What are you going to build this week? 🥁

Well, good Monday morning folks! ☀️

It's time to set a goal

What are you going to build this week? Share your goals for the week in the comments below and try to complete it all by Friday.
My goal: …well, I'm gonna deep dive into Android app development using Kotlin for Red Goose as opposed to a TWA or Java option.

Opinions from the experts are welcome!

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    For https://www.auditapi.com I plan on:

    • getting at least 2 users signed up
    • writing my first blog post on the site in order to help drive search traffic
    1. 1

      Hey Paul, congrats on launching Audit API.

      I've a couple of case studies on Growthunt that might help you with some initial traction.

      Do let me know if you have any feedbacks. Cheers!

  2. 2

    integrating pipedrive as a source for https://queryboost.com

  3. 2

    Keep working to improve https://dsgn.link
    Also trying to build my first SAAS in parallel 🤯

  4. 2

    I will be doing social media marketing plan for https://resumatix.com , is it a good idea to use FB marketing instead of Google Adward ? or should i use both ?

  5. 2

    Adding 15 new TLDs to One Word Domains and I'm also planning to launch an affiliate program for it soon.

  6. 2

    Just finished my MVP landing page for doesign.co. I’m going to start posting on Instagram and updating the database directory. So far I’ve collected +500 resources and aim for +700 by December 2020. My targeted users are UX/UI and graphic designers so Instagram could be a great start to validate my MVP.

  7. 2

    I'm working on writing out my crazy, bizarre startup story for the last 18 months. Pretty much heads down, lots of writing. Hopefully something good can be done end of this week!

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      All the best! 👆🏻

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    I'm going to add a catalog for https://tsfox.dev

  9. 2

    Keep growing!

    Setting the next marketing plan for ventureslist.com

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    I am going to build an MVP for a product idea I had yesterday. This first iteration will just involve Google sheets. No code, infrastructure, etc...

  11. 2

    Trying to figure out how to get signups at https://toru.la

  12. 2

    Adding more UX improvements to https://whistly.co

  13. 2

    I’m going to finish creating our email templates for https://pigeonpost.io so we can launch a closed beta next week!

    1. 1

      Are there already 412 developers in alpha? Where did you get these from? It looks good (bit too similar to Postmark.app maybe), but your docs link is broken.

      1. 1

        Hi Thomas!

        We asked some users of https://lynk.sh to try it out and used that feedback to improve the dashboard.

        Sorry about the docs link! We’re not ready to release them just yet so the URL is broken. I’ll fix that on our end soon.

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          Lynk looks awesome. There's another one out there but I forgot it's name, it's too expensive and the free plan sucks.

          1. 1

            Thanks! Lynk is one of my favourite projects, and we're actually in the process of releasing version 1.0 next month.

            It includes a complete overhaul of our codebase and while our current beta release is already 5-10x faster than our competitors, the next release will more than double that! We've also got a snazzy new dashboard where you'll be able to create persistent tunnels and see live traffic!

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    I'm adding use-cases pages as well as a few more templates to Formito.com

    1. 1

      I like your project.

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    I’m going to be working on Material UI integration on divjoy.com. I’ve rebuilt the library of template/components we currently offer and now need to update our built-in site editor to working with the Material UI css-in-js styling system.

    1. 1

      I’ve been following Divjoy’s story for a while. Inspiring stuff this is @Gabe! 🦄

      1. 1

        Thanks @marvindang! Red Goose is a super cool idea as well. A lot of people other there that want to go from web to mobile app and don’t know where to start.

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    At hupport.com we are positioning ourselves as best calendly alternative, so we are going to build Round Robin features for team members. Also accepting payments in the calendar page feature. Last month we have built a Voice reminder feature, No calendar scheduling tools have these feature. So we are going to use this as a moat for our saas.

    1. 1

      Great! All the best for your goal to implement round robin features this week! ♥️

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    After overhauling the landing page, I'm going to work laser focused on the distribution side of my project - effectively completing the MVP which in turn will enable to me to actually promote the project. 💫

  18. 2

    Probably put up a few front end forms to my new super secret project.

  19. 2

    I'm launching a Substack newsletter!

    First post coming tomorrow; second post on Thursday.

    Check it out at The MVP Sprint.

    1. 1

      The MVP Sprint looks great! All the best!

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    Improve the main Bash example (of setting up Rails and Django projects) in Deployment from Scratch. I am finally seeing some light in finishing the book.

  21. 1

    This week I WILL start the Vue.js PWA for my MVP.

  22. 1

    Starting the Gumroad 14 Day Challenge, I hope to have a MVP of my product by then.

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    Jobs for Voice - https://jobsforvoice.com

    Problem: Clicking on the 'apply' for role button and being taken to a job post that no longer available is not an excellent experience for our users. Tends to happen mainly because our clients don't deactivate their job postings.

    Solution: Automate the process by checking the client's role still exists.

  24. 1

    I'm thinking about kickstarting a simple CRM, but maybe I'll postpone that idea for a few months.

    Ps. I'm still checking whether other people are interested in chiming in. It'll be an OSS project. No money involved.

  25. 1

    The third JS challenge for Rephrased. Cant wait!

  26. 1

    We're setting a sub product for remoteworkly.co - thats very complimentary to our core product

    Asynchornous conversations. A feedback tool with an easy drop script that allows users to record their screen, explain their issues and share it in a click

    Main use case is for product managers and early testers to give feedback to teams 😀

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