What are you using for landing pages? May 2021

Are there any decent builder site with templates for a single page landing page? I used Instapage years ago but it got pricey and didn't seem as eye catching. Not sure if it's improved. Many people seem to use custom designed sites but that's rather pricey in the MVP idea testing phase. If someone has worked with a designer that's an audience and price fit for idea testing bootstrappers I'm open to that too.

I'm exploring creating an online course but initially my landing page will be gauging interest and building an audience with some checklists and light content.

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    Hi @alecl 👋

    Over the past few days, I have been working on a free tool to provide people with landing pages.


    Not sure if it helps?

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    Brizzy.cloud and sometimes Wordpress

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    Probably not a terribly helpful answer (you sound like you want a no-code solution), but maybe a useful data point: I've got a template app (a Yeoman generator) that I evolve with each promo page I build. It's built with React and written in Typescript, but using it to actually build out a new landing page is 95% copywriting and image editing. You can see the evolution across the last few iterations:

    I'm a big fan of having real, flexible sites instead of a cookie-cutter landing page. There's a little more setup time, especially for the first one, but after that you're left with something that can grow with the business if it takes off, and something that gets progressively better every time you use it rather than staying constant.

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      This looks pretty nice. I've actually been a developer but more backend than frontend and have a lack of artistic skill. I've edited a React app a couple years back and have used Typescript with a Node backend app. Have you found a useful library to do A/B testing in a simple manner. If this is something public I'd be keen to check it out.

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    I'f you are a developer, www.wickedtemplates.com/templates might be good for your use case.

    I sell simple landning pages made with Tailwind CSS.

    For $29.99 you get beautifully design templates on two versions, SAAS and APP. And the Figma file is also included.

    Monotone, our most sold template;


    If you want something larger there's:

    Harmony, our other loved template, and it comes with next.js/Tailwind option and Tailwind/template engine, and of course Figma.


    All you have to do is fil up with your content and voila!

    Feel free to reach out anytime on twiter:


    Have a great day!

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    I built https://versoly.com/ for landing pages, it can also do blogs as well.

    Interesting I would love to see examples of checklists you want to create.

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