What are your goals for today?

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    Dude, this headline is misleading people.
    Taking some sort of action for "today" like eating dinner is not a goal.
    A goal can be seen in a long perspective like:
    Get 100 email subscribers on my email list in a week
    Create and publish 30 blog posts in 30 days
    and etc.

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    Hi Nick !

    My goals of the day were :

    Continue to work on my personal website

    Continue to think about the way I can come up with a side project

    What about you ? Did you achieve your goal ? :)

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      Productive goals my friend. What specific are you working on for your personal website? Getting up and running or making improvements?

      I am still working towards mine. Right now I have one of 3 pages setup to use the API requests to load my data. Just 2 more to go.

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        Yep, I'm building it from scratch! I'm using Figma for the wireframes and Webflow for the launch.

        Sounds great ! Just saw the homepage of Bommerang.link and I must admit that the value proposition is interesting :)

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          Nice. Anything to share with the world yet? What is your site going to be for? Are you going to post articles or is it a portfolio site or what?

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            Not for the moment but I will probably make a post when the site is published!

            Of course there will be my work, but more than that I want my site to be the place where people will be able to know more about me : what I love, what I want to do in the future, what I’m actually doing...

            Also, I'm thinking of doing a newsletter with a "build in public" approach (and add a link in my website) where I will share the progress of my projects with an audience

            And finally, I want to add a Calendly button to give people the possibility to know more about me, to discuss about a particular subject etc.. :)

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