What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Hello Indie Hackers! 👋🏻

It is time to set a goal for this week. 🤙🏻

What are you going to build this week? Drum it up aloud in the comments below and share your project with everyone!

My goal at Red Goose: 👉🏻 Deliver the three orders that I have on my plate currently and aim for ten more by the end of the week.

Wish me, good luck folks! 🙌🏻

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    Launching my first paid insights report on Signals. Goal is to get 1 sale. Those would be the first dollars I've ever made online 🤑

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      Solid goal for the week. All the best! 🚀

    2. 2

      You can do it! 💪🏾

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    Integrating Stripe Checkout and the Stripe Billing Portal in to SiteSentry. Hoping this is as straightforward as everyone says!

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      Neat looking product. What does it offer above the mail notifications that one receives from, let's say, LetsEncrypt for example?

      Yes, Stripe Checkouts are easy to integrate. Nothing to be afraid about! 🤗

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        SSL Cert expiry is just one of the checks. Currently it also checks that HTTPS redirects are in place and working and that there is nothing blocking search engines (robots.txt, robots meta tag or x-robots-tag headers). I've a long list of other checks I'll be adding over the coming weeks and months.

        I'm also looking at notifications via web-hooks, Slack, Teams, etc.

    2. 1

      It definitely is (in my experience)! I added maybe a dozen lines of simple code and it was good to go. Good luck!

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    We just launched drrrip https://drrrip.co/ , using App Sumo with a LTD as the go-to-market vector ( https://appsumo.com/marketplace-drrrip/ ).

    I'd like to think that will go so well it takes up all my time :D In reality I expect to spend most of the week crushing on a new transactional message service - txnhog. We're about two weeks from market on it, so lots to do.

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    A blog for my remote software development job board & community. I guess content marketing will be important.

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    Fixing some bugs for Maxout and then I will focus on implementing a content strategy and plan for Instagram.

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    I'm going to merge GymTools.io's Plate Calculator with the the one in JustFitness.io. Then release GymTools.io on to the Play and App store.

    Both apps will then have a link to the main app.
    It's a tall order but we'll see what happens.

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    I am going to fix some bugs of @dictozo and will try to launch new version on producthunt by weekend

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    I'm currently building my own rich text editor for Dynomantle. The one I was using was really hard to customize for the features I wanted to build. Spent the past couple of weeks in research mode, but I finally have all the pieces I need to finish it up this week.

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    my goal this week is to fix bugs and get 10 beta users.

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      Not working link, LoL fix more bugs bro

      1. 1

        Damn! sorry about that.

        I've been having problems with the uptime script PM2.

        I'm now trying Forever.

        It's back up if you want to take a look.

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    Hey Marvin!
    Red Goos Looks amazing.

    I'm planning on a building landing page for a sideproject.
    And going to research a tool that can collect email from visitors for early access.

    Good luck with you projects.

    1. 2

      Thank you! 🙌🏻

      What are you going to build your landing page with?

      1. 2

        I have the same question. I am planning to build a landing page for a side project.
        Any suggestions on platform that I can use ?

      2. 2

        TBH I don't have a clear picture yet.

        In a nutshell, I want to build something which can help people find an accountability partner.

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    Making goals a more prominent feature on Lifelog. The daily writing streak is a great mechanism for developing consistency and habits, but since Lifelog is about writing towards goals, I wanted goals to share the centre-stage with streaks. Have implemented "Featured Goals" by the community members on the home page, gamification badges on the profile page so far. Working to fix bugs this week!

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    I launched the MVP of my product today! This week I'm going to be fixing some issues that came up and design a landing page for it.

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    Posting my first post on Substack. Breaking down Profitwells business model, and explaining an interesting opportunity with Pipe.com.

      1. 1

        Up to 5 subscribers!

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    Congrats on your orders!

    I'll be working on group messaging for peerpioneers.com

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    -Building a landing page for my side project

    -Get an initial illustration sketch for my instgram business post.Not posted anything yet.

    -1 article(related to tech)to publish on http://nextgenglobalcitizen.co. This is my personal blog :)

    Happy productive week guys!!! Stay positive! Stay Safe :)

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    I think most of my time next week will be consumed by talking with, and onboarding, potential co-founders. It's taking a step back in order to move forwards at a faster speed. I'm much more of a product person than a people person so it doesn't come naturally to me, but just like coding or design it feels like a skill you can develop and one I'll hopefully get good at with some practice. How are other Indie Hackers managing onboarding teammates for your projects?

    Also, my full-time job has been really busy lately, so I've had less time and energy to dedicate to the project. Hopefully things should start to ease off in a few weeks.

    1. 2

      How did you find your potential co-founders? Friends/Coworkers/networking?
      what would you recommend interms of finding potential cofounder?

      1. 1

        My potential co-founders are all people I know from university (I'm a relatively recent graduate). I think recruiting co-workers as co-founders only works with the co-workers you have a good relationship with, since you don't want to publicly advertise the fact that you're trying to quit your job through the project before you're ready to take the leap. Also, from my experience the share of people who would actually be willing to found a company and get their hands dirty is quite low. If the project takes off, past co-workers could be excellent early employees though.

        I personally wouldn't be comfortable co-founding with people unless I'd known them for a long period of time or had worked together previously, so I don't think co-founding with people I met at networking events or online would work for me.

        Out of interest, what projects are you working on?

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