Community Building April 14, 2020

What demon are you slaying TODAY !?!?

Eric Ryan Jones @StayingGeeky

"Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." - John Keating (Dead Poets Society)

We all have Demons.

Demons that take away our productivity.
Damons that steal our family and friendships.
Demons suck the marrow of life from us.
Demons that make it easy to put off something.
Demons that tell us NO.
Demons that tell us we are not worthy.
Demons which tell us we WILL FAIL!

So what demon are you battling today? Me? Procrastination is a demon that is bred into my Temperament.

I fight it every day, many times a day. Some days I win most days I win but I am really wounded.

Today my demon is going to be slain as I start to send out invites for my podcast "Fired Before Christmas."

I don't have everyone I want.
I don't have a regular schedule planned.
I don't have enough people to keep this thing going.

I also don't need any more excuses!

So inspire me, tell me what your Dragon is and how you're going to Slay it.

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    My demon is the following question:

    Am I pivoting because the new direction is in fact a better direction... or am I pivoting because I'm unable or unwilling to do the additional work that needs to be done in the current iteration?

    I've built and moved on from 14 different projects in the past 3 years. In some ways I feel like I'm SOOOOOOO much closer to "the thing". I've learned so much and sharpened so many skills. Made great connections. Become a better person. But on other hand I'm terrified that I'll never stop pivoting. That I'll never see something all the way through, far past the MVP and far into market. That I'll never accomplish anything.

    How do I slay this? Honestly I have no clue.

    1. 2

      Actually I think a life coach would solve this problem for me. Or really, just someone who I can bounce ideas off of on a routine basis. I think a lot of my demons come from the fact that I have nobody to talk to 1-on-1 about this stuff on a regular basis, as none of my IRL friends are tech people. And I can certainly talk to people on Zoom and stuff, but I think I need a transactional relationship where I can talk to someone every day and not feel guilty about the amount of attention I'm taking.

      1. 1

        Well, let's do something about that man! I'm not a certified "life coach" but I have life experiences! Let us make something happen and not just talk about it :)

        1. 1

          Would love to chat. I'm pretty sure the idea of a "certified" life coach is a hoax anyway :)

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    Trying to fully understand a react.js/material-ui example so I can get working on my MVP admin dashboard in earnest. As the Chinese say, "Don't fear going slow, only stopping."

    1. 1

      love that. slow and steady soooo important! good luck on the react.js/material-ui I gave up on programming years ago and am in constant amazement with the learnings that teams have to do today to be relevant!

  3. 1

    just trying to get out from under a few administrative tasks that i've been avoiding... now's the day!

    1. 1

      bleh! hope it clears out for you so you can get back to what you love!

      1. 1

        i think we're in a good place. yes. yes. and yes.

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