What are your core beliefs/ your ethics?

I like the idea of having a moral compass that guides your decision-making in a personal and professional environment. Studying the Elon Musk autobiography it is often pointed out that Musk is able to decide rationally and quickly even under high pressure. I'm convinced that this is due to his deeply rooted ethics and goal setting.

What do you think? - What are your ethics/ beliefs/ goals that help you make decisions?

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    My core belief is that technology should be an equalizing force that inverts power structures.

    That means no dark patterns and no spying on users. It means not supporting companies that exploit others, even if the alternative is more annoying or expensive. And it means building products that empower people, not giant corporations.

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      Interesting one! In what way do you act on your maxim? Or in what way do you plan to act on it? :)

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