What are your best domains?

Since we are often coming up with ideas, I'm assuming people also have a collection of domains that have piled up over time. I love seeing what domains others have. Here are mine: https://zephie.com/kylemccollom

  • commona dot com
  • sykuno dot com
  • zephie dot com
  • scanforwifi dot com

P.S. Starting to build this product (Zephie - display your domain collection and discover others) in public: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/zephie. Follow along!

  1. 3

    My fave is refer.codes (I also have refercodes.com) where I host an app for sharing referral codes with your friends.

    Short, sweet, to the point, gets good SEO, and allows for nice short profile URLs for my users (e.g. refer.codes/jeff). When naming projects, for me it often comes down to "what can I get the .com for".

    I'm liking Zephie! Fun to see what domains other have. https://zephie.com/jeffbowen

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