What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Good Monday morning folks! ☀️

Well, it is time to set a goal for the week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Share your goal(s) for the whole week in the comments below and try to complete it all by Friday.

Goals for me: Automate Letsencrypt renewals with docker container and set up basic ci/cd using Github Actions for Red Goose.

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    This week I'm going to introduce new pricing model which will make Pingr much cheaper which is pricing per usage. "Pay as you go" ☺️

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      Massive! Go for it Pingr!

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    Going to work on setting up remote code execution on my spaced repetition platform for python fundamentals.

    Got a lot done on the UI today for lessons.

    Here's a short vid https://twitter.com/KennethCassel/status/1323236692694867968?s=20

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    Hoping to put out a newsletter post on TheStartup this week and get back to promoting it.

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    This week I want to go through all the early reader feedback for DfS I got over the last months and make sure I improved on all suggestions. I would also like to send out a new preview, this time for all subscribers with the new build and style I implemented.

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      Very interesting!

      I’m working on a side project that deals with book-making and publishing on the web. Mind if I can ask you a few questions about your book and what your current process looks like?

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        You can! What exactly do you want to know? Right now I write Markdown and TeX in Sublime Text 3 and use pandoc to generate the PDF.

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    I’m going to implement reliable loading of tweets for gettheaudience.com . I want to launch in November, so I have to pull ahead!

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      Pump it up, go, go, go! 🏃

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    This week I'm going to implement support for Laravel queues in Serve. I'm not sure how long it will take but I feel like I can get it done in around 1 week with some focused time.

    Other than that I'm working on some content to promote Serve as well.

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      I need this! Like pronto! Let’s connect!

      1. 1

        You are welcome to shoot me an email :)

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    I have to choose between multiple things, since I am the kind of person that has a lot of ideas and easily gets distracted and switches from one to another very fast. I want to build my discipline and limit the amounts of different projects I do work on in week to one.

    • A programming e-book I plan to write, but I am not sure about its direction because it's kind of hard to put it into a descriptive enough title.
    • An Electron-based space-economy game.
    • Revamping my personal website and start a personal brand.

    Even though it's already Monday, I haven't decided yet what to focus this week on.

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      Start with the easiest piece—personal website maybe? It’s always ideal to choose something that you can succeed at and then build on that momentum.

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    This week we are planning to get user feedback for BubbleBiz. Launched the landing page and just spread the words about BubbleBiz on IH, twitter, subreddits and quora spaces. Got some pretty good response.

    Looking for some more user feedback.

    Bubble is a e-commerce solution to take your business online. This can help small business owners, homepreneurs take their business online.

    I am looking forward for your valuable feedback.


  9. 1


    A Notion Questions & Answers platform that I believe it is needed for the community.

    Everyone is invited and as always feedback is really appreciated. 🙂

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    Start testing and improving the model of our AI Social Media Manager

  11. 1

    A converter for Formito.com so you can turn your Airtable into a chatbot, or create a chatbot from your Google Form.

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    This week Some ui changes in GumHunt as feedback after small launch on IH...
    And start working on 2nd project..

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    I'm stuck on transitioning my business website from HTML to Webflow. I know it's a longer project but I'd want to see weekly progress on it.

    There are three different types of pages that I will have to build — landing page, product page, city page (It's a service business)

    I've made some progress on it, but I will strive to complete just the landing page by Friday. Keep me accountable, Indiehackers!

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      Clear goal, that’s an awesome start of the week!

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