What did you launch in February?

Hi everyone,

I decided to join you in this quest, so I'll share my February launch: HandleDroid.

How's it going for you? Are you on course for shipping something great in February? Did anyone managed to launch in January?

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    Launched the official V1.0 of Bolt.

    Added a ton of UX improvements, guest commenting, better performance, clickable feedback comments (scroll-to-comment), early notifications and bunch more. It's in a good place to go live to my list now.

    Lots more to add (email notifications, responsive views, team plans, improved editing UX, in-app notifications etc.), but very happy with it now!

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      Awesome landing page design :)

    2. 1

      Love the landing page design/animations 🔥

  2. 3

    I launched.....

    Myself into the world of building in public!!!

    Right now I am building GlowAndGrow. A painless, reflective journaling app built for growth! 🌱

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    I launched Logic Sheet yesterday, it's an all-in-one data processing tool for Google Sheets. Try it out here.

    1. 1

      This looks awesome!

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    I launched a new feature. I added passwordless multi-factor authentication to my business offerings.

    1. 1

      WHOO! Awesome job. Which auth solution did you choose?

  5. 2

    I launched https://cookbooky.app/, your own cookbook to share with your family and friends!

  6. 2

    Cool idea. I've had this issue with yemi on github and npm. Yemi was already taken. I ended up creating orgs with my LLC's name malynium instead.

  7. 2

    I launched a version 2 for Pau 🚀 https://www.pauapp.com/

    Some new features
    Now more robust
    Some improvement on ui/ux

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      This seems cool! I'll try this out.

      1. 1

        :o here, take a cookie 🍪🙆🏻‍♀️

        1. 1

          Installed! One quick feedback/request. When you 'Add Link' to a collection, is it possible for you to have "http://url-goes-here.com/" be a placeholder for the input instead of a value? This would help with UX.

          1. 1

            That was the gaol, but since it's using the chrome bookmark API when you create a bookmark, there must be a value, but I'll try to get a workaround this!

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    My first project is now out in beta version. I am very happy for not abandoning this one :)
    It is a 3D book and magazine mockup creator in a browser.

    1. 1

      This is where I'm at with my current project - it's getting finished instead of sitting there half finished. Nice work!

      1. 1

        Thank you! Yeah, you just need to push yourself.
        Good luck with your project :D

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    HandleDroid is pretty cool, you should add support for monitoring new/upcoming social media platforms. You never know when the next big one hits and being able to reserve handles on those would be cool.

    My launches are:
    January: https://smigster.com
    February: https://kalester.com
    March: incoming...

    1. 1

      Thanks! That's what I'm going to do as soon as it takes off.

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    Launched the first beta version in January and the second one in February of Coolify, an open-source, hassle-free, self-hostable Heroku & Netlify alternative.

    The most important feature I've done in the last release is a fully automated script that installs the self-hosted version. Satisfied with the outcome!

    1. 2

      I love Netlify and their generous free tier but having a self-hosted alternative is a really nice. That's the most ambitious idea I've seen lately, congrats!

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    Just launched https://sotion.so 5 minutes ago - password protection for Notion pages

    1. 2

      It makes me happy that you got sotion.so. Good luck!

    2. 1

      I love that your landing page is also your demo at the same time!

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot! I'm quite happy with that, although it might also just be a terrible idea

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    ✂️ I soft-launched the new Doka Image Editor product site.

    Getting some good feedback, hoping to iron out all the small kinks before officially launching (hopefully) later this month.

    1. 2

      Oh that seems amazing. I'm now considering integrating it in my app.

      I'll be back with some questions soon! :)

      1. 1

        Fantastic! Happy to answer any questions, just post them here or use the contact form on the product page 👍

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    I launched CandorMakers yesterday :)
    It's a building in public toolset.

    1. 1

      I like the idea!, But I got an error, o looks like an error for me:

      • I created an account
      • Created a dashboard
      • publish the dashboard
      • copied the public link : https://candormakers.com/d/44
        then I got some sort of 404 error
      1. 1

        Sorry for the inconvenience. I see that the copied link is wrong. I'm fixing it. In the meantime, here you can see your dashboard: https://candormakers.com/d/pauapp-com
        I'm glad that you like the idea, and I will appreciate any feedback from you :)

        1. 1

          It looks cool, I'll give it a shoot man

  14. 2

    I started with goodilla.com
    MVP is ready but still don't have first users.
    This is a marketplace for entrepreneurs and marketers.

    1. 2

      Your marketplace looks amazing - unfortunately don't need it right now. Wish you the best 🎉

      1. 1

        Thank you for kind words :)

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    Hey, we at SwifterHQ are building an email marketing tool for e-commerce. As we have been building it, we started to realize that email senders face a creative block when it comes to generating unique and eye-catching subject lines. To solve this, we created a free AI-based email subject line and preview text generator (using GPT-3).

    The tool is in alpha stage, and generates a set of subject lines and pre-headers for B2B and B2C use cases. Feel free to give me feedback based on the results that you see - we are continuing to make it better everyday. If people find it useful, the next version is also going to have the whole email copy generator.

    Here is the link for the early access:


      1. 1

        Thanks, it will be great if you apply for the early access and give us feedback! :)

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    In January, I launched my first paid course on building a Hacker News Clone from scratch!


  17. 1

    Not a big project but shipped a mini tracker in LearningIn.Tech. I also logged the journey in this twitter thread as part of #buildinpublic.

  18. 1

    It's just Feb 5th!

    So... nothing :).

    But I would love to lunch pre-release of https://deploymentfromscratch.com/ this month. Fingers crossed!

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    Quest is a great word! It's cool to see the 12 startups thing catch on and inspire people.

    I've launched a course on monetizing a newsletter - it's on PH right now and in the Product Hunt group on IH I went through the landing page changes I've made : https://www.producthunt.com/posts/monetize-your-newsletter

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    Just launched https://illustrationkit.com an open source illustration library which gets a new illustration daily, on producthunt

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    I just launched Kata Club, a place for solo founders to practice startup business idea generation and evaluation. It also has a public list of business ideas I came up with in the last 2 months.

    No marketing or users yet but I am looking forward to jumping into marketing in the coming weeks :)

  22. 1

    I spent the last week of January configuring Printful and Shopify to sell novelty coffee mugs you didn't know you needed at https://coffeemug.store It brings together my passion for coffee and e-commerce.

  23. 1

    We launched our channel this week! StartupStarter TV


  24. 1

    Just launched 🤙 Clubhype!

    Ever wished that your Clubhouse event links would look better on social media? With Clubhype you can generate social media images and optimized landing pages!

  25. 1

    Just joined Indie Hackers.
    I launched a landing page for a peer-to-peer renting marketplace, Rentagon. https://rentagon.co. I built it in a few days with some html template bought and NodeJS backend. I'm tracking page views and clicks using Mixpanel to measure the interest 🤞

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    Hello there :D

    I'm launching iSawDesign today, unlimited web and graphic design services for a monthly rate. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks !!


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    Launching 3D device mockup builder - things.morflax.com

  28. 1

    I launched Value Density, a airtable list for curated content on all things indiehackers.

    I've made it to help the community, for the people who want all high value posts in one place. I have only collected and published some highly actionable advice from fellow indiehackers.

  29. 1

    I launched Dev Resources on Product Hunt today earlier.

    It's my personal compilation of resources for developers, and now it's also open source, so everyone can add their creations and favourites.

    Would love some feedback from you guys. 🙏


  30. 1

    A full landing page revamp for the developer assessment platform I run.
    Previously wrote about the why and how.

  31. 1

    I launched the blog for my startup - blog.peerpioneers.com.

  32. 1

    During the beta period of my webgl engine, I realized how important a great documentation is. So I put in place the scaffolding with one that is easy to follow, where most examples can be tried as a demo in the browser.

    You can see the beginning of it here: https://polygonjs.com/docs

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    I launched a saas seo mini blog of 2100 words few days back, which is already ranking now on 2nd page of google for keyword- saas SEO guide

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    I'll be announcing side.domains this week (my first tiny project of 2021)! It's a free monthly newsletter of short, catchy domains under $35. I love finding cool domains that are cheap enough to buy for a side project. I hope some other indie hackers find this newsletter helpful for finding their next domain!

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    I launched Nodewood into open beta!

    It's a JavaScript SaaS starter kit designed to save weeks or months of time when building your next web app. I got a lot of great feedback from my closed beta participants, really improved the documentation and command-line tool, switched to a Docker-based development environment recently, and really cleaned it up a bunch from what I thought was already a pretty good place.

  36. 1

    Just launched my first product of the year, a browser extension to enable user to bookmark post and comment on indie hacker community!

  37. 1

    I am still launching www.locospartygame.net
    It's like the latest space-x rocket... doesn't want to fly... but eventually it will.

  38. 1

    I launch 7d2dhost.
    Custom made control panel for 7 days to die with Paypal supported :)

  39. 1

    I launched Audio-first community handbook - http://flurly.com/p/audio-first-community .

    An evergreen resource for community managers who want to add audio to their community.

  40. 1

    We released dark mode and focus mode this past week for thunkjournal.com


  41. 1

    Hey, I just secretly launched OneSimpleApi.com , it's in that "if you're not ashamed your mvp took too long" state, but I'd appreciate all feedback :)

  42. 1

    Launched early access to lastform.com

    "If Typeform and Gravity Forms had a baby..."

  43. 1

    Officially launched http://crowdfund.ly 🚀[All in one digital crowdfunding solution]

  44. 1

    Started daily free StartupCrunch.co a startup news and funding news newsletter

  45. 1

    Looking good.

    Didn't launch anything yet I'm too busy procrastinating 😏

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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