What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Not letting @rosiesherry stand-in for me this week! 😇

Hello Indie Hackers! 👋🏻

It is time to set a goal for this week. 🤙🏻

What are you going to build? Drum it up aloud in the comments below and share your project with everyone!

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    Working on free logo exploration for logology, highly requested feature :).

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      Been following Logology for a while. Splendid work! ❤️

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    Finally going to take my side-project from the stealth mode to open beta. I hope. 🙏 Can't wait to add it to the projects area here on IH. 😊

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      The most solid goal to have. All the best!

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    I am going to improve our landing page (https://loopit.dev/)! For all the lazy and busy traveler, get your travel ideas here :)


    1. 2

      I like the existing landing page a lot, excited to see how it gets even better though! What did you use to make mobile illustrations?

      1. 1

        I am so glad you like it! We use Adobe XD, Photoshop, and adobe illustrator for the mobile illustrations! Feel free to try our service! or any feedback is welcome :)

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    Working on to finalize our Login-Page of our Customer-Dashboard of our planed SaaS-Service JUST-SELL.online.
    Suggestion to polish and improve it are very welcome.

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      Hi @suther, nice work! I like the look of the landing page, simple and good-looking. But, the message behind it wasn't clear for me neither… Maybe, just add a sentence or two to explain? Or use pictures that can be directly connected to the product? (the landscapes are beautiful but they are confusing) I'm thinking about illustrated pictures or examples? You can even change the photo by a small text in a beautiful font with green tones.

      1. 1

        Thanks for your response @Lucie Baratte

        Only to prevent confusion, it shouldn't be a Landing page, but an login /sign up page. Means you come from a Landing page to this page if you click at login or sign up.

        Landing page with all the Information about the product and features will follow soon.

        1. 1

          Oh, excuse me I didn't pay attention enough! I thought you were using this page as a landing page for the moment…

    2. 2

      The design is great. The domain name is very on-pitch!

      Maybe a sub-line that says you're "Gumroad for everything else." or something that clears up the air for good might help. Or it is just me having doubts unless the website clearly spells out what it is aside from the domain name.

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback.

        You're right, at this point you can't guess what the service behind this login page is about.
        JUST-SELL is a service that provides a dashboard for managing (CRUD) and connecting Product Landing Pages (PWA-based) with a modular, widget-based online shop (also PWA-based).

        The idea behind the domain name is something like ... You don't have to invest hours, days or weeks to learn how to create landing pages for products, set up and maintain an online shop. Just start selling right away.

        1. 1

          Woah. That message wasn't at all clear to me at first!

          You'll need to work on the copy for sure.

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    Hi Marvin! I'll be designing and adding new symbols for logology.co (like every week! 💪). And I'm also looking forward to make a new logo makeover for a fellow IndieHacker !

    1. 2

      Very cool. Like your work a lot! 🙌🏻 🚀

      1. 1

        Thank you @marvindanig! It feels good to be supported! 💫

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    Hey Marvin!

    We will add a UTM generator, marketing campaign table, and dashboard sharing via URL to hockeystack.com.

    Launch it on 10 more places, post 1 pillar 3 short articles, interview at least 2 customers, and improve the onboarding guides.

    1. 1

      Looks really nice. Do you have iOS and Android apps for the dashboard too?

  7. 2

    Build in the remaining 2 screens for my mobile app, which I'm planning to launch in 3 weeks' time!!

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    I’ll be writing a post on the magic of vmin on all things UX/UI. It’s gonna go into my css framework for intrinsic web design. 🤟🏻

  9. 1

    Hopefully my first ever MVP :)

    1. 1

      Ooh yes! Bring it on! 🤟🏻

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    Goals for the week

  11. 1

    I am going to work on making a Django Project. I'm learning Django now.
    Also, I might update and fix some things on a previous project I made. I might make an additional bunch of frontend projects as well.

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    This week releasing CutThroughTheNoise.co Newsletter issue

  13. 1

    Adding user accounts and analytics to https://minipoll.co

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    My goal is to complete 2 blog posts for https://jumpstrt.co.uk and continue to add tools my non techie mother could use!

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    Working on p42.ai - this week:

    • refactor object model and domain logic layer (improve and extend code generation, introduce new entities)
    • get first version of automated code review feature to 60-80%
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    This week I weally want to

    1. fix a hairy bug with https://polygloss.app concerning notifications on iOS (they are not grouping and collapsing like they should, and it works fine on android
    2. start improving a major aspect of the game, about how players correct each other (one common negative feedback we get from players is that they don't geet enough feedback on their language practicing sentences)
    3. send a new batch of iOS private test invitations to 200 folks on the waiting list after 1. gets done
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      The iOS development environment has always been dicey, I don't know why. All the best with your goals!

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