What are you missing for learning English?

Hi, IH!

What application would you like to have for learning English that doesn't exist? Or maybe you already have services that you are using but some feature is missing.

I will be glad to hear any suggestions and in the near future, I will try to implement them in the form of a website or an application.

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    A few years ago, I spent a year learning as much French as I could. There was an enormous gap between the texts that I read in class, and something like a French newspaper. This gap ended up burning me out over time - I didn't want to spend like 5 years getting to the point where I could interact with the world on a basic level. I kinda wished I had a program that tracked my vocabulary mastery, and sent me links every day with messages like, "Based on your vocabulary, you would only need to look up 10 words to fully understand this article!"

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    It seems so much apps are focussed on teaching words, speaking, or listening. But I never seen an app that would focus on teaching grammar rules and writing. If you know any, let me know, because I am really struggling with writing, especially now, when I have to do content marketing for my product.

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    I really need to talk with a native speaker or a someone who speaks fluently. The closest thing I found is the English server for Discord. But I really don't understand how begin a talk there I don't mean technical issues but organization ones.

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      Hi Serg,

      For this reason, I used the italki and Speaky apps. The first site is paid, but there you can find a professional teacher for relatively little money, and on the second site you can practice with native speakers for free.

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    I would love a native German-English flashcard app for advanced vocab.

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    I like Anki for learning new words, with most popular deck of 4000 word I made decent progress. But on the half of the road I realised that learning single words is not enough, context is matter. I would like to have hight quality Anki deck for learning collocation and answers for everyday questions

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      Hi hyzyla, thanks for your reply.

      I think you can use apps like Memrise or Quizlet to learn new words and phrases. I believe they are using the same SRS (Spaced Repetition Systems) algorithm.

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