What are your favorite startup blogs?

You know those slick company blogs? The pristine, almost aseptic ones with elegant design and stock photos. They look like luxury items or content by Instagram influencers. They're updated once in a blue moon, if ever. And, when updated, they read like SEO or inspirational fluff.

Those are the blogs I skip.

I prefer more geeky and informative blogs with practical value. Those with concrete content and informal design. What are your favorite startup blogs? What do you value in these blogs?

I'll go first. I love the blog of Replit, a development, deployment, and collaboration environment in the cloud. They post frequently about product and feature updates, company culture, platform infrastructure and design, resources, their team and hiring process, events, case studies, and more.

  1. 1

    lol. this is cool. that's a good one! i mostly follow individuals... like godin and such. and a lot of newsletters now, like casey newton's.

    1. 2

      Maybe we're so used to tune out those useless company blogs we focus on individuals.

      1. 1

        there's truth there.

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