What are you going to build this week? 🥁

It is time to set a goal for this week.

What are you going to build by the coming weekend? Drum it up aloud in the comments and share your dream/side projects below. 🎷

My goal: 👉🏻Publish ~50 books on Bubblin Superbooks, my side-project.

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    At work: relationships with developers in #Auth, #Security, and #UserIdentity space.
    Outside of work: need to make progress with my project Woga by implementing Redux into my Next.js app.

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    Working on an open source forum software with my friend. It will be built on react.js/next.js and can be deployed for free. Posting the comment mainly to do some research and find who else will be interested in such a solution. We did some UI UX study and made a beautiful and completely customizable UI, I am sure IH will love it :D

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    Implement Authentication and build out appropriate pages for my Django/Vue SaaS starter Get Django SaaS.

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      Hey Adem.
      I work in authentication and we are building out our service for different platforms. I'm interested in what you're looking for an auth solution (as well as how we can make it easy for Django/Vue stacks to implement our solution).

      Are you interested in discussing auth as a startup? (I'm a ux researcher and have general interest in your story and not running a sales call!)

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        Ah no.

        I just started this project the other day. I'm just trying to implement basic auth in Django (which comes built into the framework) and add some pages on the Vue side to support generated auth routes.

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          Thanks, this is great feedback.
          I'm taking a look at the Django auth system and how Auth0 works on this stack.

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    My goals for this week:

    1. find 5 new beta testers (DM me if you're interested in testing our auth solution!)
    2. Design the onboarding and wireframe of our dashboard using design thinking.
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      What's your app for?

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        It's a password-free authentication solution that allows your end-users the ability to sign up for an account and sign in afterward by just using their email. Your users can either send or receive an email for authentication.

        We have a demo on our website that you can try for yourself!

        It's for developers and startups interested in an easy to empliment and secure auth solution.

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          Cool idea. I am a fan of some websites that have a simpler login/register flow.

          To me, it seems like it would just be easier for someone to use something thing a Google or Twitter auth for one click sign on though right? And as a user, I think I would be far more likely to use a Google one click sign on vice one I am not familiar with. Have you thought about that and come up with a good way to tackle those sorts of thoughts?

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            That's a great question.

            1. Universal access
              Users don't have to have a social media account or a gmail account to use Swoop. They can use any email provider. Google or Twitter auth also requires users to be logged into those accounts before the one click sign on works. The social media accounts also require a password which introduces another vulnerability to your identity online. Our service is password-free. Enhanced security can be achieved by simply having one strong password coupled with MFA on one account, your email.

            2. Privacy
              Here is what Twitter auth gives to the third-party app:

            Apps with read access to your Twitter account will have the ability to: Profile information: View your profile information, such as your name, location, description, and profile and header photos.

            Swoop is simply managing the authorization between the end-user and the product owner (website or app) and doesn't have access to your email account or your social media information.

            Our challenge as with any startup is familiarity with new products so we provide a white-label service allowing the product owner to add their custom branding.

            I really appreciate the feedback, Nick. Let me know if you are interested in testing the product further or if you know any startups interested in an easy and secure auth solution!

            PS I checked out your log.fm product, and signed up for early access. I love the log logo.

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              Yeah, I thought the logo was clever. Kinda punny 😁
              I like that it would not required you to be logged into other services like Google or Twitter, but I don't see how it would be MORE secure with not having a password. Sure, sharing less data with others is always great for privacy, but not using a password and just an email to login to every service you are connected too seems... dangerous? By its nature, other people would have your email?

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    This week I am not supposed to build anything, but focus on promoting www.dynablogger.com - which I hate :D

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    I recently launched LunarSight, an iOS app about the Moon. It’s an MVP, so I’m working on expanding it with charts and later I’ll add maps.

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      Sounds very interesting! All the best with your weekly goal. 🤟🏻

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        Thank you! Good luck with your goal too.

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    Adding different subject tags to filter by on my forum, Trophi.

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      Is the link to the site correct? It did not open for me.

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        It was wrong!

        Thanks for letting me know. I just fixed it.

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    This weeks goals for Simplescraper (A no-code web scraping service) :

    • coding a new version of the Chrome extension
    • writing an article about the first year of growth💪
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    Fueling 1st issue in all 4 Section of StartupCrunch

    1. Startup Idea ( Full breakdown of startup idea from idea to making and then marketing )
    2. Startup Growth Tactics ( Detailed analysis of 1 tactic that you can use for your startup growth )
    3. Curated Resources ( Curated resources to read which helpful for any startup founder )
    4. Startup News ( Global Startup news )
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    Finish pay-per-usage for all types of checks for Pingr:

    • Uptime checks
    • SSL checks
    • Performance checks
    • make a separate pricing page
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      I just subscribed to Pingr 👍 I checked it out a few months ago and then I forgot about it.

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    The team are working to turn around a set of one-click templates for OpinionX. Our dynamic survey platform is really new to people and our 'Aha!' moment takes to long to reach, so we're looking to help them through the process faster.

    Looking to turn it around within 3 days, ship by end of week along with some other new features.

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    A landing page, or rather, I'm going to rebuild a landing page.

    It's all rather backwards. The app itself is all more-or-less there with the exception of a lot of polish which I can probably live without. The landing page, however, isn't.

    It's complicated. I started out with a different product, realized it was kind of a bad idea, tore the code base into shreds to refactor it into what exists now, but kept the original landing page because for the life of me I couldn't figure out the language, visual and written, to describe what it was that I was building.

    So far the best I can do is an analogy that I've created a combination of whiteboard and game engine. So, part of the ask, as I'm building this landing page, is to come up with a much better analogy.

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    I've been working on log.fm, helping people find and follow their favorite podcasters.

    This week, I am going to be working on the landing page/home page for the app (for when it launches). I've been kicking around ideas on how I want it to look and feel. Been also finding lots of great inspiration on the good stuff Rob hope puts together on onepagelove.com

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    • 5 days of 30min Figma challenges
    • publish header update to podcast site
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    • Write market research report #7 for Signals
    • Prepare for premium reports launch (prepare the infra and test it out)
    • Continue growing, hopefully past the 200+ signup mark. Last week was slower than anticipated.
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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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