that, some small fixes for my projects VenturesList and Virtual Mojito.

    I might allocate some time to set some goals for my 4th project.

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    Hey Marvin,

    I'm based out of Melbourne Australia - this week will be focused on building out content on each topic within in my community MVP - ManageMyDough a bit mad through the xmas break but a real labor of love in my personal life!

    1. 1

      MAD, haha!

      All the best with your goals in this final week of the year. 🔥

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    I'm working on the onboarding process for my note taking app. There's definitely some friction new users are encountering with how the app works so I want to work on showing value much quicker.

    I don't plan on finishing it this week. It's more about doing the research of what other apps do and trying to see what works or doesn't. I'm uncertain if I need to build any features to smooth out the onboarding or if some small UX tweaks are sufficient.

    1. 1

      Great, all the best!

      I found this article quite thorough and condensed for quick execution of user onboarding. You might have already read this one before but I love these particular lines a lot:

      "Designing for activation is tricky. The last thing you want is to implement a long and extensive onboarding flow when it isn’t necessary. The best apps are usually the most intuitive anyway. The key is to talk to those users, & ask what made them come back, what got them hooked."


      1. 1

        I definitely agree with that statement. I've been reading a lot of UserOnboard and while I don't think he says that explicitly, it is definitely implied in all the teardowns he does.

        Thanks for sending the article! It looks like it'll be a great read.

        What are you building this week?

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          I’ll be working intermittently on a new css framework. It’s been on my mind for quite sometime. 😅

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