What can you skip in an MVP

This the question that I have been asking myself as an solopreneur for long time. Thanks to @dashbarkhuss I have revisited it and did some research about it.

I want to provide a newsletter to Aureliocbt. And what should be the MVP for a newsletter -

✅ Permission to use and system required for it
✅ Quality Content
✅ No Spam
✅ Consistent delivery

⛔️ UI
⛔️ Fancy Customization

The basic feature that we cannot eliminate from an MVP is the customer. The value that the product offers is solving the need/problem of the customer, apart from that solution which solves that problem everything else is a bridge to that solution, UI, authetication, marketing, guides, SEO, even website ......

This is my go to reference for MVP - Y-combinator MVP

This post is also a MVP. This post is created for sharing my process in public because it helps fellow indiehackers.

I'm following the recipe from @learnwithvidya for my newsletter. Checkout her Newsletter Checklist.


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    1. Please include the words "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" above-the-fold on the Aurelio home page. I was extremely confused for a few moments when I first saw the page.
    2. You probably only need a free newsletter signup from Mailchimp ( https://mailchimp.com/ )
    3. If the MVP is successful you can migrate to a lower-cost service that requires you to do more of the lifting such as Email Octopus ( https://emailoctopus.com/ )
    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback @maxk42. I'll make the changes and redeploy soon.

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    Hey @remidi!

    It's amazing to see you've decided to build your newsletter in public. I love this idea of posting it on IndieHackers and also your thought process behind it.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. :)

    1. 1

      Thanks vidya. Most of it is going to be inspired from your newsletter, openly stealing 🤣. I really love your consistent delivery, even with your job and exams, I admire your dedication a lot.

      1. 1

        Please steal whatever works for you! :)

        Also, happy to help with any questions you have about newsletter. :) Reach out any time. :D

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