What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Standing in this week for @marvindanig 😇

Hello Indie Hackers! 👋🏻

It is time to set a goal for this week. 🤙🏻

What are you going to build this week? Drum it up aloud in the comments below and share your project with everyone!

  1. 7

    Work on getting a few early users to provide feedback on https://minipoll.co

    1. 4

      Minipoll is really easy to use, the design is simple and elegant!
      Might be cool to be redirected directly to my poll when I create one (instead of just having the link to copy)

      1. 2

        That's actually the next change! Should be live soon.

        It'll still have the link to copy but will automatically redirect you to your poll first so you can be 100% confident in what you're sharing.

        1. 1

          Glad that it helps! Would mind to let a comment to my post in return 😉 ?

    2. 1

      Looks slick. Who’s the target market for this tool? Anyone specific in mind?

      1. 3

        Thinking it will be super useful for polling newsletter subscribers... just ask a question and directly link to a minipoll link. Thoughts?

        Working on adding signup as an optional way to track all polls with some analytics for this type of use case.

    3. 1

      I really like the sleek and simple design, and it seems to function well too. I think you should extend the light gray background color all the way to the bottom of the page, so the white and gray don't clash.

      1. 2

        Good point! I'll get that fixed!

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    We build this week our onboarding process for paperless.io! Today we will check If Intercom works for us. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    I hope you all have a great week!

    1. 4

      Your landing page is awesome ! (your cookie banner is not in English though)

      1. 2

        Thanks! Oh yes will change that

        1. 1

          Would mind to let a comment to my post in return 😉 ?

    2. 2

      Looks great! I'd be very keen to check that out when it's ready!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the great feedback! Would you like to join our waitlist? Would be amazing to get some feedback on the product in our beta. Complete for free!

    3. 2

      Looks awesome. Is it just you working on it?

      1. 1

        Working on it with my two cofounders

    4. 2

      The page and animations look great! A little fix: "Paperless documents got security built in" should be "Paperless documents have security built in"

  3. 4

    I'm going to design logos for finance tech companies on logology.co :) if I have time left, I'd love to build new brand assets for our clients!

    1. 3

      Holy Molé, that's a sharp landing page! I really like the fact that you displayed the layout grid of the landing page.

      1. 1

        Thank you @Bjorkbat! I'm happy happy you like it :)

    2. 2

      very cool, love your work.

  4. 3

    I'm sick and tired of building boostlane.com... My brain should have exploded already. I'm running out of important things to change, so hopefully I can finally put more time into publishing and SEO. Anyone with some negative feedback would be an angel... I may need some inspiration to make more changes, ha, ha.

    1. 4

      You site look really well ! But since your are looking for negative feedback 😉 : I find it hard to understand what boostlane was about in the first 10s.

      1. 3

        yeah I have the same opinion, the site looks great, but I couldn't realize what it's about at a first glance

        1. 1

          Cheers. I'll see what I can do about that without using too much text.

          1. 1

            Like a slogan "boostlane: reviews and shop at the same place" at least that's what I understood :}

            1. 1

              Interesting, you are not too far. I may use something like that. Cheers

      2. 2

        Thanks for the negative feedback, I really appreciate. I'll keep working on communicating better what it does.

        1. 2

          You're welcome! Would mind to return the favor to my post 😉 ?

          1. 2

            Done! Always happy to contribute if I can.

  5. 3

    I launched the private alpha of Perligo on Friday, so my goal is to build up the backlog of invite requests this week. Any coding I do should only be bug fixes and the rest of the work is marketing this week.

    1. 2

      "Try the demo" feature is really really great, maybe it should be the main CTA of the landing page. Also maybe add a "Sign Up" CTA inside your demo!

      1. 2

        Thank so much! And that's a great idea. I'll get a CTA in the demo.

        1. 1

          Don't thank me, that's what IH is for! Would mind to let a comment to my post in return 😉 ?

    1. 1

      it could load faster

    2. 1

      I like the plants wiggling animation and their random placement on each reload.
      Otherwise I find the site confusing, I didn't really understood what is its purpose.

  6. 3

    An online book club :)

    1. 1

      Yes! Do you have a link?

      1. 1

        Not yet but during this week I will be releasing version 1 :) Would you like to try it when it's deployed?

  7. 2

    I built and launched justbricksandmortar.com! The pro cyclist, Phil Gaimon, tweeted the idea on Sunday morning. I saw it and said to myself "What the hell! Why not?" :)

    I hope everyone has a great week!

  8. 2

    We are going to fix some small bug on our landing page(https://loopit.dev/), change our headline for people to understand it easier, and keep launching it on different platforms. Any feedback is welcome! We are trying to help every single busy, lazy traveler who has no idea about their next weekend getaway trip!


    1. 3

      I like the design. Very simple. I would find a way to add links like "About us", "Terms of Service", etc. This will get users to trust you and give you their email address

      I am assuming you couldn't find a better domain name?

  9. 2

    clublink.to is growing so quickly, it's crazy. For now, I focus completely on it.

    Earlier today it hit 1k events - after 870 yesterday. Now, it's already close to getting to 1.1k - much more than @jens_marketing and I ever imagined. Almost all user-generated.

    This week I want to finish the language detection, local landing pages and improved admin area - at least.

  10. 2

    We redesigned the landing page fo https://www.velox.chat! I would love to hear your feedback and opinions.

    1. 2

      The landing page is really great ! I loved the 3D effect on the mockup.
      The first thing I told my self when I saw your page was : "What's the difference with Slack ?"
      Then I scrolled down and saw "The difference", but maybe it should be right in the hero section somehow.

      1. 2

        Amazing feedback, thanks a lot!

        1. 1

          No problem! Would mind to let a comment to my post in return 😉 ?

    2. 1

      I really like it. It's appealing and I get my questions answered in the right order.

      One minor issue that bugs me is the colors of the logo not matching the otherwise very vibrant color scheme.

    1. 1

      Regarding the suffix: Plurals and Inflection would be great features! :-)

    2. 1

      Really cool and simple to use ! It will be even better if the name of the counter was validated in real time instead of being validated only when I click on the "Create" button. Also a "click to copy" button can be cool for the counter secret.

  11. 2

    Finally add a way to browse logos freely by category on logology. Highly requested feature :)

  12. 2

    We're going to launch remote employee on-boarding & training tool, Recollec

    1. 2

      Wow Recollec is really well designed and looks like an awesome product! Can be cool to have an "About Us" page where you present yourself and your team !

      1. 2

        Hey thanks! Absolutely, we'll add that in following weeks :)

        1. 1

          You're welcome! Would you mind to leave a comment to my post in return 😉 ?

          1. 1

            For sure but what? I really like video games, but I'm not sure if I would like to make video conferences in game like environment

  13. 2

    enhanced streaming features - an investment research platform for trading US securities and cryptocurrencies

  14. 2

    This week, I want to start working on my Upwork scraper, and I also want to delve into the analytics of the project I launched a few days ago, Vibes Organizer :)
    Have an awesome week everyone !

    1. 1

      upwork scraper? what about it?... my ears want to hear more about this. it looks yummy!

      1. 1

        Well, it's just a simple Python script that crawls Upwork ! I know have a 5k+ jobs data set that I need to analyze :)

  15. 2

    A smart marketing app and app tutorials for automation

  16. 2

    a CRM for a specific niche, now to sell, the complicated part

  17. 2

    Working turning organic users of reviewbolt.com into accounts with some popups. A bit dry but needs to be done to grow my mailing list and paying users.

    1. 1

      Simply awesome !!! I curious to see what features you will add!

  18. 2

    Wednesday is the arbitrary day I picked to launch my blogging platform for developers.

    Using today to make a big push on an important piece I really need to get done.

    1. 1

      awesome, good luck 💪

  19. 1

    I'll be hacking some more on LogMonster.net this week and moving to a bigger server! It's making my life simpler - I just need to make sure it's useful to other people too!

  20. 1

    I built this (https://pickaholeinit.com/) in a day on Monday this week, just to see if I could. It's not a complete product and not necessarily something that is needed, but could help people who are struggling to evaluating if their business/product idea is worth while.

  21. 1

    I'm working on building a nice viewer for Awesome lists on GitHub so it can searched and filtered easily. Using it as a side project hoping to convert people over to my blog, similar to the Crew + Unsplash relationship.

  22. 1

    Clean up a few things on the MVP for http://slidespeed.com/ so that users can run an automated powerpoint generation of 5 slides on a search query of their choice.

  23. 1

    I built an open source tool that lets you create a SaaS website from docker images in 10 minutes. https://github.com/easychen/docker2saas

  24. 1

    I am working on consistency. Biggest goal for this month

  25. 1

    I try to getting deeper into Indiehackers. Figuring out, how to become a valueable member of the community and find a strategy to have a piece of IH in my daily routine.

    Wil I make new contacts, will I find something that boost my personal skills as IH... I don't now, I will search, read and count on your helping comments, suggestions and experiences.
    Hooray, let's start my indiehackers-journey :) This is my first Week.

  26. 1

    Wrapping up a tip/donation widget that creators can drop on their pages with 2-3 lines of code.

    Users will be able to tip/donate 5/10/25/whatever cents with 1-2 clicks. Fast, easy way for users to be able to show appreciation for a piece of content.

  27. 1

    Trying to work the best way to price buiding websites - subscription seems the most interesting way at the moment.

  28. 1

    I have got quite a few things to do:

    1. Finish the Curiousfounders MVP (btw you can early sign up for it here: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/curiousfounders).
    2. Do the copywriting for Deco lama website(decolama.com).
    3. Do some marketing and launches for both the websites.
    4. Finish a freelance contract for a startup (a platform like masterclass but for leisure activities to keep people engaged after work).

    I don't know how things will end up because I have got quite a few things to do.

  29. 1

    Adding new drills, additional push notifications and customisable training plans to Disc Doctor. If you happen to play disc golf or just want to check it out, you can join the Beta test on Android or iOS.

  30. 1

    Hopefully the number of paid subs!

  31. 1

    Trying to welcome in more beta users for a startup idea sharing platform I've been working on called kern.al! If anyone wants to check it out, drop me a note and I'd be happy to show you around. So far we have 500 early users and 200 ideas on the site!

    Some early users have included Sam Parr (Hustle), Shaan Puri (Twitch), Ryan Begelman (Summit), Kat Cole (Focus Brands) and Greg Isenberg (late checkout).

  32. 1

    I'm going reach out to 20 potential customers and see if there is a need or interest in my new product.

    1. 1

      Pulled together my list; A lot of linkedin contacts on it, so need to next to work on my my contact email.

  33. 1

    I'd like to write 1 article a day about purchasing power parity. Ahref helped me pick a few keywords with solid traffic, now is time to write. Goal reached for today with this article: 7 Excellent JavaScript online courses offering purchasing power parity prices
    All feedback is welcome :)

  34. 1

    I'm very much between two stools this week.

    I've built up quite some drive last week working on my still unnamed/unannounced product. I really want to continue on that track. On the other hand side it's still early in the making, far from making any revenues, and I'm not generating any cash from my actual sources of income (freelance webdev).

    Due to Covid I lost my best long-term customers and I should be sourcing leads like mad right now. That's not where my mind is however.

    I have a very complete vision of the product so I could finish coding in a low single digit number of weeks if I'd go all in. But it's going to be my first product launch and I'm aware there is way more to be done than wrapping up the software. Involving a lot of things I'm not as experienced with as with writing code.

    It's a dilemma. I'm probably opting for getting up and finding a minor gig. It's just too early to go all in. Do you know this situation?

  35. 1

    Hi guys,

    i just launched bannernote.com yesterday! Would love to get your feedback!

    1. 1

      First of all, congratulations for your launch. I love the home page. Clearly tells me what the app is about. Love it.

      That being said, a few area could need some work. Website still says 2020 ©, maybe should be 2021? Terms & Conditions page missing. On "signup" Page, i can't click anywhere to return to Home.
      Other than that, congratulations!!

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for the feedback, will incorperate your feedback! @daniyum21

    2. 1

      Who is it aimed at? Devs or marketing?

      1. 1

        Yes both. Basically all website or apps who needs a banner / higher conversions

  36. 1

    Learning hugo and preparing documentation and blog sections for formtraq.com

  37. 1

    I launched the first instance of my new community app this week. It's the community I've always wanted to create for my agency / freelancer training business but never had the right solution. It's super rough but you can see it here.

  38. 1

    This week at Clap, we're launching early access to our first customer on the free plan! We're putting some finishing touches on logging and metrics so we can give them a better experience.

    My main goal this week is to come up with a strategy to reel more people into the site, it's been tough, but fun.

  39. 1

    Just gonna market hard. 😤

  40. 1

    I hope to finish building the "video feedback response" portion of Userveys, so that it can make it into the private Beta.

  41. 1

    This week is marketing week for SiteSentry!

    Having completed the build of the core feature set a couple of weeks ago, and built a Stripe integration so I can start charging for it, this week I'll be focusing on getting the word out. Wish me luck (I know nothing about marketing).

  42. 1

    I'll be finalizing the website and beta registration form for my upcoming cloud gaming service and put it online 💪

  43. 1

    I'm working on adding currently open ebay auctions to the figures listed on mylegendschecklist.com. This app is supposed to be a distribution channel to legendsverse.com.

  44. 1

    Features and content! For my upcoming book and the SaaS app that goes along with it.

    Book: https://cutintothejamstack.com/

    Features: gallery sharing, some UI, Stripe integration for subscription payments.

  45. 1

    I fixed a huge bug in project which preventing register with gmail address

  46. 1

    Just launched https://gocopy.io today! This week I will be focusing on getting users to test my product while expanding my product's range of capabilities.

    1. 1

      this is truly an incredible tool, congrats.

      Your pricing should be more than reasonable for most companies and well worth the value.

      If I had the discretionary funds, I would sign-up in a heartbeat. That said, I imagine fledgling pre-revenue early stage start-ups may not be your target audience, Just from my perspective (and unique situation) this is a little to much money for me to commit to. The benefit vs the opportunity cost of deploying those funds elsewhere just isn't met.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the kind words. If you would like to continue using the product, I am more than happy to give you a significant discount. Please get in touch with me here: [email protected] so we can set it up. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  47. 1

    Planned to create more quality contents in lagandlog.com

  48. 1

    Going to try and build up a list of folks to give continuous feedback on my travel savings app while it's in development. If you're interested in seeing how I'm getting feedback, please feel free to join the list.

  49. 1

    No large single features. Instead the idea is to polish a number of smaller items that come together to form the coherent whole.

    More specifically, I've been building a sort of combination of whiteboard and game engine, so the idea is that you can build whiteboard layouts with interesting exercises ranging from simple to elaborate and almost game-like. I have all the major features in place. You can build a whiteboard. It has a low-code editor for modifying logic. It even has a way of connecting elements together using lines that look like routes from a transit map. The MVP is in-place. I even plan on a mini-launch of the MVP later today.

    The catch is that all the elements I described really just don't talk well together and really aren't fleshed out. Overall it's super buggy.

    So the idea is to resolve these issues. Fix as many bugs as possible, improve the UI, try to precisely identify any areas of "disconnection" so that I can go in and fix them.

    Nothing terribly concrete unfortunately, but I can work with that.

  50. 1

    This week is about putting GymTools.io into the Google's Play Store.
    Because I use Stripe as a payment processor, I cannot publish JustFitness.io to the Play Store.

    GymTools is both a learning aid and a means to bring people to the main website.

    Good luck, everyone!

  51. 1

    I building an Ethereum Swap Exchange DApp this weekend.

  52. 1

    I have an idea for a API fintech service that I want to test on the french market, I’ll start doing research and testing for that !

  53. 1

    I have been working on providing account sync feature for my Android app. This week I am building a flow to register for early access and invitation codes. Hopefully, I will finish all the work and release this feature soon.

  54. 1

    I'm going to polish and market my landing page for Astaree Meetings !
    (btw any kind of feedback are super appreciated 🙏)

  55. 1

    Building a web app that helps community managers automate creation of virtual group meet-ups for their online communities.

  56. 1

    The sexiest landing page in all the land.

  57. 1

    I m going to design a Geeks UI - Landing page Figma design convert in to HTML.


    alt text

  58. 1

    Building version 0.2 of my Prototyping kit for Tailwind CSS. Aiming to add 20 more hand coded components.


  59. 1

    Send cold email campaign.

  60. 1

    This week, I plan to launch a product I've been working on lately.

  61. 1

    I will release a 3D device mockup builder - things.morflax.com and will add template functionality to it!

  62. 1

    Adding Share via Web to Wishpy

  63. 1

    I'll work on the items for P42.ai (JavaScript code modernization tool) this week:

    • Finish a first version of the function to arrow function codemod
    • Explore automatic pull request reviews
  64. 1

    Built a service to export producthunt upvotes in a few hours.
    Now I can rest for the whole week.

  65. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  66. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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