What are you going to build this week?

Standing in for @marvindanig 😇

Share your weekly goal here in the comments below and then try to complete it by Friday!

We are in this together! ❤️

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    I've just finished working on my PH launch for Astrola which goes live tomorrow 🎉

    I'm also working on a SaaS UI component library built with tailwind after I got some interest on Twitter to make one.

    Lastly, I was about to shutdown Space.bio but I've had loads of requests for purchase. I've contacted MicroAcquire and will see where that goes :)

    Busy week.

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    📙 I hope to finish the second draft for my book, Building Your Mouseless Development Environment.

    Here's my process to write the book (quickly):

    1. Outline - Just put every single idea I'll speak about in the book. Create every chapter and populate them with bullet points. I add TODO points for things I don't know yet and needs more research.
    2. First draft - Use sentences instead of bullet point. I don't care about the syntax at that point but the content: I let my creativity going wild. Create more TODO, and get rid of some.
    3. Second draft - Begin to fill every TODO I've made, still moving ideas around chapters, focus 50/50 on syntax and content. Create diagrams / images / whatnot.
    4. Third draft - Test every single command line, fix as much spelling / grammar / syntax mistakes as possible.

    I've released a simple of the book two weeks ago, you can get it if you subscribe to my newsletter. 🙂

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    I've just completed IsRicherThanYou.com.
    Since yesterday is live and I made the first paying customer 😍

    I'm really excited since i did not excepted a customer on the first day of launch.


    • make traction on the website
    • get 2nd paying customer
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    Hoping to finish Chapter 1 of the Gamification course I'm following on Coursera, this should help me make decisions about the design of my cooperative Strave running platform that's slowly starting to get shape.

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      Coursera is the best, keep it up!

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    About to launch my first info product. Hope I can close 30 sales by the end of the week!

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      Very exciting - good luck!

      1. 1

        Thank you! It's launched!

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    Beginning work on my marketplace idea. Just got a domain so working on the landing page and then posting it on relevant facebook groups to see if I can start gathering some emails for validations.

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      What kind of marketplace is it going to be?!

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        I'm a huge fan a of vinyl so I'm working on creating on a marketplace that will serve as a one stop shop for vinyl/band merch resell. Think of something like www.grailed.com but with a focus on artists instead of brands.

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    I'm adding Monday and Airtable integrations to Formito.com

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    Getting to the end of the "build period" for Podcast Ping, will start to focus on getting early users for testing and feedback!

    All being done in public on one hour saas.

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      Been loving the series, I think it will be even more valuable if I decided to build another SaaS.

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        Great to hear, thanks!

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    I've been doing a big research piece on how successful founders pick ideas so I'm aiming to publish that before the end of this week.

    I'll be following that up with a template/checklist that anyone can use.

    I'll be announcing it on Twitter when it's published: https://twitter.com/farez

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      Nice, so many coders seem to struggle coming up with ideas.

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        Do you mean not able to come up with any idea, or not enough good ideas?

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          0 ideas, you will see them on IHs and in FB groups asking for easy SaaS ideas.

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    I've almost done with support for encryption at rest for the Under Cloud, which gives me some space to begin planning a major overhaul to the UX & UI — I made some mistakes in the mad rush to build the damn thing, and it's time to get that technical debt paid down!

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    Just finished the UI navigation for templates over the weekend https://storycreatorapp.com/templates

    I am making lots of templates, adding animated text this week. Also seeking traction so I can start getting more paying users. Ideally I would like to be getting 1 paying user a day, then 10, then 100.

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    Hey there! Working on Belongery - A marketplace community to send gifts to peers, coworkers and loved ones. Just starting out, but getting some member feedback this and next week! 🙌 pitch your idea and I’ll suggest something to improve 👍

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    Working on a fitness app with flutter... Just want to get some basic settings/profile page working.

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    It's my first free week in a long time, so naturally, it's completely packed with indie hacking ambition. But it seems like for the first time ever, I will actually launch something: The Tech Culture Club - A community and book club for people interested in the cultural, social, ethical and historical aspects of technology.

    When I'm not writing this post here, I'm writing the one to launch it here on Indie Hackers. Because I'd really like for the first members to come from the community that inspired me to build the Tech Culture Club in the first place.

    So if you like the idea behind it, and want to learn about technology's past, present and future with others, come and join me over at: https://launchpass.com/tech-culture-club

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    I'm going to add React/Vue component functionality to Tabler Icons and some small tweeks.

    Also porting few of my WP blogs to Eleventy as they're constantly attacked.

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      Interesting one of our customers said he got 1000s of form submissions a week when using WP, the second he swapped it just stopped with same domain etc.

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        25% of internet usage for WP means tons of bots so the best is to use less used solutions or even better use your own one.

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    Currently following Brad Traversy's Modern JS course, I am half way thru, hoping to coover all concepts by this weekend.

    While learning I've built this: https://github-users-finder.vercel.app;

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    This week I'm going to ask for a press release from tech news editors for my newsletter reading platform and gather as much user as possible. :) Would you give a try? Visit newsletter.ist : )

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    This week I want to complete the signup and email activation flow for TiliShop. I'm also working on a new blog post in the pricing series, which should be published before the weekend.

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    Week off with the family. Walks in the forest 🌳 some drinks 🍺 playing board games ♟

    I found out my product page contact form didn’t work correctly. It reported successful sent to user but didn’t send email to me. Fixed it, so I’m just gonna sit back and see what possible opportunities I missed the past two months. 😅

    Gonna try and spend as much time as possible not thinking about the company as I can.

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      I found out my product page contact form didn’t work correctly.

      Ouch 😬

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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