What are your server costs for hosting your Product? [Poll Added]

Please share your server costs per 1M requests in the following format

Cloud Platform : Digital Ocean/ GCP / AWS / Render ...
Cost/Million Requests : $X
Rest API Based Backend : Yes/No
Major Cost : Api Gateway/Caching/Egress/Compute/Dev Ops
Avg. Cost per Call: $X
Product : (optional)

Update: Changed from Cost per User to Cost per Call.


Which part of your tech stack costs high?
  1. API Gateway
  2. Rate Limiting
  3. Caching
  4. Egress
  5. Serverless
  6. Database
  7. DDoS Protection
  8. Maintenance(Dev Ops staff)
  1. 2

    Which part of your tech stack costs high?
    None of those? I mean all of those are really easy, once you decide to do them. The major costs are:

    • How to set up security correctly
    • Selecting integration SaaS providers and hooking them up
    • Find the right companies to sell to

    Tech is not the expensive part. But if you want the most expensive part, it is cross-region architecture management, application state flow, and user access permissions and authentication integrations. (This last one is special for us because we have to integrate with all the AuthN providers, and most of them-Auth0, Firebase, Cognito, Azure...- all have major off-spec set up).

    Cloud Platform: AWS
    Cost/Million Requests: We use lambda pretty heavily, but also have some fix costs based on scale.
    Rest API Based Backend: Yes - Of course
    Major Cost: Step Functions
    Avg. Cost per User: We charge by API Call ~$0.0011/per call (per user is almost always wrong)
    Product: Authress IAM

      1. 1

        Something in particular you are looking to learn about?

        1. 1

          As of now we are evaluating the server costs and
          currently I see Rate Limiting as the highest cost factor (i'm on gcp). Cloud flares service costs $5/Million requests. So looking for alternatives if any exist.

          1. 1

            depends on how and more importantly why, you want to rate limit. but on AWS it,s $0~7/month, almost irrelevant of scale.

            1. 1

              We see rate limiting required to avoid brute force attacks and also faulty client implementation with our sdk. Lets say if sdk user accidentally calls in a for loop.

              Do you see any solutions for these?

              1. 2

                Cloudflare or aws cloudfront (with aws WAF). Both of them are basically free.

                However you should also evaluate how much that "faulty" ness will cost. If it will cost you $1/day. We wouldn't write anything. If it might cost you $1000/day (obviously revenue dependent), then investing in these things would be important.

                1. 1

                  Thats an interesting way to look at it and makes sense. Let me find out the possible costs.

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    Cloud Platform : Self managed Kubernetes cluster in Hetzner Cloud
    Cost/Million Requests : I don't have figures in cost/M requests because I don't have anywhere near that much traffic yet... but Hetzner Cloud is pretty cheap so my cluster (7 servers) costs me just 70 euros per month.
    Rest API Based Backend : No, it's a Ruby on Rails monolith
    Major Cost : Not tech related. I think accounting is the biggest cost for me now. All expenses for the project total 193 euros per month at the moment.
    Avg. Cost per User: Around 2.7 euros per month.
    Product : https://www.dynablogger.com/ - it's a simple blogging platform :)

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      Thanks for the sharing! Your platform is great!

      1. 1

        Thanks! Very kind of you, I appreciate :)

    2. 1

      I thought of creating a blogging platform like dynablogger and spent alot of time in market research, but ventured into something different. If you want feedback or suggestions feel free to contact me.. I will share my market research.

      1. 1

        I can't find how to message you here lol

      2. 1

        That's awesome, I'll DM you :)

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    Cloud Platform: Heroku 3x dynos (1 backend API, 1 backend worker, 1 frontend)
    Cost/Million Requests: $N/A - I've only had ~810k requests in the last 30 days.
    Rest API Based Backend: Yes
    Major Cost: Database
    Product : https://www.listenaddict.com/

    1. 1

      810k requests with free dynos? Or Am I missing something?

      1. 1

        Oh, I forgot to put it in. $30/month. But I haven't hit 1M in a single period yet.

        1. 1

          Thanks for sharing! All the best for your product :)

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