What are you going to build this week? 🥁

It is time to set a goal for this week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your dream projects below.

Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your projects below.

My goal: Publish a post on block-scoped typography on my blog. This post will talk about px, em, rem, vw+vh units, and I'm happy to include inputs/opinions or calc() formulae from css aficionados on indiehackers! 🙌🏻

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    Still working on native SMS for Pingr

    Actually the most work is done, now testing it:

    • Ability to add funds to your balance for sending SMS without Twilio
    • Transactions tables in order to keep history of balance changing
    • SMS usage table (not sure here)
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    I'm working on a community building course. It goes live in March, but getting my head down seriously from this week to plan everything.

  3. 3

    We are going to invite the first batch of users to https://getmaxout.app

    So this week will be about handling errors and solving issues 😅

  4. 2

    Starting a day late with the holiday in the US but major goal is to finish the marketing website for Browse Me Later. The rework of the messaging is done but need to finish the graphics today and get the site styling done over the next few days.

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    I'm going to finish and launch an update for my iOS app this week. Dont Text v2 will offer paid, premium spam text filtering. Free users can still add keywords to block in texts from unknown senders.

  6. 2

    My goal is to get my first email signup for ApiHost. I'm going to be cold emailing until my fingers fall off.

  7. 2

    My goal: Create an insiders group for my Master Negotiator Newsletter.

  8. 2

    Going to be re-designing our sign up / sign in pages to be frictionless. Also going to add in some new 3D UI elements in the app to stay on trend with 2021 UI Design Trends 👌🏼

  9. 2

    Working on social media marketing content to attract our first beta-testers for www.newframeyourpain.com !

  10. 2

    I'm teaching myself Bubble to build Viable Feedback

    If anyone has tips on Bubble for me, or things to avoid while learning its software, let me know!

  11. 2

    im working on https://twimark.io to fix some bugs and get the mvp out quick

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