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    We are working on a review solution for products without a review system. You can collect reviews in an intuitive, delightful and detailed flows like uber or airbnb. We are still trying to figure out our way to reach potential customers. We shared here and there but no luck yet. I guess we need to try cold email approach. Not sure what else we can try at this point.


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      Hey there, ReviewFlow looks really cool! I'm working on http://tryhoist.com/, which is a similar concept, but with a focus on creator platforms. Would love to chat and exchange notes.

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        very interesting, absolutely. Sending you an email.

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      Your landing page is dope. Custom? Template? I need help with my landing page game...

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        Thanks :) We used umso.com for the landing page but the real magic was with our designs/mocks I guess; designed by one of the co-founders.

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      What I would like to see is a tool that would gather my reviews from the different platforms and post them on my website. I have reviews in facebook, linkedin, instagram, and it would be nice to be able to pull those to my website, perhaps with a message saying "review from x place". I think that could add more credibility to reviews in general, rather than me copy-pasting reviews from linkedin for example.

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        I think there are a few tools doing this already. Or have you not been able to find exactly what you need?

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      Not bad! Do you think that we could use our solution for paperless.io / SaaS product

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        That would be awesome. Would you be interested for a 20min conf call? Worst case we get to make another connection. :)

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          Sure why not - How can we link up?

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            can't send you message/email... please email me at [email protected]

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      The distribution part of SaaS is the hardest part... I'm still struggling with mine as well. This looks really slick though! So far I've had success with ReviewBolt.com with betalist and my first million facebook group. So maybe try there.

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      This is cool.
      If it can be embedded on the website as a widget, without touching code?

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        Thanks! It will be as simple as integrating google analytics into your website. And a few lines of code to make some API calls on your BE.

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      Cool idea. I can see how this could be handy and wish we would have had it at http://rockmyrun.com before we built our own.

      My question is : Don't most ecommerce sites use Shopify, or some other platform that has reviews built in? I would think you need to find products or services that would benefit from reviews but don't have them included in a platform they already use.

      Just my 2 cents!

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        Good question; e-commerce is definitely a market to utilise and we are thinking of publishing apps into those ecosystems.

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      I was able to connect with a few e-commerce managers a couple of months ago via LinkedIn/cold emailing. You should check out phantombuster.com

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        wow. This is world class 👌🏽

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        Thanks this is interesting.

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      Finding your first customers can be a real pain.. I launched my first product lately hoping for at least a couple of customers just to give me some motivation but nothing.

      I can add ReviewFlow to my tool list https://bootstraptoolkit.crd.co

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        Thank you! Well, I guess we can add it when we at least launch the alpha.

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          Sure! Let me know when you are ready!

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      Who can be your customer? website owner?

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        Yes, any website/app owners who might be selling products or services and want to gather reviews on them beyond just boring stars and text. :)

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      Looks good! Giving reviews is often kind of annoying. So if this makes it better, it's a win-win. Looks very simple to implement! Good luck.

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        That's exactly the idea! To make reviews fun!

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      Cool product! I think a lot of people here are more software/infoproduct type folks. Haven't seen too much ecommerce here which may be why :-) Are there other forums out there where ecommerce shop owners hang out?

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        You are right! We should look for an e-commerce forum. Thanks.

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    Great chatting on clubhouse last eve Rosie! Looking forward to the next one.

    What I'm working on:

    • We're building out the startup directories list for Submitjuice.com and expanding our focus to cover Newsletters, Podcasts and more to help startup founders launch and grow their startup. We're also going to start offering strategy sessions for launching on Product Hunt!

    • We're updating the database for GrowmySaaS.co (150+ growth and conversion strategies for SaaS startups) and hope to be at the 200 mark soon ;)

    • My biggest goal for February is to Grow Grow Grow 🚀.

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      Really Like GrowmySaaS! are you creating all of the strategies yourself or taking recommendations from users as well?

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        Thanks so much! Mostly curated - would love to take input from the community. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you had anything in mind :D

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      Big thumbs up for your directories list! I used it for my launch and it helped A LOT! Thanks!

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        @Pats thanks so much dude! :D Best of luck! And let me know if I can do anything to help.

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      I am liking Submit Juice! Very cool, help with Product Hunt launches is a great offering, I am submitting my project now!

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        That's brilliant! Looking forward to it :)

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      GrowGrowGrow is our goal at Swoop, an easy-to-implement password-free auth solution with MFA. I'm also the UX Designer so I have not been focused on growth as much. I'll share your resources with our Acquisition Team! 🚀

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      Hi! I’m new here, this indiehacking website looks exciting!

      About your website, my first thought: “awesome idea!”.
      Second thought: “SEO wise, is this dangerous for Google positioning?”

      I don’t have the answer on that. I assume it depends on the websites where you publish the content.

      What are your thoughts?

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      sounds awesome. I am interested in finding all mobile-first startups based in the UK. It that something your startup directory can provide?

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      Really great idea with Submitjuice.com. Love it.

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      GrowmySaas.co looks really promising! Definitely helpful for people who are starting out or needing to grow their company.

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    Type Studio all day long ✌️
    Basically working on the website performance & putting out some new content & preparing a Product Hunt launch.

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      Type Studio is badass!

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      Best of luck on the Product Hunt launch Michael! I run Submitjuice.com and would love to be able to help with your launch :)

      Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything that I can help you with.

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    Since no one has commented first I'll start! I'm working on a recently launched product called Time Trigger (timetrigger.dev), it's a point-in-time notification system and API to deliver JSON data to your backend at a specific time in the future. My goal for this month is to get some paying customers on board and refine the product so it's most useful for people :-)


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      Sounds like a very technical product! Where did you launch it? Good luck with reaching your goals!😊

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        Thanks! Yes its a solution for developers to make their lives easier for sure. I launched it very softly on Hackernews and here just to get some initial feedback :-)

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      Super interesting.

      Your page says "not cron" but one of the 2 examples is "process payments every month".

      I like the idea of this -- Is it basically "celery as a service" (or some other task queue)?

      Is the audience technical? (i.e. are you selling celery to developers) Or is it non-technical (find a way to let a marketer put some "if this then that" type logic with a delay after some initial event?

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        Hi @ezl and thanks! You're right the example about monthly payments it not such a great use cause - I'll change that. But yes you can think of it as a task queue that executes tasks only at certain times.

        The audience is technical - I needed this functionality in another project I am working on and decided to open the platform as a full product because nothing exists in the space like this far as I can tell!

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      Sounds interesting but what happends if thr code that's suppose to handle that "future event" changes or gets deleted entirely?

    4. 1

      sound like cron job, and seems like it should be very stable otherwise why using sass instead of your own implementation where you have full control. Good luck!

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    1. We launched our content marketing push last month and got 10x more newsletter subscribers compared to ALL of 2020, which was great. We're going to continue the push on this side of things, doubling down on what's working well.
    2. As we move more people into our acquisition funnel, we're seeing lots of drop-off between completing sign-up and creating your first OpinionX survey. This month we're going to figure out what the hell is causing this and fix it 👊👊👊
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      I can add your project on my list of tools on https://bootstraptoolkit.crd.co There are only 1-2 other survey tools in it so it might help!

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        That would be unreeeeal, thank you Pavlos!

        1. 1

          No problem mate! Happy to help!

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      How long did it take for Google to pick up your articles?

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        Google still haven't picked up our articles. We're driving nearly all of our website traffic by promoting our content on social media communities (Facebook groups account for the vast majority of it, even when we spread it across every social media platform we could find a relevant audience on). We're starting to see our SEO improve a little, but we've got a long way to go before we start winning organic search traffic.

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    Hi there!
    My friends and I am working on an idea we came up a few weeks ago this month! For us, researching for our travel is too annoying; I just want some good spots to visit. We want to basically get our next trip in just one click, no more research. So, we made a landing page and a website for this idea(https://loopit.dev/); just send us the place where you have no idea which spots to visit, and we will find a travel route for you! We wanna know your opinion about this idea! Please check out the landing page and send us some request, or you can contact me directly for more info!
    None of us has any background when it comes to interface design, so what we are wondering and would like to get your feedback on is the effectiveness of the landing page, can the feature and the intractability be clearly understood by users who first got to our website.
    TL;DR: If you are too lazy to research, just tell us a place of your choice, and we'll give you a travel route around that area; just follow it and have fun!

    1. 2

      A tough time to launch something like this with a fair portion of the world facing restricted travel due to Covid. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks! We will keep fighting for this!

        1. 1

          Keep fighting for it bro, find a way to adjust and adapt and you'll do fine.

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      Great idea for busy or lazy people! In terms of the landing page - could you add a small form or button, i.e. a list of cities people could choose (or add their own) from plus their general interests (food, history, outdoors etc)? That might help you to create and send them an itinerary they are really interested in.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the comment! We noticed that other people have also mentioned similar suggestions. It is definitely something we can include to improve user experience.

    3. 2

      Great idea! but how are you planning to scale it? I think the research process is manually done by you for now.

      1. 1

        Thanks for your reply! At an early stage like we are currently, we are trying to leverage this unsalable method to reach out and gather feedbacks. We simulate the experience through making a "wizard of Oz"/"fake it till you make it" page, but the platform we aim to create will be more automatic and scalable.

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    The main goal is to launch Audio-first community handbook on producthunt.


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    1. Continued upkeep ('BAU') of INF Club (this month, that's: blog/podcast/YouTube & Whereby events)
    2. Launching my 1st paid course: mastermind groups (I ran them - for free - last year as a 'pilot')
    3. Continuing to edit my 1st book, The Indie Author
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    Hey, I'm finishing our book - https://www.frontendunicorn.com/. It aims to help front-end developers grow from juniors to seniors.

    The release is tomorrow!!

    1. 1

      Love the landing page and that Pixie panel is magic. I've stop/started expanding my design skills into dev and kept your resources in mind by subscribing to your newsletter. Awesome work.

      (also: in the pixie panel update labirynths to labyrinths)

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    🏦📊 This weekend I built https://youneedaspreadsheet.com for connecting your bank accounts & credit cards to a google sheet, so you can get a feed of your transactions & balances for budgeting. It was a really fun project, I had a working MVP in just 2 days, and had my first paying customer on that 2nd day! I'm still waiting on my Google OAuth app to be approved, so there's a really nasty high-friction warning on sign in at the moment 🙄

    1. 1

      That's pretty awesome. I've had to download those manually in the past (or worse - years back, download PDFs and have virtual assistants convert them to spreadsheets).

      Keep up the good work, this is a great micro-SaaS concept!

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    We're working on positioning logology better. Even though we have customers that love us, most people don't seem impressed, and don't really understand our value. We might even end-up pivoting. Which me luck! 😅
    Oh and if you want to help: what do you find interesting / bad about our offering, after trying it out? It only takes a couple minutes and don't require signup, see our homepage.

    1. 1

      Hey there @dagorenouf - your service and offer seem great. Are you thinking of pivoting because the logo space is pretty crowded and it's tough for you guys to find some meaningful traction, or the service/offer is not sustainable?

      Some initial thoughts:

      • I'd lead with "We've figured out how to achieve a superior design through AI and automation for about a tenth of the price - almost like a one-on-one with a skilled designer"
      • I'd get rid of the $49 package and stick with $99 and $679
      • I'd remove the automatic discount and offer an incentive like 20% off or $20 off for subscribing to your email or for saving your progress
      • Do away with the "downloading samples" friction - just show the various files in a pop-up
      • A lot of the copy might be better in the blog - your homepage is busy - maybe place some of the copy behind a toggle or expander link

      After trying it out, I'd like to see you integrating a way of using my own ideas or sketches or colors - perhaps, offer a "start from scratch" or "I have Ideas" pathway. I'll carry on and keep you posted. Ciao

      1. 1

        Thanks sat, that's great feedback!

        • for the headline, we're really not about AI, more about "everything was made by a designer beforehand", so I'm not sure about it
        • package prices might be cleaner this way indeed!
        • oh wow, signup to get the $20 discount is actually very clever, much better than what we have now, awesome :)
        • interesting, I never saw sample files as friction. Maybe if you're on a mobile device it can get quite troublesome indeed...
        • yeah, we're gonna try a much shorter landing page, cool idea!

        We do have a "I have ideas" pathway, it's the last proposal in your list. We could do a better job of showcasing it though.

        Thanks a lot!

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    I'm working on SingleWave.io, a web push notification service.

    I created it because I needed a simple push service for a game I developed with my brother last year, and after building it for ourselves, I thought I could just turn it into a viable product. It just reached MVP with a Web-Push-only version, and will try to add mobile support later on.

    I know it's not a new idea, but I think there might be a market for a non-bloated push notification service, as long it's straightforward and affordable.

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    I'm going to wrap up and launch part 2 of my Building in Public Definite Guide, and that completes the mini project.

    But not so mini cause it took me 2 months and 10,000 words lol!

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    We are working on validating the idea as I need to reach those social media managers who are continuously having issues with the SMM tools and still are unable to find a tool that is suitable for them.

    The idea is - The agile Social media management platform that adapts to your current and changing needs.

    You can even check the website - https://teyzz.com/

    The problem that we're facing right now - What are the different channels and ways where i can reach my target audience (Social media managers and marketers).

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    Working on a new website for Draftss.com - Not entirely sure whether I should be going ahead with it because we received some really great reviews from customers who loved our website. So a little skeptical whether we should be moving ahead with the new update or not.

    Launching Codingss.com this week. Been working on it simultaneously along with other products that we are building. Would love some constructive feedback on this since we will be perfecting it in the next couple of days.

  16. 2

    Building Clubhouse for remote teams💬, Drop in audio talk lets teams Spark a conversation with a single click.

  17. 2

    I'm working to grow the email list for my finance project Revenue Research


    1. 2

      I started my first newsletter a week ago and I am very new to this. I would really love to hear how are you trying that!

      1. 2

        I'm mostly focusing on SEO which will pay off in the future.
        Stuff like title, sitemaps, RWD, no broken links.

        Then, I'm working on find places to promote. I used to go Reddit. Now I do HN, Growth hackers, and a few others.

        And I'm learning how to use TikTok, not joking.

        1. 2

          I heard TikTok has huge engagement! Good job on that

          1. 2

            Ya I'm still figuring out how to create posts. But, they have a finance community there so I figured it doesn't hurt to try it, right?

            My friend said I need to do 50 posts and I'll start to get more engagement. I'm doing 100 posts as an A/B test lol

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    Getting really close to launching Magic Login :). As usual building it end to end was more work than expected, I suppose I should expect that by now :).

    1. 2

      Having recently implemented a magic login link system for a project of my own, I appreciate how cool this is.

      This would have saved quite a few hours and headaches if it was available a few months ago.

      I'll be looking at this with my next project - so bookmarked.

      Best of luck with it.

    2. 2

      Looks really good though!

  19. 2

    I just finished my side project https://mysite.gg, a website builder for creators and influencers, this month I'm planning to promote it!

    1. 1

      Congratulations! It looks great. Just curious, what stack did you build it on?

      Thank you!

      1. 1

        PHP, Symfony for the backend and Bulma CSS with plain JS on the front, with mysql database

        1. 1

          Thanks for sharing, always learning

    2. 1

      Landing page looks nice. I had to pivot away from building a site builder after experiencing the difficulty of building a drag and drop system. Good luck to you

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    I'm working on sheetform.io (website is not up yet). It will turn any spreadsheet into a form.

    1. 1

      Sounds really interesting! Other than working on the prototype as you've said, any ETA for an MVP?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I should have a workable mvp by the end of the month. By my most optimistic calculations two weeks should yield something.

    2. 1

      What are your main goals for sheetform.io for this month? What are you hoping to achieve?

      1. 1

        My main goal is to get the prototype working with firebase. I have a prototype that works with formulas working as well, but I need to get a site up with firebase running the backend.

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    Working on a team and project management Tool.
    The tool will provide all pm management features ( a very long list), with the use of ML and small algorithms that give a score on team collaboration, motivation, and communication. As well as a new way to manage work without distraction.
    Actually, at 90% of the development process, we’ll start this February our month of beta testing. the launch is probably for the end of this month

  22. 2

    I'm attempting to do some sales for roadvote.io this week. 😬 The discomfort is real!

    1. 1

      It can be... 😅

      Just go in there with a can-do attitude, and you’re already halfway there :)

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    This month, Oco (ococrew.com) is launching its community. My goal is some meaningful engagement from current members and for the community to feel like a real community.

    Also I have to turn my Carrd into a Shopify +Stripe site so I can start selling Tshirts that I have on the way (they are cool!)

    1. 1

      Just checked out Oco's landing page. Love the idea behind it. I have some feedback for your landingpage: As a first time user of your website, I am not really sure what your project really is about. Your hero says "Oco makes reducing the CO₂ in our atmosphere simple." But how? Maybe consider adding "fund projects removing CO₂ from the atmosphere." to that sentence, so that is more clear? 😉

      As for me, I am super happy that my app store preview tool StorePreviewer got its first 3 customers 🥳. For this month, my plan is to focus on marketing and launching it on Product Hunt 🚀

      1. 2

        Hey Dominik, Great feedback. I did actually have that at the top and have seen a small drop in CR% as of late so will put that back in. I agree it is more descriptive of the project.

        1. 1

          Awesome. Glad I could help!

          1. 1

            Really appreciate it!

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    Late to the show, but still wanted to share what we are working on. We are working on a simple web app to create custom counters. You can display the counter on any device which has access to the web and you can update the counter value using UI or programmatically with a HTTP GET request. The counter can be used for anything you imagine, as long as it's a number - e.g. the number of pushups you have done this year, the number of days you have worked remotely, the current value of your investment portfolio.
    We actually launched in January, but there are still things to do...


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    I'm working on selling my no code templates and hopefully making a sale this month, I'd appreciate some feedback and or anyone interested in a template, for now I've only got Adalo and glide templates, I'm working on bubble and webflow templates soon. Here's the link to my landing page


  26. 1

    Finding new content for my website: https://universitybooks.io/
    Any feedback is welcome!

  27. 1

    I'm working on my first technical book, https://cutintothejamstack.com/ which teaches developers to build a SaaS product using a popular technical stack (Next.js, React, Prisma and other JavaScript tools - which fall into a category known as the "Jamstack").

    In parallel I'm building the app I'll be teaching developers how to build in the book. It's a photo gallery app meant to make it simple to add photos to a gallery collaboratively then share it.

    Feb goal is to get the photo gallery app in a feature-complete state, and polish off as much of the book content as possible, while building the email list. And hopefully getting feedback from subscribers.

  28. 1

    02-Jan-2020 — Happy New Year everyone! With every new month comes a new chance to talk about what you're working on and meet other founders.https://petdogsworld.com/

  29. 1

    Since our recent marketing site launch and updated service, we at Swoop, an easy-to-implement password-free auth solution with MFA, have been working on acquiring users for our product and more importantly beta users. If you're looking for beta users as well, I'd be happy to help you as well!

    Comment here or sign up to be a beta user. 🙌

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    I am working on a marketplace platform connecting muralist to legal and permitted wall space. Sort of like a AirBNB for walls, that will help facilitate and modernize the mural making process.

    This week: Working on all agreements, legal and accounting for the platform. Next week its a Livestream demo with artist on IG, all over the US.


    Excited to launch 3/31/2021

  31. 1

    I am working on a website that would show the complete history of a YouTube channel. I will use this data to launch a YT channel marketplace or a SaaS later when the site starts getting some traffic. Link: https://younetworth.com/

  32. 1

    Just released MVP of "Games with Gran" https://www.gameswithgran.com/ (simple games with built in video calling) as a web app.

    Feb goals

    • add Checkers (Draughts)
    • work out how to get the word out (yes I should have done this first but commercial success wasn't the driving force)
    • Implement as mobile app - possibly using Ionic.
  33. 1

    I will be working extensively on Analytics Tally. It allows you to share your website traffic data from google analytics with a simplified view. I have been working on it for the last few months and finally got my first paying customer on Feb 1.

  34. 1

    I am working on firefox extension to check the responsive of website by slider.


  35. 1

    Hi Rosie, great approach to promoting sharing. Also enjoying the Clubhouse Sunday chats.
    What I'm working on:

    • A tool to allow any app to verify mobile phone numbers without sending an SMS, link or OTP. It is way more secure that MagicLinks and 10x faster for customers! We shipped our Beta (called Magic2FA) this week for UK startups (will add other markets as we go).

    Check us out at https://bound.id

  36. 1

    I am working on platform called KaTang.io - Free Social Media Marketing

    KaTang is an end-to-end content marketing platform that facilitates co-branded content curation, aggregation, and distribution, all for free.

    We just launched 1st january. We are hoping to keep the platform completely free even the unlimited scheduling to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Some features include:

    Co-Branding on any content

    Content Library

    Lead Capture

    Social Media Scheduling

    Bulk Export of Leads

    Editorial calander

    The platform works very well on desktop we are working on releasing the mobile version very soon.


    Thank You.

  37. 1

    Releasing my first podcast episode of https://mobiledevcast.com this week 👋

  38. 1

    we're working on setting out the features for a d2c directory + service to help Ecommerce people called Shopped (https://www.shopped.design/). Also hoping to find a co-founder for the project this month. So if you know anyone that's into indie D2C, would love to be put in touch 🙌

    1. 1

      Hey @undefinedsiebe - I'm planning on a Shopify site for one of my projects - how do you differentiate from storetasker.com?

      Also, @Crosix seems to be in the Shopify space - might be worth connecting.

      1. 1

        Hello, @sat I am not sure what is @undefinedsiebe working on, it is not clear right away...but I think the main difference should be to focus on service-based instead of project-based.

        1. 1

          Hey @Crosix nice to see we're in the same space 🔥 you're right it's not really clear yet as we're still defining our offerings atm.

          I like the sound of what you're working on though, have you heard of tailry.com, they seem to have positioned themselves quite good!

          1. 1

            Yes, they are similar to the @sat example. I think there are few ways to differentiate from others:

            1. Subscription-based
            2. Service -lean more on security, optimization, expert...less than marketing, SEO
            3. Price - focus on small/medium businesses who can't have in a house guy.
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    Last year we built a prototype house that runs on renewable energy and grows its own food for under $25k. This month we are looking for land to build the first neighborhood on.


  40. 1

    I am working on consistency. Biggest goal for this month: 4 videos on my youtube channel :-)

  41. 1

    My partner Dan and I have been working for a couple of months on https://dotstar.media/ which is a service for businesses and PR companies to find out about media opportunities (print, tv, radio etc).

    We launched a couple of weeks ago so the big push at the moment is to contact prospects and encourage them to try out the service and to see how it can benefit them.

    Despite having a long background in PRTech and the media relations space, it's still nerve wracking.

    People are busy and new tech can be tough to hook on a cold approach. Yesterday's newsletter has given some tips on that though so we'll be trying some of those techniques.

    I've built the entire tech stack and had to bring my sysadmin-of-yore skills back up to scratch. It's been a fun project, though daunting at times. Doing the production release and getting it out there was an amazing feeling.

  42. 1

    Working on paperless.io - just restructured our website. If you have feedback we like to hear it - roast us if needed 🔥

    1. 1

      Great site - congrats. Just subscribed for updates

  43. 1

    I'm working on an app that helps people in the U.S. save for travel. It's called Sincerity . If you are someone who travels for pleasure then I'd love to ask you a few questions about how you save for travel :)

    Here's my calendly link.

  44. 1

    In January, I shipped an informational product of LearningInTech called LearningInTech Kit which is a huge pool of resources to learn new technologies aka done for you research.

    This month, I will work on a new project, a new problem to be solved!

  45. 1

    Wish list & gift idea registry app

    I'm satisfied with the product and now I'm tackling promotion. I'm running AdWords ads to see what they will bring and next I'm planning to run FB/Instagram as this channels seems to fit this app better.

  46. 1


    I'm working on ReviewBolt.com

    My biggest goal this month is to launch out of alpha. Basically it's review 100,000 company profiles and showcase their Google Spend + Facebook Ads + Growth Metrics all in one place.

    The goal is to optimize for Google Searches [Product] + review terms. And then implement a nice pay for more information feature to hopefully monetize some of the traffic.

  47. 1

    Django + Vue SaaS starter kit: Get Django SaaS

  48. 1

    Continuing to work on the insight report for those users who complete the self-improvement program (human-matter.com/labs). The first version looked very nice, but was 80% manual process. We're now working with coda.io, but have to rethink the charts and text analytical part.

    I also need to post our new post on social media.

  49. 1

    Finalizing the backend of impactrecipe.com. Looking to launch the platform in a couple of weeks. Adding a few more resources to the platform and recording the fist podcast for the platform as well this week.

  50. 1

    I myself often went wrong with positioning products. That's why I read April Dunford's Obviously Awesome. I'm working on a tool that uses that framework to structure my thoughts for future products.


    1. 2

      This is cool. Starting with competitive alternatives is key..

      1. 1

        If you want to give it spin yourself: https://site-nine-mu.vercel.app

        Let me know if this is useful to you!

  51. 1

    I'm working on my startup https://kviky.com - online boat rental software.

    At this moment I prepare:

    • New multilingual website
    • Final features for MVP
    • Initial launch

    Especially launch part seems to be like neverending story to me :), but I try to fulfill only the most important goals and go to the customers in the middle of this month.

    1. 1

      What's with the name?

  52. 1

    Hello, thanks for this cool thread!

    I'm currently working on a new chat demo.
    It will be full-size web application that shows what you can build using my react chat components.

    The Previous small demo is available here https://chatscope.io/demo/, but is not connected to a real chat server.
    However the new application is connected to the server and allows you to chat in real time with other logged in users.

    And there will be one extra cool AI feature :)
    I will post the details as milestone soon.

  53. 1

    I'm building https://hanami.run. A service to forward email from your own domain to personal inbox. I think it's very useful for start-ups founder to get started with email really quick without configuring gsuite, zoho, fastmail etc.

    For advanced users, it supported webhook so developers can build workflow around email to process incoming email via webhook. We built http://pix.fastloop.xyz/ to demo this webhook feature. Email a picture to [email protected]xyz and it will show up on http://pix.fastloop.xyz/

    My goal for february is to get SMTP and CLI support. Right now we only have ability to forwarding email and when people reply, the reply come from their personal address, which kind of destroy purpose of having your own domain at first place so I'm working hard on that.

  54. 1

    Connecting people around nightlife and travel, with Super Locals:

    This month I’m refining the community platform (built with cirlce.so) together with Founding Members. It’s coming together, and am planning on opening up to more.

    I've been deliberately building slowly, and with the community, but I feel it's almost ready and would love to reach at least 50 members this month (stretch goal 100).

    Nightlife + Travel - I've been working in this space, in various forms, for almost 10 years!

    I tried the startup way - raised funding for my startup Party with a Local. A free app that great to 250k users. Got into Techstars. But we needed millions (of users & in funding).

    I tried at a big company in Airbnb - I was leading the Nightlife category of Experiences globally, leading a huge global marketing launch. That was cut short by covid.

    Both times I was aiming for the moon. Both times I didn’t make it. Both times I felt I didn’t have much control over the outcomes.

    I now believe there’s a 3rd way. The Indie Hacker way! Building in public, building with your users, generating revenue early on. I'm excited to be part of this community! Constantly inspired by what you're all working on and sharing!

    1. 2

      Super cool idea, Dan. Looking forward to following along!

  55. 1

    Hey Indies! This month we'll be launching the closed beta of http://beta.fitsquadapp.com - an Android/iOS app that is all about using team dynamics to help people stay motivated to be active 🤜🤛

    From hilarious daily GIFs 😂, to head-to-head team competitions🏆 , to weekly awards 🏅and all the emojis you can handle, it's you've never had more fun tracking your activity with friends & family.

    Excited to finally exit our alpha stage! 🤞 we'll hit our goal of 50 sign-ups in the next 6 weeks

  56. 1

    This month the plan is to tackle retention a bit more before we change the iOS private beta into public beta!

    We're a language learning game, but we dont have a way to review content yet. I hope to get a fix for that. We've went through many discussions after an RFC https://polygloss.app/posts/build-together-quick-play-review/ and it would be awesome to get the implementation done by the end of the month.

    Other than that, I want to continue the onboarding of a junior dev, and adjust to less time dedication for this project, because I have been working on it full time in the past months, but on the 15th I start a part time job.

  57. 1

    I am working on my android app. Which is a meditation app.
    I need some genuine feedback on my work.
    If someone give me feedback on my work it will be an inspiration for me.

    App link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wowvio.relaxio

  58. 1

    Hey hackers! 👋
    I am working on https://flowdash.ai - Simply put we're an onboarding solution for apps with zero engineering involvement.
    Built the MVP for web in January so this month will be:

    1. Polishing the MVP,
    2. Selling to early adopters.
    3. Write that blog post which I have been wanting to write for months now on the company blog!

    Flowdash is especially usefull for SaaS apps who want to onboard their customers properly & never lose them, or for folks looking to convert more users from trial -> paid 🚀 !

  59. 1

    Just released and continuing to work on a collaborative web IDE. As of the moment, it's geared towards technical interviews, debugging, and short sessions rather than actual development. I'm still trying to find the ideal use case and what features to build on it.


  60. 1

    I'm working on the MVP version of the pet social network. Improving UI/UX on mobile applications and integrating Kubernetes on back-end API.

  61. 1

    I made www.recruiterghosting.com . It's a barebones platform to anonymously rate recruiters who ghost you

  62. 1

    I'm working on a low latency streaming video service for a niche market. I have two partners who work int he industry and I'm doing the coding myself and with a few contractors. We're a little early for public product feedback (we have a circle of paying clients helping out) but I'm starting to look into launch planning, and marketing page guidance and other necessary steps once we're "public".

  63. 1

    I'm working on a 🤓💌 tech newsletter directory, techyletters.io

    I am hoping to add a discussion feature, blog and a growth and monetization kit for newsletter creators.

    If you have a tech newsletter please submit it to the Directory to get some new eyes on your content. And if you have any suggestions on what features I should add, that would be very helpful!

  64. 1

    I am working on https://requestit.io trying to finish up the last few features for the MVP launch.

    I am also trying to finalize the copy and share content, but that proving difficult as I am not a very good marketer!

    1. 1

      I look forward to the copy! It will be good to know what it can do.

  65. 1


    Shared/Curated bookmarking for teams.

    Last month was the sprint to reboot development efforts and make it fully functional.


    This month I setup the blog and start outlining use cases, curating directories for industry verticals, and demonstrating the utility of this thing.

    Content marketing 101, I have no idea what I'm doing. LOL

  66. 1

    I’m building the MVP for my journal app, GlowAndGrow.

    Reflective Journaling, the way it was meant to be.

    Reflect on something you glowed at, and what you can grow at! 🌱

  67. 1

    Continuing to build and market Hoist (tryhoist.com) - a social proof management platform for creators selling digital products. Currently support Gumroad but hoping to expand support to other platforms this month. Biggest goal for Feb is to have 50 creators using Hoist.🤞

  68. 1

    We are in the process of running our first Build In Public Challenge over at Backendless! In the competition/hackathon, users are challenged to build a clone of a social network in just two weeks.

    There's still time to join if you want to participate! Top 3 prizes include up to a year of free Backendless service. Registration closes February 3rd and the contest runs until February 14th.

    It's a great way to learn our platform - one of the few no-code platforms with a full frontend and backend builder!

    1. 1

      Hey Chris! That's pretty sweet. Good luck!

  69. 1

    Having recently completed a landing page that feeds into a registration flow aimed at experimenting with early marketing and capturing potential interested customer, I'll be moving on to developing some of the core features and slowly releasing content articles.

    Specifically this month, I'll be building the main application dashboard for creating and instantiating Pipeline entities (aka. node-graph workflows that manage work in progress & publish files). My stretch goal will be building a desktop application that creates local facsimiles of the domain model where users would be working on files.

    It won't be useable this month, but I'll be aiming to have the majority of the core domain mapped out and logically compatible with the next phase of development.


  70. 1

    I have started a gag candle business themed around funny ways to make light of life's toughest problems called Life is Wax. My goal for Feb is to test my idea by doing a demand test to see if my copywriting and product design is a fit for my market. Currently I am trying to create a buyer's persona to craft the story of my product's copywrite. Can anyone recommend tools where I can see the demographics of the traffic on my competitor's website? I tried Alexa but they seem to have removed the tool that breaks down the audience analytics.

    1. 1

      Sem rush is good but I think it's paid

  71. 1

    I'm working on our plans for 2021. Were also hiring another senior role. It's hard to know what 2021 will be like. I've got to get back to presenting our pitch deck for our pivot.

  72. 1


    👋 Welcome to The Technophile's Daily Gripe,

    a place to share your tech annoyances, frustrations, and stories.

    👍 Do you love technology and gadgets?
    ✋ Are you an early adopter?
    🤘 Do friends and family refer to you as an Apple Genius?

    🤬 Are you frustrated by random, unexplained smart home occurrences?
    🤷‍♂️ The only advice you can provide someone is, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

    I'm working on a daily newsletter sharing a tip or solution to tech gripes. It's also a way to practice my writing and hopefully improve by the end of the month!

    📈 My goal is to increase the subscriber base by 10% this month and to signup four paid subscribers.

    Thank you!

  73. 1

    Writing on how developers can start and run Software Agencies at https://www.devtoagency.com.

    I a building up a good list of inspiration (and actually had a Zoom call with a fellow indiehacker last week!) - and this month I am starting a series on my experience will Sales.

    But my real problem is I need to start focusing on subscribers...
    I think writing long articles into "the void" will eventually wear me down, so I should start thinking more about how to get eyeballs as opposed to writing words :)

    1. 1

      It would be great to have a list of agencies that have a heritage of being started or run by engineers. I started my career at one and it helped me grow as a designer so much. I could set up an introduction if you like.

      1. 1

        Interesting! Do you mean as opposed to agencies that are started by non-tech people?

        1. 1

          Yep yep. I've done time at a few agencies and ones that are run by former engineers or very technical people is very different from say a leader with a history in sales.

          1. 1

            Totally! I have never really thought of it that way - but I think myself being a software engineer and the CEO was probably a positive factor. Be great to get a link to your previous company :)

  74. 1

    I am working to re-launch translationcloud.com as a universal PDF translation tool.

    Anyone wants to invest?

  75. 1

    My goal for this month is to reach 200 tools goal for https://bootstraptoolkit.crd.co (76 to go!)

    I also started a new project today, which I aim to launch until the end of the month. It's about validating business ideas. You can take a minute and fill this survey if you want to help!

    1. 1

      Be sure to check out Backendless! We'd love to be included in your toolkit :)

      If you want to try us out, we're running a free contest right now where you can win a year of free service.

  76. 1

    Continue working on my first sass project to generate micro-landing page for mobile apps: https://falcon9.web.app, where you can generate landing page from your appstore/googleplay listing and add extra details.

  77. 1

    I'm working on a new version contterio.com with editor and another features. I'm going to publish on PH in a month.

    1. 2

      Congrats Andrey! Be sure to let the community know of your progress :)

  78. 1


    ⭐️ Extending the coding challenge library to cover more interview scenarios.
    🎯 Level-up the candidate experience in terms of the amount of time they get to spend completing their coding interview.
    📢 Some outbound sales targeting my ideal customer profile to bump up MRR.
    📸 Content marketing (new features, developer interviewing, bootstrapping) to strengthen my SEO positions and generating inbound leads.
    🏗 Adding a couple of web app features to further sharpen the hiring team's experience.

  79. 1

    Trying to work out how to send crashes to crashcatch.com from iOS devices. More complicated than I expected and trying to get users to sign up to Crash Catch.

  80. 1

    Working on the version 2.0 of my product MockMagic. A simple, high resolutions mockup generator. Coming features are support for backgrounds, animating designs (GIF) and portrait/landscape switching.

    Trying to get access to more users, use cases and ideas to make this more useful. The abstract idea is to make it possible for non-designers to present their products (designs, code snippets, etc..) in a attractive way, without the hassle.

    Any ideas or places to get feedback are welcome!

    1. 1

      Awesome product! Would be great if you can drag and crop the uploaded image to avoid having to go into design software and get the right upload size. This would also be super helpful for me if I could mock up social posts/ads.

      1. 1

        Dragging/cropping is on the list for 2.0, requested several times, so we have to ;-).

        Mockups for social posts or ads will be possible in another new feature 'layouts', which makes it possible to make great looking designs for your product in less than a minute. Is this what would be helpful for you or did i understand you the wrong way?

  81. 1

    I'm focused on building new Go courses for my site and adding additional value to the new subscribers.

    I also want to improve the existing courses on my site and ensure the additional educational resources are looking good to complement the courses.

    1. 1

      Neat! I’m a Frontend dev looking to learn backend too, and one of the languages I thought of learning was Go. Do you have a link to your site?

      1. 1

        Hey! It is TutorialEdge.net, I have a tonne of free content up there around Go so I hope it helps!

  82. 1

    I'm building Fastur.

    A self-serve ad platform inspired by Pieter's ad system that earns over $1 Million/year.

    This month I'll complete the stripe integration and complete the ad Dashboard.

    This will make me ready for a beta launch.

  83. 1

    I'm working on finishing up the frontend for my MVP that is all about translating videos into different languages. So you have for example an input video which has recorded audio of an English speaking person and you get out the same video but with the audio content translated to french for example.

    1. 1

      Sounds like a great tool. All the best for your project. Make sure to market it well for people to realise it's actual potential.

  84. 1

    Continued work on Producer:

    • More backend APIs
    • Integrations with YouTube and Twitter
    • Start on frontend

    Continued Maintenance mode on ListenAddict

  85. 1

    Hey 👋
    I'm working on hmnfriendly, not fully launched yet, but it's a service that audits your websites or products for UX/UI issues. My goal is to help clients fill up their backlogs with practical UX/UI fixes that have measurable impact. My last project for a Fortune company increased eCommerce conversions 3x and I'm hoping to bring that same kind of impact for small businesses.

    1. 1

      The website is clear. Not sure why there is a sign-in button, assuming for sharing of reports with clients. I'm assuming the audit is done by humans (based on the price tag).

      1. 1

        Thanks for the reply! The client is given a dashboard where they and their team can access the audit but we also provide exclusive articles, support, and we are working on a way of sharing a library of audits to premium members. The audits are performed by a small team but the price is definitely something we go back and forth about. Any suggestions haha?

    2. 1

      I love the name ha!

  86. 1

    This month I am embarking on Month Two of the Startup in a Month challenge! Some of you may be familiar with Pieter Levels, who did a similar project back in 2014 which culminated in remoteok.io: https://levels.io/12-startups-12-months/

    The basic idea is to build, promote and release a whole startup product in one month flat, start to finish. Whatever you end up with at the end of the month becomes your MVP, you release it into the world, and see if it makes a splash. If it gets traction, great! Your idea has product-market fit, and you can pick it up and build it out more. If it doesn't go anywhere, then you can chalk it up as a learning experience for next time, and rest easy in that you didn't invest a ton of time into a flawed/failed idea.

    I started my own journey on January 1 this year, and just finished a wrap-up post for how it went. You can check it out here: https://startupinamonth.net/month-one-wrapup/

    1. 1

      Awesome I'm joining you! See my post about it

      I started a bit later, namely 25th of January, so I still am working on the first one: FriendTime. Just finished a POC for a simple landing page

      For the rest of February I will finish FriendTime and do a lot of marketing for it until 25th of February, then I will start with my second startup idea!

      1. 1

        Ha, that's a cool idea for an app! Once upon a time I tried to simultaneously roll my own "friend CMS" and cut ties with Facebook by making a bunch of Google Calendar event reminders for friends' birthdays, but the overhead for making all those events and managing them is fairly intense.

        Signed up for notifications, I'll be interested to check out your progress! Good luck man. Are you going for a whole year too?

    2. 1

      hey Andy! Just visited your website and noticed that the link to your youtube channel is broken. It accidentally adds an extra "." at the end.
      Good luck with this month's startup!

      1. 1

        Woof, thanks for the heads up. The dangers of copy/paste eh 😅

  87. 1

    I'll continue working on Stackprint, the plan for this month is to write a few more blog posts about building APIs and add a few more features that have been in the pipeline for some time now.

    I'm also hoping to complete the PoC for my next side project in the cloud-gaming space this month.

    1. 2

      That looks interesting and potentially useful for me in the future.

      Is the goal to make life easier for developer, or to help those with limited coding skills?

      1. 1

        Ideally both :) Currently my target audience are mostly developers with more of a frontend background but I'm also using Stackprint to build other side projects myself and add features that are useful for me as an experienced developer.

        1. 1

          Thanks for the info. My coding knowledge isn't sufficient to understand directly how it works. I have come across APIs and have a 'feeling' that your product coud/will be useful in the future.

          1. 1

            I wrote a small tutorial on how to use Stackprint for a web app here: https://stackprint.io/post/how-to-build-a-web-app-in-15-minutes Maybe that gives you a little bit of a better idea of how it all comes together.

  88. 1

    I have a short list of product ideas that I have been brainstorming on, and my goal for this month is to winnow it to a single idea that I can pull the trigger on. Meeting with Rosie and expecting BIG THINGS (;-)) on that front.

    1. 1

      Are you looking at simple B2C products?

      1. 1

        No, not entirely. One is a physical consumer product, others are "community based" in some way, shape or form that can be monetized in several ways.
        What is a "simple B2C product"?

        1. 1

          Interesting. I was referring to any consumer goods essentially

          1. 1

            Yes, so one is oriented that way...niche, not inexpensive. But scratching an itch.

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