Django July 14, 2020

What Django libraries are you using in your app?

Albin @abbe98

Building your app or site with Django? If so what libraries you are using? Got some favorites?

Might be generic Python libraries as well!

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    • I LOVE Wagtail if I need a CMS to solve a problem. It's one of the best CMSs I've every used, and by far the best free one I've used.
    • I have really enjoyed django-debugtools, though it needed some updates, which I think may have happened
    • django-extensions has been very helpful
    • and I am LOVING the book I'm currently reading, Architecture Patterns with Python. It's answering so many questions I've had from my 10 years of web development that I had been wondering about.
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      What kind of question does Architecture Patterns with Python answer?

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        The reason behind my question is that I've been wanting to buy a Django book for a while... 😉
        Was tending towards the newest "Two Scoops"

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          MAN! I think "Two Scoops" is the best book for django development. It's excellent, and I just bought the newest version myself.

          Architecture Patterns, on the other hand, is for how to create your python code so that you will trip over your own feet much less in the future. :) It has helped me to better understand how to keep my modules DRY, how to work better with TDD, what service layers are, and why I would use them, benefits and drawbacks for a bunch of domain-driven ideas... This book has done more to improve my python code than any book since Effective Python.

          So I say, get both. :)

          Arch. Patterns is also available on the web for free under the title "Cosmic Python"

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            You just sold me on Scoops! :P

            NOW, the question is: wait for the print edition or buy the epub?

            On one hand I think this is a book you so don't read cover to cover but instead consult it whenever you have a question (am I right?).

            On the other hand, as an immigrant, I know how heartbreaking it is to leave your book collection behind.

            Btw, @_chrismay, send me your LinkedIn/GitHub handle so I can follow you!!

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      Oh I'm not sure how I could have missed Wagtail all these years! Will defiantly try it out. It's always a good idea to have a CMS in place for any business in my opinion, even if it's just for things like privacy polices and FAQs pages!

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        For sure!!! Lemme know if you have any questions about it. But man, it's so nice!
        The editing interface is best I've used in a free CMS, and it does a nice job of separating the stuff developers should care about from stuff end users should care about.
        And it just keeps getting better.

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    • django-allauth - For social authentication and handling token management.
    • djstripe - Pre build model for handling stripe payment, customers, subscriptions, etc.
    • pycloudinary - if I expect large high quality images uploaded, I'd use Cloudinary for storage.
    • django-taggit - for managing tagging in projects
    • django-components looks promising. Helps avoiding large html files.

    As mentioned by other users, django-extensions has been useful.

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      I'm always surprised how fast the folks from djstripe are to keep it up to date.

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    I got a lot of mileage out of Django Rest Framework, the Django Finite State Machine, and Django Computed Fields really got me out of a jam.

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