What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Well, good Monday morning! ☀️

What are you going to build this week? Share your goals for the week here in the comments below and complete it by Friday.


My goal: …is to complete writing documentation for Red Goose by the weekend. 😇

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    I have released my soft launch today. – https://www.types.space is a modular bag concept designed to be easily adaptable to your routines, hobbies, or side-hustles.
    I'll finish my Facebook ad campaign before Friday. 🚀

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      Congratulations on your launch today!

      I’d like to grab one of those concept bags for me. 😉

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        Thank you so much, for the kind words.

        I'm also about to know how I can provide better solutions to user routines, If you don't mind it would mean a lot to me if you could use two minutes on a survey: https://www.producthunt.com/ship/surveys/12781
        And at the same time, you will be the first to know when we launch our bags :)

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    Good morning!

    This week I'll continue to write blog articles about Bootstrapping / Indie Hacking. I do this because I realized that a lot of fellow Indie Hackers have questions around Marketing, Sales, Conversion, etc. I learned a lot about these topics myself over the last couple of months and thought that it might be helpful to share some tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

    Other than that I'm planning to find a real pain point my target audience is having. This means that I'll spend this week to research more about the problems they're struggling with. I don't want to over-engineer this and jump into pre-selling ASAP. Just want to make sure to not waste any time and effort to build something nobody wants. Been there, done that 😅

    Of course I'll blog about all the things I learn about that as well.

    Don't want to be self-promotional but if you're interested in the articles you can find my blog at https://philippmuens.com

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    Awesome week so far! I managed to complete a VenturesList and launched yesterday. @marvindanig

    It's part of the Makerpad T30 Challenge. 30 days hacking. Finally LOL

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    I'm kicking off development on a tabletop RPG map generator. The user will be able to create awesome procedurally-generated dungeons instantly. I'm also going to post an update on IH at the end of the week!

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    Gonna finalize the production deploy for Nodewood this week and start dogfooding it. The moment I have it up on the final deploy, I can send out beta questionnaires, and get people testing it!

    I'll also be creating an app at the same time, so hopefully if anyone runs into any issues using the Nodewood beta to build their app, I'll have also run into them and be able to put up a fix really quickly.

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    How cool is Red Goose...

    I can see myself converting colorsandfonts.com after the redesign. Just for satisfaction...

    Well, last week I made 30 screens/sections for a Wicked Templates
    By now I have 55, this week I want to end up with between 80 and 100.

    Here a sneak peak.


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      Dang! I love colorsandfonts.com.

      Will happily convert it into mobile apps for you. Sending you a DM right away! ❤️

      I have been following wickedtemplates for sometime. 80-100 templates is a wicked lot!

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        Yeah, it is a lot.

        But a different concept than Wicked Templates.

        Will see how ot goes

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    1. I'll be adding a bit of content to to https://hitcount.io since it got a bit of attention over the weekend in an attempt to position it on Google search for the few people still searching these keywords.

    2. I'll be pushing https://slink.ky more aggressively to determine if it's worth continuing.

    3. I'll be posting the details of another project I've been working on here shortly to determine if it's worth finishing since I've sort of lost interest over the last few weeks and need to decide to dig in or drop it.

    4. I'll be looking for yet another project to take on since I still haven't found "the one" that I really just want to put it all in to.

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    Good morning,

    This week, I will add "invite a friend to my SaaS and get X USD off from your next purchase if your friend also buys. Also your friend will also get X USD". feature :)

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    Let's just say I'm building something that IH inspired me to do however I will anounce it after I launch I am hoping in 2 weeks. Maybe not most relevant but I'm excited.

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    Working and fixing issues on a data scraper I'm building.

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      Data scrapers are great but can be sometimes pain to debug right?

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        You are right ... Great but a pain.

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    Mostly I'm going to be catching up on client work this week (so hard when you're jazzed about your own projects 😬) — I also have two new ideas that have me pretty excited that I need to do some research for. Have to establish demand, explore competitors, etc.

    Feeling good!

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    This week I'm going to be working on my email recipe services, that will scrape popular recipe sites, select the highest rated and send me a mail with 4 random ones everyday. No more getting home from work and not knowing what to eat/cook. Hopefully 🙏

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      This sounds awesome! I hate going to recipe sites, you have to wade through tons of ads and often times a blog about someones pet dog or something to that effect.

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        Exactly! The amount of noise can be frustrating on a recipe site when you just want to cook something delicious.

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    I'm finishing a short procrastination quiz to recommend website visitors relevant resources and get their email if they're interested.

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    I released Formito.com 2.0 today, but development never stops :D I'll add a Stripe block this week, so users can accept payment directly from their Formitos.

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    Hoping to get my MVP finished for Podcast Ping. Getting close to having things functionality complete, although that might be Sunday 😀

    Publishing my progress on One Hour SaaS

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      Very interesting Mubs… bring it on! 🎸

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      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      Well, it looks pretty on the desktop!

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        this is awesome, I just had a buddy asking how to better design his resume without any design tools. I wish I had known about this!

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    Hi, my goal is to add the possibility to create sub-objects in the low-code framework I am the author of ( Open Lowcode ).

    Once I am done, you will be able to manage vehicles, and also have special logic and rules for, say, trucks, passenger cars, bikes... Making it powerful yet simple to use is a big challenge.

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    This week I'll be focusing on setting up the blog for my latest project Panelbear.


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      Panelbear looks sweet. Keep up the good work!

      1. 1

        Thanks Marvin! Feel free to join the early-access program.

        It's completely free and you get to try all features as soon as they're ready :)


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          I just did. I'm excited! 🏄🏻‍♂️

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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