What are you learning?

I'm curious what people around here are working on learning. If I was just getting started I would be keen on learning HTML/CSS and how HTTP requests work. From there I couldn't imagine doing much without knowing a scripting language like Python.

Let me know!

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    Brushing myself on Go to build a messaging system for our infra (there is a moment where nodejs doesn't do the job anymore :D)

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      Heard good things about Go, I did a little hello world thing with it one time. I think you’ll like it

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        I've been doubling down on JS for so long it feels unusual to pick up another ecosystem again, but I think it is indeed worth it :)

        Thanks Alex for confirming my thoughts!

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    I'm a big fan of javascript, both for frontend, using VueJS/NuxtJS and backend, using Express and Mongo, and using Apollo GraphQL to tie the two so these are the techs I've been using as I build my project.

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      That’s a cool tech stack. Vue is really nice, I’ve been working on a project with it as well. Mine has no database though - I hooked up a flask rest api that queries over my local filestore.

      What are you putting in mongo?

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        Thanks, Alex. I'm very new to javascript (well, I dabbled several years ago) so this combination works really well for me.
        I'm putting in user data, lists, and comments in my mongo db.

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    I've been getting a lot better at advanced vanilla JS with my most recent project. I'm finally getting to use Mutation Observers to do some declarative rendering with Web Components, among other fun things.

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    Deepen my JavaScript knowledge

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    I am trying to learn Flutter/Dart and also all about App Growing

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      Never heard of it. What’s it like?

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        Is a framework from Google that allows to program mobile apps with a single code. Flutter uses the Dart programming language

        In the following articel you can learn more.

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          Cross platform is such a great feature. I guess the concern is that certain things are not possible to do (this world probably affect iOS more than android). I’m a big google fan so this looks really interesting to me

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            Yes. You are right.
            Sometimes you need to use existing flutter plugins that someone else programmed or program your own (https://pub.dev/)
            In more custom scenarios, you’ll have to write native Swift or Java/Kotlin code to interact with native APIs.
            I am not an expert, and my partner is who learned more about this framework.
            Starting using Flutter in 2020 we have now a production app "Tweetline Podcast" in both Google and Apple.
            He could build it without no much trouble.

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