What are you working on in June?

Curious to see what IndieHackers are working on in June?

I'll start: I'm working on PriceUnlock.com, which helps SaaS founders find&set the perfect pricing for their product.

Don't forget to link what you're working on so we can check it out!

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    Hey There!

    June is a special day for me, it's the last month of my 6 products in 6 months challenge!

    • I need to launch the 6th product (obviously)
    • Still working on my 5th product (pipesocial.io), I'm going to open the private beta in the next few days!
    • I'll continue to push userbooster.co (my notion dashboard to help you get your first users)
    • I plan also to launch a new version of my job board - not sure I'll be able to do it tho.


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      Yep Xavier I remember seeing you on Twitter a couple of months ago, so the 6-in-6 concept was memorable! Congrats and hope one will skyrocket!!

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        2 of them generate some revenues already!

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      6 Products in 6 Months sounds interesting.

      What are the other products did you launch ?

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        SpreadTheWorld.net → 400+ places to post your startup
        IdeaHunt.net → a PH for ideas (dead)
        RemoteFR.com → a job board for French devs that want to be 100% remote
        UserBooster.co → a Notion dashboard to help get your first users
        PipeSocial.io → A "CRM" for Twitter DMs

        The 6th should be live in the next few days!

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    I have a couple of goals in June for lxi.ai and here they are in order of priority:

    1. Finish the bookmark upload tool - the most requested feature
    2. Refine the landing page - add a video that shows lxi.ai in action
    3. Automatically find bookmark clusters and present them in the user dashboard
    4. Launch on ProductHunt!

    I've been thinking about each of these things for at least a month now and I finally have the time to implement so looking forward to June.

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    Cool idea!

    I'm ramping up for public launch of logology. Building a way for people to browse logos freely, and making the brand identity questionnaire less scary.

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    We are planning to release a beta version of the product this month.

    Let me remind you: we are collecting market data for startups and businesses. Already now we can quickly find the most effective channels and mechanics for attracting your customers.


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    We are just launching https://www.nocodeletters.com/
    We have launched the website and will be slowly rolling out beta to users who sign up.

    The idea is to be able to use your favourite tool Notion, which in someways you are already using, for writing your newsletter, campaign or any email and send it to a list of subscribers easily.

    All of this can be done easily without writing a single line of code. 🤩🤩🤩

    Do check it out.

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    Great initiative. PriceUnlock looks promising!

    I've just started building a workout / exercise tracking app for Apple Watch: watchroutine.com
    It has been on my list of potential side projects since last fall but haven't got around to start building until now. The idea is that you should be able to track exercises (mainly calisthenic stuff for now) using your watch, no need for a separate app on your phone.

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      WatchRoutine looks interesting — I don't have an AW but I always looked closely at it as a strategic product.

      • I've heard this thing from Scott Galloway went along the lines of: there is only one successful wearable and that is the iPhone. The AW is just an ancillary for the iPhone and not a standalone product in itself

      • The moat Apple is making with fitness

      But back to your website: will u plan on monetising it? Like pay for access?

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        Thank! Yes I will definitely try to monetise it in some way but not sure how, yet. I think there's a lot of untapped potential in the Apple Watch. I've been using it from time to time since the first release, but almost exclusively as a timer and fitness device.

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    My goal for June is to work on growing my audience. I've had a newsletter for a year now but not had a ton of growth. It's mostly been just a fun side project and not something I've actively tried to grow. But I'm going to give it a shot this month and see what happens.

    Here's my pitch :)

    I'm obsessed with cooking. But I'm by no means a professional. So I’m on a mission to read cookbooks, take cooking classes, and experiment in the kitchen.

    Learn the cooking tips and lessons I'm picking up in my newsletter. There are no recipes. Just actionable nuggets (pun intended) that you can use in the kitchen. Whether you’re wanting to improve a recipe or just pull off a spectacular meal with what you’ve got in your pantry, you'll grow your confidence in the kitchen, right alongside me.

    Check it out and let me know what you think! https://www.saltsearsavor.com

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      Lol @the pun

      I'm loving this concept Luciano. Being a creator doesn't mean making a productivity tool necessarily, and you're an example of that. congrts!

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        Haha thank you! I really appreciate you saying that :) I'm doing my best

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    I will be doing some link building for my last project i.e. https://resumatix.com/

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    I'm working on better understanding User Acquisition, Marketing, and Content for codewell.cc which I released last month!

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    As for last 2y and 3months, this June, I keep working on https://appliku.com/ which is a service to deploy your Python or Node apps to your cloud accounts (AWS/DO).

    It is a complex product, so every week I find places I can improve, but at this point I am happy with how it works. It is reliable, it does the job and it has a number of paying customers who are happy with Appliku saving them plenty of time.

    What I am focused on right now is writing articles for the marketing site.

    Both general Python/Django tutorials and aiming to ship more documentation type of posts about the service itself.

    I don’t write a lot of articles, but those I write are in-depth tutorials with a lot of details.

    This results in steady improvements in SEO traffic(among with tons of “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE TUTORIALS” feedback, which keeps my motivation up).

    I plan to publish at least 3 more articles in June about some aspects of building SaaS with Django.

    Will be happy to talk if anyone wants to cut their costs on Heroku or wants to automate/simplify their deployments!

    Best wishes to everyone!

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      Ohhh I've known about Appliku from a few years ago when I bumped into it! Glad to meet you online randomly after using your product!

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    I am still working on Outer Space Shack, a realistic space base building game set in the current era. Recent work includes progress about electricity management. I had to build a mini electricity broker system to balance electricity during a day-light cycle.

    If the project is of interest to you, you can get the latest news, show your interest and help by subscribing to the newsletter, adding the game to your Steam wishlist, and pre-register for the Kickstarter campaign planned this summer.

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    I'm hoping to complete a beta of my app for iOS. It's an app for a very specific niche and nobody will probably care about it or use it. It will disappear into obscurity after it's first week. I'll probably be it's only user. But, I'm okay with that.

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    Wow, Daniel, Priceunlock looks so good and solving such a great problem. I am sure a lot of indie hackers will benefit from this. It's such a PIA question that you are solving.

    I have started working on 2 products myself, and will probably need PriceUnlock's help in the coming months. The two projects I am working on -

    1. Hold on App- a personal CRM
    2. Google calendar auto blocker to solve the problem of double booking when you have multiple google work accounts.

    Happy Building all 🙌

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    We will get two more customers for our social media agency

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    Lately I've been hacking away on a tool to help newsletter creators manage their sponsorships more easily.
    I've got a small prototype working, but I think it definitely needs some rework.

    More importantly though, I think it's time I actually reached out to some newsletter creators to really drill into the kind of problems they are having (if you want to chat please reach out!).

    If this sounds interesting or you'd like some more info, you can check out the landing page - www.sponsaurus.com

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    Adding more features to Cinematic Studio (https://cinematicstudio.app) :

    • shapes - rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and the like
    • masks
    • visualizers (animate any property to the BEAT)
    • contours (to animate drawing letters as if they are drawn by hand)

    Hopefully I can have all of them done in June, even if it's a VERY TALL order

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    I'm focusing on getting RecordJoy(www.recordjoy) to 100 DAU. Its a small goal but after over a dozen blog posts later I've only gone from 50 DAU to around 65.

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    Im working on more content for the beta version of my book over iOS development - bestinclassiosapp.com

    It's been just over one week and it crossed $40,000 today, so I'm glad to have found some traction with it.

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      Congratulations! That's awesome!

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    A feed reader. An opinionated feed reader with social bookmarking integration.

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    We are trying to make your pipeline visible in Notion. Whether github releases or circleci deployments; NotionFlow will help you build a customised integration.

    • See your changelog find out what was delivered recently in Notion
    • If you are using Notion tasks, connect them with your PRs and releases and get updates into your tasks

    We are trying to solve a problem we have in our development flow and I am sure many have the same difficulties particularly due to disconnected nature of Notion.

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    Just ideating for my first SaaS and am doing freelance work on the side.

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    I'm working on a digital product: a sales page for online course creators on Canva :)

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    Great question!

    This month, I'm focused on growing my subscribers at my weekly newsletter personalbrandbrief.com and scaling our new startup ideas on Kern.al.

    Also, I've started a learning program with Maven to learn how to build a cohort based course under Gagan and Wes.

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    I've recently soft-launched https://baseline.is and I'm working on getting some traffic to it while simultaneously trying to polish things up a bit and adding to the feature set.

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    I am finally planning to do a set of soft-launches of Kairo (getkairo.com) in June, leading to Product Hunt launch, either at the end of June or July. Trying to finish off those 10%. :)

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    Nice design for priceunlock!

    This month I'm working on a couple things:

    • Improving TeleWidget
    • Launching a Marketing Agency with the wife
    • Work on another open source project if I make enough progress in point 1

    Let's hope there's enough time for everything!

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    My product is iOS app for value investing (stock market) research: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/company-360/id1464857130
    It was my side/personal project based on my experience working on investments and banking applications (fintech).
    Basically, I programmed formulas and valuation models that portfolio teams requested from me in the past and made them available to retail investors. Can help them to reduce risk especially if they are using trading platforms that don’t have research available.

    I just finished all functionalities that I planned, now to translate it into Android…

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