What are your goals?

Hey everyone! This is my first, of hopefully many, posts and I gotta be honest with you: I have a double motive for asking you this question.

On the one hand, I'd love to see what you guys dream about and aspire to, maybe event change some of my own (Is setting goals a skill?). On the other hand, I'm building a time management tool where people can set their own goals and link them with the time spend every week. I think it would be great to present the user with examples of goals, it can be quite daunting if you haven't thought about it deeply.

I'm also interested in your thought process and the evolution of your thinking in this matter.

I'm eager to read your comments :)

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    My biggest goal right now is to get my insomnia under control.

    This past week waking up refreshed around 7 am has been LIFE CHANGING for me.

    I've been struggling with this shit since I was 18, and all I had to do was wake up and go to bed earlier. If only I knew this 6 years ago...

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      That’s a really great goal to have! Have you been able to keep up with it? I’m always trying to wake up early but I’ve never been able to keep it consistent for weeks or months.

      I guess you are right, it’s all about going to bed, not about waking up...

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        Not really lol. I have had a weird sleep pattern these past few days, sleeping normal one day and 3 hours the next and repeat :(

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          And I hat would you say is the main reason you sleep 3 hours on those days?

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            I have no idea. Probably sleep anxiety and trying to "force" myself to sleep

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    Seems like I'm building something similar - I'm working on checklists. The idea is that you can set up some goal (like drink less or make more physical activity ) and then track your progress over the whole year and have a nice graphical representation of it.

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      Thats cool! Which is you target audience? Do you have a working demo?

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        My target audience should be pretty wide. Everyone who would like to track their progress on any goal and have pretty visualization on it. I made some primitive landing page here http://checkie.me, it may explain the point of my service a bit more.

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    I like the concept of your product idea. But are you talking about handling your personal objectives or your company? I think it needs to be handled differently. I will speak about personal goals ahead.

    I like goals because if you don’t have them you get to places randomly-which some people may find it fun- but if you want to get somewhere in particular is good to establish it as a goal and a tool that brings some process to it could be useful.

    A year ago I wrote objectives for the next 20 years. With a monthly breakdown, in a spreadsheet. That was probably too much 😅

    I now am more simple, and have 1 important objective (ej: build a new startup) and I schedule time to work on it on my Calendar. Then I have other secondary objectives that could come and go (ej: learn italian).

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      Oh yeah, I should have clarified that the app is for self-management, there's no collaboration.

      WOW! That's some serious planning :P Did you write down goals for each of the 12 x 20 months? In each month you had one goal of multiple? Do you have health related goals?

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        Yeah.. it gives you a serious view of how short life really is.. maybe you should use it...

        I have removed the spreadsheet. It was probably too frustrating because I was too ambitious and I figured out I couldn’t make it. But it had a row for every month of the year during those 20 years.

        Most of the objectives that I can recall were related to building companies, traveling or even writing a book 😅

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