What are your giving goals?

Why give?

I've read more self-improvement books than I'm proud to admit. Some great, some not so great. I've noticed there is a common thread among them for finding true happiness.


One of these threads is having a strong sense of connection and belonging to individuals and communities. The shortcut to a meaningful connection: giving.

The secret to living is giving

This may sound a bit of fluffy to you (it does to me) and you may be asking why you should care.

Getting value

Having read a lot of business books (that I should be proud to admit?), I've found they also have their common threads:

Give value, get value

However, simply thinking of your connection with communities and individuals as way to transact value feels a bit gross to me. I can't think of it as a real connection and wouldn't get a sense of joy or fulfilment from it.

I believe to feel a sense of connection from giving, you need to see it as an extension of your identity. You need to give generously and with a sense of purpose.

Always give more then you expect to receive.

Today I'm joining the Indiehacker community and committing to giving more. In doing so, I raise the question:

What are your giving goals?

For myself, it's been a while since I've been actively contributed to an online community, I'd like to kick-start that again and start making new meaningful connections. For you, it could be giving to your users, family or friends, communities, anything.

Here are two communities I'm a part of and my goals for them:

Laravel/Vue.js community


  • Blogging biweekly about my learnings
  • Contribute more to open-source projects
  • Continue working on the free version of my saas


Currently: The first post :)
Goals: (biweekly to start)

  • Contribute to discussions
  • Create a discussion on something I find important
  • Share my journey, building and selling a product
  • Make new connections with fellow IndieHackers - Give me a follow :D
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