September 1, 2020

What are you working on this month?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

🎉 It's September 🎉

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    After losing many weeks to lack of mental bandwidth I am back working on dwata which is an open core software for anyone to explore their Business data without SQL (or any coding). A visual way to specify what you need (like Tables, Relations) with Excel-like formula (Grouping, Aggregates), which all get translated to SQL (JOINs, sub-queries etc.).

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      Great to see you are working on it. Best of luck.

      1. 1

        Thank you, yes ups and downs are part of my life now. I have accepted all my mental instabilities and just have to work around them ;)

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      Looks really useful. All the best!

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        Thanks, the UX has to be much much better. I am looking at Airtable for inspiration. That level of experience, for own Business data, based off SQL/NoSQL databases but no code to write.

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      Cool project. I could see myself using this once it supports pulling data from MongoDB.

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        Yeah MongoDB has come up in requests a couple times and I will get to it once I finish Aggregates (Count, Max/Min, Avg, etc.) and Reports (mix of Text and Queries into one document that can be shared).

        MongoDB will perhaps be the first attempt to merge SQL-source data with non-SQL-source data. In the future that same process will merge APIs like Stripe, PayPal directly into any SQL-source Query.

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    I'm working on myself. I will dedicate 2 hours/day to work on my own project that i didn't even decide yet and i know i'm not alone :)

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      Great! Best of luck!

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      Awesome, good luck.

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    I hacked together a really minimalisitic Image background remover tool this month and even launched it on Producthunt :)
    Great to get something up and running and seeing people using it.

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      Really nice to see, did you share your PH launch link or was it some days back? Please feel free to share here and people might wanna upvote on PH.

      1. 1

        Hey, here you go:

        I actually launched it just yesterday and it went so bad, its not even funny anymore😁
        Heck, I even made one of those flashy GIF thumbnails and only got like 4 Upvotes😆

        1. 2

          I feel there is not enough skin in the game. You should always put in the first comment introducing yourself and the product. Also lack of a real avatar is a very negative thing for me personally. Nothing personally against you, just saying how I think. And keep trying PH launches, I have heard it takes time. I have not even started.

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          A launch is a launch, you can make always make it better!

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            I guess thats what Elon musk said about his first three rockets😁

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      This is great Avaj! Consider making it an API and charge per usage and domain ;) I would definitely pay and use it in a cloud function somewhere :)

      1. 2

        Hello, I already provide a free to use API over RapidAPI

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      Lol 4 upvotes why ...PH is usually the Last step out of beta.

      1. 1

        So you mean I launched way too early? Maybe haha

        1. 1

          well generally...
          a few communities here and there...

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    We are planning to add some key features on Dorik this month.

    Some of them are:

    • Multipage Feature (biggest goal for this month)
    • Navigation (we are bit late than expected on this)
    • Image Slider
    • List & Accordions

    Also, planning to add some new templates and UI blocks.

    1. 2

      Dorik looks pretty cool. When do you plan to release the first version?

      1. 1

        Thank you! We are available already. Just improving/fixing a few things. After that, we will remove the "beta". :-)

        1. 1

          That’s nice! I will add it to my no-code list website with the next update.

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      Wish to see you releasing a community open-source version of it! 😬

    3. 1

      I watch the video. Your product sounds awesome!

    4. 1

      Sounds good, Mizan. Once navigation and multipage is complete, I will be excited to see what we were chatting about before.

    5. 1

      Really nice to see so many things moving with Dorik. I feel like we should have another call, but I would try the product before. Was awesome talking to you last time.

      1. 1

        I have sent you a DM on twitter. Let's have a call.

        1. 1

          Yo I am up, lets continue on Twitter!

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    Pretty hype to say that Stock Alarm is gonna be releasing some of our coolest / most useful alerts yet. Going to be adding a market alert that will automatically notify our users of upcoming earnings/dividends for the next day / 3 days / week / month so they can get their trades in and adjust their positions ahead of time.

    • I trade options quite actively so will be dogfooding the hell out of our product lol.
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    Generating leads for surveybean:
    A site where Founders can Increase Survey Response Rates with Discounts at Local Coffee Store & Cafes

    Continuing to push my podcast:
    A podcast that publishes stories about Hackathons from across the world!

    Continuing to push my YouTube channel:
    A channel that reviews apps and app features from a product development viewpoint

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      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    App development using Flutter. Seems fun to use, I'm trying to up my understanding of it and how I can develop nice looking Apps for both Android and ios.

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      Great! Quick question, is there a specific reason you are choosing (besides the learning experience) app development targeted at iOS and Android, vs PWAs? I'm curious since I know it's kinds of the standard nowadays but I'm actually going opposites and investing more into PWAs.

      1. 2

        Hi there, there's a couple of reasons really.
        Mostly it was for the learning purposes and being able to create native apps which would then be available on the app store. As an added skillset.

        Next I have been asked by people on social media if there was an app for the fightnight scores system.

        I had previously looked at the PWA route some time back but beyond adding the manifest files and service worker I wasn't all that sure how to go about it and how it would be useful for people offline. And I also believe the push notifications were either not available to ios devices or limited in their use or something. I also didn't want an annoying "tap to add to home screen" icon displayed, whether this was customisable or not I am sure.
        Could be looking into again I suppose, as my development knowledge has greatly improved since when I was last looking into it.

        I'm not sure how to go about deploying of Flutter apps or how I could send push notifications etc, but at this stage its just learning how to develop some screens, and writing the API to connect to the existing codebase and the data.

        1. 2

          Totally agree and kudos on your path for learning mobile app dev. The fact of the matter developing PWA's right now has some learning curve (as with anything in life) but there needs to be more learning resources IMHO but this is where we as IHs shine to see potential where there's a lack of!

          Also, the great thing about PWAs is that there's offline support if you implement it correctly, and of course the addition to the home screen, there are tons of customization possibilities, but then again, it's more about finding these tutorials, videos, etc...

          Maybe I can start making videos about it 🤔

          1. 1

            One thing I'm not convinced of is people who are using their phones to browse the web, actually using the "add to home screen" option.

            And for something like my app, it kind of feels like it just should be a native app anyway. It's something someone would use regularly, with interactivity, and sure they can also access the full functionality of it online via the website, but a dedicated app just makes sense.

            I'm thinking that given the lack of clear resources for PWA development, maybe it just didn't take off as much as it appeared like it was going to a few years ago?

            1. 2

              Yeap totally agree! It mainly depends on what you're building, the market you're targeting, and how you will be able to reach the audience are big factors to consider as well when deciding your approach.

              There was hype a few years back, but now I feel we now have the tools to build upon such hype, but we lack the medium to where to distribute such apps. There's not a lot of devs talking about PWAs, no official app store which in some sense It does make sense, again it all depends how you reach your audience, but in my own experience, marketing mobile apps, and convincing people to actually download the app, not to mention retention, it's waaaay harder than to just launch it via as a PWA.

    2. 1

      What kind of app are you trying to build?

      1. 1

        An accompaniment for my boxing scorecard hobby project (see profile for info).
        More if a learning exercise than making something of use that will generate income.

    3. 2

      This comment was deleted a month ago.

      1. 1

        Thanks. I'll check out the channel.

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    This month is going to be super-busy for our team. We have been working on multiple projects for the past few months:

    • Launching WooCommerce Support within our list of services
    • Draftss' own Dashboard to manage projects, subscriptions, etc.
    • Brand new website

    • Product Launch 2.0
    • Adding lots of new features
    • Brand new website
      The MVP was successful so we have gone ahead to build the product further by adding new features and a brand new website. You can get a feeler of the new website here:

    • Testing a quick MVP if Wordpress, Shopify, HTML5, Webflow & Page Builders development on demand seems like a more suitable option at a fixed price per page instead of subscriptions.
    • MVP website under development. Should be ready by early next week.
    1. 1

      Quite a lot to work on. How do you keep it organized? Do you do any timeboxing or rigid project management system?

      1. 1

        For all these projects it's me and my co-founder @aminmemon working together. Amin takes care of all design & tech roles, while I take care of operations, marketing, and other general roles.

        For Draftss, our process is almost completely automated. We just look at the stats and ensure everything is going smoothly.

        For other projects, its simply scheduling tasks one after another with a deadline for a certain amount of work to be completed in a week's time.

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    I am working on NoCode Portal

    1. Made public the initial curated list of nocode tools yesterday.
    2. Working on the tutorial sections now.
    1. 2

      Awesome I'll check it out

    2. 2

      Cool. Good job, I would look at expanding your homepage copy and content. Adding more info like sample projects (I see your working on tutorials, maybe add one or two to the homepage) Goodluck

      1. 1

        I really like your idea of adding the projects made for tutorials as part of home page....thanks a lot! This new reply is a bit late but it took me a while to realise 😛

      2. 1

        Thanks for taking time out for the suggestion. You are right, home page needs more content.

    3. 1

      Hey, the site is beautiful.

      1. 1

        Thanks, means a lot.

    4. 1

      I will surely keep an eye, I need to list dwata on various NoCode platforms, have not doe that yet.

      1. 1

        subscribe to mailing list? 😛

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    Created a newsletter growth workshop. Coded my first telegram bot to keep track of growth. And now coded a chrome extension. So I'll be launching those.

    1. 1

      It's nice when you get to the stage where it's - built these, now the launch. Good job!

    2. 1

      Nice that is quite a few different things. Are these somehow related other than "growth" factor in two of them?

      1. 2

        telegram bot keeps track of everyone's newsletter subscriber growth in telegram. where the workshop is hosted.

        The chrome extension is for Better Sheets, a new tutorial video when you create a new tab. (out of 100). And I think I'm going to try to launch another chrome extension if this one works out.

        I used this to do it quickly:
        found here on IndieHackers by @rfizzy

        1. 1

          @rfizzy has the toolkit launched yet. I went to the site the showcase tab said launching soon

          1. 2

            I bought it today. The main page has the buy button. The showcase seems to be to show future projects.

          2. 1

            Yup, the kit itself is fully launched! The showcase is just a way to show off some of the extensions people built with the kit over time and that's launching some time this week.

            Let me know if you have any other questions!

        2. 1

          Nice idea to share learning videos on a new tab. Do you have videos for Airtable too on Better Sheets? Interesting for me since I follow Excel/G Sheets and Airtable for inspiration/ideas for dwata.

          1. 1

            Sorry, Better Sheets is all about Google Sheets. Perhaps some of the theories can be ported to airtable. You can get a good feel for what's in the rest of the videos from the YouTube channel

            And perhaps you can see that I do some things that make people go "You can do that in Google Sheets?" like the Newsletter Virtual Mall.

            But makes me think, someone should make a course called Better Airtables. or BetterTables.

            1. 1

              I think the name "Sheet" does apply to Airtable in people's minds so you could keep the same name and apply to that product too.

  11. 2

    After trying and failing at many things, I am now trying to fix a my own problem related to money management. I have done multiple investments, but never tied them together to my financial and life goals. I am trying to do that at
    If this seems like a familiar problem, request invite by visiting the link above.

    1. 1

      That's interesting because there are supposedly "case studies" where the average American is poor at financial management

      Of course, it depends on multiple factors such as where you live, income level, retirement savings, ect., etc..

      1. 1

        I see this perception everywhere in the world. My current work is for one of the large banks in Europe and we see money management as one of the major problem areas for our retail customers.
        Many apps in the market are trying to solve it (some very successful like YNAB, Walnut, etc), but not one approach to win them all - everyone has a different way to look at money and I think that's what still makes it an open issue.

        1. 1

          That's true and I agree with that soundly

    2. 1

      I see you're using Vercel, I just finished my Next.js app myself. How do you like using Vercel?

      1. 1

        I am pretty happy with it. It's free tier serves me well and Github integration is fast.

    3. 1

      I think everyone has this problem. I think a good idea (as a feature) is to show for example if you are taking USD2,000 and your salary grows x% for the next 10 years, and you save y% with z% annual return, how much will you have at the end of that period, alot of people don't seem to understand the power of saving and accumulated interest. Also, piece of advice, make it more playful, like as if you are dealing with kids (which I think your buyer persona are usually younger people). How you do that? No idea :), I am not very creative, but I am sure creative people could help. Good luck.
      Last thing, think before you launch (unless your playing around), on how you make money with this, given the vast number of apps that do this.

      1. 1

        Great suggestions, thanks!
        By the way any specific apps you have seen which are doing this? I could not find any good one so decided to build .. There are plenty which do budgeting, but none (that I am aware) did a good job on tracking the goals as such.

          1. 1

            Thanks. My approach is a bit different than this - but in general, budget planning is a crowded space for sure - need to differentiate.

    4. 1

      I think you need to add some personality to your site, or at least a testimonial to show your users that you're trustable and not just some random reddit advice guy

      1. 1

        Yes sure, just trying to find if this is real problem before I put a lot of efforts into it :)

  12. 2

    This month I'm targeting to have 2 more posts on my revamped personal blog. I'm trying to become disciplined about writing.

    1. 1

      There is a little thing called 750 Words.

  13. 2

    I'm working on growing Failory through some projects:

    • Launching our first digital product
    • Launching a project within Makerpad's 30day Challenge
    • Publishing a lot of new blog articles
    • Delegating some tasks to a VA I've hired
    • Writing some review articles about some courses and tools

    Among some other things ;)

  14. 2

    🚀 Laaaaunch!

    Well, beta.

    I finally finished the subscriptions feature for Nodewood, so first I want to do a bit of promotion for it. I'm thinking of recording a Loom video describing what it looks like from the user's point of view, and then also how to set up your own products/prices/coupons/taxes, and how to sync them with Stripe.

    Then, I'm going to email my pre-launch list (and probably post here), looking for a maximum of 5 users ready to start using the Nodewood beta and able to give good feedback.

    Depending on how beta goes, maybe a late September launch!

    1. 2

      Hi Dan - well done on getting the site up!

      One thing I would suggest is to have a small (even one sentence) hint on what Nodewood actually is in the hero section - I see that Nodewood can save me time and that I'm writing too much boilerplate, but I can't quickly see exactly what the solution you're offering is, which I think would grab attention.

      1. 1

        Thanks! I've heard some good feedback for the landing page and I'm working on a revamp well before launch. This helps!

  15. 2

    This is my first full month working on, a new product for removing friction from the frontend QA process.

    Planned for this month are:

    • Do a bit of user testing on the reporting widget design with a handful of people from the email list.
    • Focus on building the critical path of creating a team, setting up one integration, and reporting a bug.
    1. 2

      What an intriguing idea... also a frontend dev and that sounds very familiar!

    2. 2

      Hey Jon,

      This looks great - I'm a frontend dev and the issue you describe (not enough info in bug reports) is spot-on - I also find that I get bug reports via email, Skype, Slack, Hubspot and Assembla - keeping track of them all and getting them into a todo pipeline is also a challenge, sounds like bugcatcher could be a solution to that. Feel free to reach out if you want a frontend dev to user test it :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for the kind words. It feels good to hear more and more people saying "yeah! this is a really annoying problem" :)

        I will definitely reach out once I get a first version ready for testing!

    3. 1

      Hey, nice clean conversation page. Are people engaging more with this layout, have you tested against something else?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I haven't tested this against other landing pages. This page is really just the introduction of the idea and an attempt to get a bit of validation for the approach.

        I am planning to do a bit of testing against other variations of this, though... just not quite there, yet.

  16. 1

    Interesting new Free Ebook of 118 pages about Digital Transformation during Covid period.

    Please allow me to share Pimclick's most recent conclusions on which role the digital transformation can play, particularly during the times of a global pandemic. The research and conclusions are based on Pimclick's most recent experiences as well as publications, identified as valuable by Pimclick.

  17. 1

    Free Ebook of 118 pages about Digital Transformation during Covid period.

  18. 1

    Currently I am a Uk Based out of work DJ/Cellist that is Bootstrapping a Newsletter that help creatives and Social Entrepreneurs discover funding opportunities.

    Our Premium users have discovered £4.5M Worth of funding. This week I am reaching out to communities ,podcasts and publications that my users care about for interviews, collaborations and affiliation.

    Offering their Audience 50% off membership with this link

    Trying my best, staying positive, identifying the essential, eliminating the rest.

  19. 1

    During the month, I was working on a Gmail add-on that mutes unimportant emails until you are ready to read them. I called it Silent Inbox

    How it works:

    1. Install the add-on
    2. Choose frequency and time at what you want to get your unimportant email s back to the inbox.
    3. Enjoy your distraction-free inbox during the workday.

    Silent Inbox

  20. 1

    After 9 months of putting +/- 5hr every week, [ and in parallel training 4 junior developers via freecodecamp : to join me in the app development ]

    I'm happy that 3 of the developers have joined me this week, We are aiming to release alpha version 25th October.

  21. 1

    I'm looking to grow SEO and ads, maybe. Looking for a reliable person/company that can help us with ads, and I'm actually also looking for a way to bring on board an account/sales person that helps us get to the next level for building apps in Glide!

  22. 1

    I am working on a niche keyword tool, Outrankio which is focusing on finding long tail keywords.

    You can check it out at

    I am probably gonna be super busy for the next few weeks or months possibly, I didn't account for the fact that there will be delays in development and overall designing.

    And after that, gonna launch an Open Beta for the public to try it out, and give out exclusive rewards for those who sign up and give valuable feedback first.

    Possibly 4-6 months free of the basic plan, a lifetime/lifetime-monthly discount, and/or a mix of both

  23. 1

    Working on an HR Guide for Startups. You can get a preview here (it's live but we haven't officially launched it yet) - we're looking to get some feedback, so please share with me!

  24. 1

    I just finished my 2nd open source project which is built using Next.js & is a large list of tech companies in Vietnam. I made it open source to give to devs & generate some good will since they are my target audience for other projects.

  25. 1

    My biggest goal on september is to grow my website traffic, increase my SEO.

    • Invest more on the content marketing plan.
    • Work on the UX.
    • Build authoritative backlinks.
  26. 1

    Most important goal for me is to continue with the idea validation for I've read the Mom Test, have resisted asking friends for feedback (for the most part), but need to determine whether the problem is real enough.

    1. 1

      Kudos on taking the right steps, reading The Mom Test. How are you getting potential users to talk to for Feature Gauge?

      1. 1

        I'm thinking of reaching out to the more product-focused people I know, and then asking for introductions to others. I'm slightly cautious though as The Mom Test recommends in-person meetings, which is obviously a non-starter.

  27. 1

    Working on free resource Of Tech Hubs
    Feedback and support welcome.

  28. 1

    I plan to invest more time to my personal automation framework - like RPA for developers and hackers, no UI, no fancy forms, only pure code and scripts.

    I already built a first version, to automate some of my tasks - like CSV to Rest, monitor keywords in Telegram chat via CLI and etc.

    Probably will open-source it as well, need only to figure out best way to monetize open-source frameworks

  29. 1

    I'm still working on growing the email list of

    Steady growth each week!

  30. 1

    Continuing to hack away at Inbound as it is set to be feature on BetaList in a few weeks. Specifically, working through the visual Rules Engine for incoming email.

  31. 1

    I just (re)launched Jumpjet, a service for frontend devs to practice interviewing & get feedback on how to improve & get hired. I'd put it on hold a couple of years ago but it feels like the time is right to have another go at it - I recently did a lot of interviews at work and after almost every one I thought "they could have really used Jumpjet"...

  32. 1

    I'm working on building a pulse survey tool that measures employee sentiment. It's different because its question template is based off of research-backed studies and I've personally seen a lot of growth from my team that used something similar in the past. My goal this month is to create awareness and have 10 companies send out surveys.

  33. 1

    Still working on - It's currently in alpha and I'm looking to start the beta hopefully by the end of the month!

    1. 1

      This is so intriguing! I studied art and this reminds me of conceptual or performance artworks which are collaborative and socially transactional.
      Is this a blog only or is there some app component?

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot! I'm glad to hear that. It's a platform for writing / tiny community of people gathering and sharing their day.

    2. 1

      Midnight pub is very cool - I came across it about a month ago while working on my own microblog (megaletter) - I especially liked the individual color splashes & backgrounds for each blog, and the calm feeling it has (as opposed to the firehose of twitter or inanity of facebook, for example). Keen to see how it goes!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the kind words <3

  34. 1

    Working with software house to finalize MVP for Front Figure and in the meantime writing blog posts and launching social media pages (without inviting anyone for now).

  35. 1

    I'm researching how and what I need to pitch an investor for a project!

  36. 1

    Continue to spread the word and clean up backend processes for Podcastmarks

  37. 1

    looking forward to create a productivity tool.
    In return may I ask you, if you use productivity tools (which we all do) what do you think is missing from them and that you wish you had(a feature/special functionality), currently of which none of the productivity tools offer?

  38. 1

    Sept is gonna be very special for me. I have got ambitious goals to accomplish this month. Mentioning them below.

    1. Complete and launch my first indie game.
    2. Build my personal website with all the blogs, journals and projects.
    3. Work and launch the IOT platform idea I have been thinking about since long.
    4. Find idea for and build a new product.
    5. Write around 10 blogs/online journal.
    6. Upload two videos a week. Videos of me coding new projects and documenting my progress and experiences.
      Help me validate my product ideas.
      Would love to know about your goals!
  39. 1

    I am working on growing my 📺 YouTube channel, where I make feedback videos for homepages, products and landing pages!

    • If you check my channel out, drop a reply with what you like or, better, you DON'T like about the idea/channel/execution/whatever

    @rosiesherry I think you meant to say "biggest goal for September" ?

  40. 1

    Finish up, a repo style list of exceptional PWA's 🎉

    I've recently posted about it:

  41. 1

    I honestly have no idea what I'm going to call it. But it's a habit-forming knowledge base so people actually read and write documents. My goals are to finish an MVP and market the hell out of it.

    Example Can be found here

    Currently taking name suggestions. 🤣

  42. 1

    Workign with beta users for Toggle Desk - If you know anyone managing semi-remote offices please feel free to pass it on (its free at the moment!)

  43. 1

    Working on

    This month is focused on building the MVP infrastructure. Mainly get in place:

    • Dependency upgrades
    • Code reviews and static analysis
    • Changelog generation
    • badges support
  44. 1

    I'm going to finally be launching Plaudy! 🎉

    It's a tool for tracking metrics that you actually want to display to your customers.

    I've been building an early access list for a month now and have ~25 signups that are waiting for the EA launch.

    I'm also working on my unmarketing newsletter this month, with the first issue coming out on Monday! It's focused on improving marketing for Indie Hackers, since it's a weakness of a lot of us.

    It'll be a busy month!

  45. 1

    Working on Motifs this month, helping developers and entrepreneurs get a head start on the frontend.

    Our goal isn't to just build UI Kits and Templates, but to also handle all of the painful parts of setting up a frontend project, connecting it to various backends, routing, navigation, authentication flows, etc.

    If there's something you'd like us to build for you, give us a shout!

  46. 1

    Last month:

    I explored and rejected an idea. See my post for more information. I consider this a huge success, since previously I would have spent 6 months failing instead of 3 weeks. The TL;DR is that I spent ~$150 vetting a commodity market. The market seemed like it would be a hard grind for very little money, and I wasn't even that interested in the product space.

    This month:

    The validation process was really helpful for me. I'm going to build a free online shareable calculator for it. My goal is to organize my thoughts on validation in a public place. I have a stretch of 11 days where I'm on vacation from work. Since I have nowhere to go, I'm going to build this. I will chat about it with other indie hackers and see if there's some second iteration that people want to buy: for example, would it be useful if it could auto-populate numbers from different types of audiences? If it could pull real data from Google Analytics / Adwords? If you want to chat about this or riff on ideas, my email is in my profile. Anyways, even in the worst case, I still want this calculator to exist!

  47. 1


    First, I am so jealous of all of you who know how to text URL link in IndieHackers. I've been trying to figure this out without any luck :)

    Second, I'm working on my new startup

      1. 1

        Amazing - Andrew you always deliver! Hope you are well.

    1. 1

      Takes a while to load but looks promising

  48. 1

    Working on growing -a per-pay-meeting sales platfrom. Sales reps schedule sales calls and companies only for quilified meetings.

    Focusing on making sure every customer is happy and adding more sales reps to the platfrom.

    1. 1

      How well do companies like this model over hiring full-time sales? Do companies prefer this model to hiring sales reps?

  49. 1

    This month I'll be continuing to work on Downtime Monkey.

    First up is more scaling of the monitoring engine to handle more users - the plan is to stay well ahead of new sign-ups without having to pay more for hosting - I could just throw RAM at it but where's the fun in that! This will involve tweaking parallel processing of monitors and making calls to the database more efficient.

    Also, so our users see something new I plan to get started on a new feature too - not sure exactly what yet. Maybe alerts to MS Teams or Hosted Status Pages - what do you think would be better?

    1. 2

      Do your users have opinions on whether MS Teams Alerts or Hosted Status Pages would be better? I imagine that they'd know better than we would.

      1. 1

        There have been a few requests for both from users and they are both on the dev list. I haven't surveyed users and time/effort wise it's probably easier just to pick one and do it... not critical but it's always good to have more input.

  50. 1

    Working on a newsletter that curates articles on topics I find interesting. It's a working progress but I enjoy this style of material persoanly so I hope its useful for others.

  51. 1

    This month is pretty important for Next Hangout

    Launching the MVP for community organiser tools including allowing community organisers to offer tiered memberships to their members.

    Hopefully can start selling at the end to small community owners on IG

    1. 1

      This seems like an interesting approach to online community organization. Best of luck with the MVP!

  52. 1

    I focus on increasing Retention - Rate, LTV and Install - Conversion - Rate for my App FAST - Calorie Counter using A/B testing. At the end of the month I will also make the food database available for all users (currently still in beta mode). I will mainly focus on quality and bug fixes.

    On the side I learn Angular and Typescript. Here I'm building a small website to read Exif - data from pictures. This is just a learning project. Btw, i hate Javascript / Web Development :D Typescirpt is a bit better but as a C# / Java developer it still feels strange. But I have to get used to it because I need the knowledge for new projects.

  53. 1

    I'm continuing to work on finding new users for Noora ( We're an all-in-one customer support platform (shared inbox for tickets, help docs, feature voting, roadmaps and changelogs). Think Intercom + Canny + Beamer for just $29/month. I've had little success getting anyone to run it for their projects on IndieHackers, but had some success by cold out reach in August.

    If anyone on IndieHackers would like to use it, I'm offering 30% off during September.

    1. 1

      Sound really good. Just downgraded my Intercom subscription because of the pricing, might give this a go instead. Any plans on supporting mobile apps?

      1. 1

        The plan is to roll out support for React Native first (so a simple package that lets you drop in the widget to your app). True native iOS and Android is a bit further out.

    2. 1

      This is pretty great! I'll keep this in mind for once I start transitioning into actual SaaS work. I honestly prefer this "message us via form" approach to the "chatbox that probably isn't connected to anyone unless it's a huge company" one that is so prevalent everywhere else.

      1. 1

        Yeah, for most smaller companies there is a negative impact to offering a "live chat" option. Users know they aren't going to get a reply because no-one is online.

    3. 1

      Intercom prices are eye-watering, what are you trying? LinkedIn cold outreach?

      1. 1

        Pretty much. That and reaching out to unhappy users on Twitter for Intercom (and other tools).

  54. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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