April 30, 2019

What are *your* favourite questions to ask on a sales call?

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Recently I had a few founders reach out with basically the same challenge:

I'm getting people to accept sales calls. But they don't convert to becoming a customer... even when they sound excited on the phone !

This problem normally comes down to you not knowing enough about your customers. Which is a result of not asking enough/the right questions!

So I put together a quick video/article highlighting some of my favourite questions you should be asking on sales calls but probably aren't...

But I'm sure I'm missing some amazing ones I don't know about yet. IHers who've made some sales before, what are your go-to questions to ask on a sales call? #ask-ih

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    What have you tried before? Why didn't that work out?

    1. 1

      Awesome question! Can't believe I forgot it!

  2. 1

    How do you measure success / what does success look like for you?

    Btw, thanks for making this. Great timing, too, as May will be a sales heavy month for me.