What are your favorite typefaces to use on your landing pages?

I'm a fan of Rubik and Karla (Google fonts). In fact, I have a hard time getting away from them to try something different!

What are some typefaces you like? What are some landing pages you know of that have made really good use of typefaces?

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    Rubik and Karla are nice! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can use them as an alternative to my two favorites: Lora and Lato.

    I love using a serif font (Lora) for headers, to give them a bit more authority. Lato is a very clean font I mostly use for body texts.

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      Yes, I typically avoid serif fonts. But I see serif more and more on some great landing pages.

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    The truth is that the Google fonts apart from the convenience are super helpful because Google can read it faster and thus your landing page speed is optimal. If you try to implement custom fonts there is a higher chance that Google will have some tougher luck.

    It may sound like a little but can have an impact on your site's performance. Keep that in mind when you add different fonts to the equation.

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      Yes, I use Google Fonts for everything. But are there any Google Fonts you particularly like?

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        Personally, I am a huge fan of Helvetica, Raleway, and Anton. What about you?

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    Montserrat and Open-Sans

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    On our last landing page we went with Inconsolata and I must say I love it.

    But it is like ember, burned slowly close to my heart ;)

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