Growth August 8, 2020

What can I do to increase direct conversion?

Shushrut Mohanty @Shushrut1996

I run a productized service and usually customers like to speak to me before they gain trust and buy even if I offer trial/money-back guarantee. Fortunately our churn rate has been 0%.

Do you think it's the mindset of the target customer as they are used to buy things in a certain way? What can I do to increase direct conversion?

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    I don't think the base is super clear, I'd have questions, like I don't understand if your a single service provider or a platform or agency or what. I don't know what types of jobs you do or don't and to what level....
    You can probably collect the questions you get and figure out what bothers most... and try to answer it upfront.... I think you need to work on how the page matches the customer expectations and what it doesn't answer...
    But if it's a service offer, you might have still a lot of calls..

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